Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Up and Down kind of day

Yesterday was day 20 after the surgery.  Walked 6,494 steps.  It was an up and down kind of day in that I was able to get a few things done but late in the afternoon, I had to take a couple of Tylenol in order to take my nap as my sternum felt a bit tender.  This was kind of a setback because I had been totally off pain killers the last couple of days.  Its likely that I've been too active and need to slow down and that was my body telling me to do so.  After a good night's sleep, I feel a lot better this morning and will slow down a bit.

One thing I did do yesterday was to go to the T-Mobile store at the Bay Street Mall to get my watch set up for DIGITS.  It took about an hour, but the store was on the way to IKEA where I had lunch.  With my watch integrated, all my devices can now make or receive phone calls from my mobile number.  The implications of this besides flexibility and device integration is that I can make a call from anyplace there is internet access for my devices and it will look like I am calling from my mobile number.  Anyplace where there is internet access could be, for example, someplace in the land of smiles!  So now I can make a call from my tablet while I am in Thailand and it will look like I am calling from my personal mobile phone.  I will get all my messages and voice mail on my app too which means that I am always connected.  T-Mobile has been very aggressive in winning over customers and adding services right and left so I encourage readers to check them out.

Lunch at IKEA was uneventful except for the crowd.  This place is getting popular for lunch and almost every seat was taken.  Had the meatballs again plus their Almond cake.  Pigged out before heading home.

Have a doctor's appointment today and will likely do laundry this afternoon.  That's all for today in the long and boring road to recovery.  Still over a month to go before heading back to the land of smiles.  

On the home front, B and family are in Bangkok because her aunt is dying.  This is the aunt with six prior foreign husbands and was a compulsive and habitual gambler.  Lost millions of Thai baht over her lifetime and now has nothing left.  They brought over some of her old clothes and stuff and the doctors say she is going to die any day.  Hospitals and I don't have a best mix of happy memories right now so I'm glad I'm here in Kalifornia and in the sunshine.

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