Thursday, June 8, 2017

Three Week Milestone

I'm at the three week post surgery milestone.  Its significant because its supposed to be 1/2 way in the typical six week recovery period for those undergoing open heart surgery.  I was able to walk 7,876 steps yesterday, most of which was in the morning when I completed my usual route BEFORE the surgery.  I did walk the same route, but it was a lot slower than normal and that was to be expected.  But as far as to the speed of recovery, I am continuously amazed at how quickly things are progressing.

Visited my local cardiologist yesterday and things went even better.  Told me things were all normal and that my EKG was back to pre-operation levels.  Blood pressure was 120/70 - young man levels...555  Wanted to make sure I had my Warfarin dossage dialed in however, so its still a blood test next week and then two weeks later.  Doing so good that he doesn't want me to come back for another month - the week before I return to the Land of Smiles.  Told me that Cleveland Clinic did a first class job on my surgery and he was impressed with all the information and data they sent back to his office.  He was also impressed with the results and outcome.

So with that good news, I will continue to walk daily and by next Thursday I will likely resume driving again.  The recovery won't be complete for another few more weeks so there will be no heavy lifting and likely no golf or archery for a few months to allow my chest to heal fully - don't want to take any chances at this point.  I still plan however, on making my trip to the holy land in September - I have a lot to give thanks for.

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