Monday, July 24, 2017

A bit of domesticated living...

Its good to be home.  The weather here at the resort is perfect unlike in the mango where its a bit warmer than I like.  We also have a steady breeze that reminds me a lot of the trade winds that are on the Islands (Hawaii).  The winds blow steady almost all day and night, providing a cooling effect that makes the 80 plus degree weather feel a lot cooler.   Its the hottest part of the afternoon and its only 87F or 31C at the moment. The breeze also keeps the mosquitoes away and so its very pleasant sitting outside in the shade or on the porch at night.

Marina the clown - munching on some chicken and sticky rice

She has to bring a backpack and blanket for a nap everyday

Even had a chance to wake up early and send Marina off to school this morning.  I had been doing it via video calls the last few weeks, but today it was the real thing.  Gave my greetings to the van driver, who is a good family friend and waved goodbye to Marina and my stepson as they drove off.  To me, it may be simple and silly, but I relish these little moments and hopefully they will bond us that much more as the kids grow up.

As for Ella, she is quite a rascal.  She likes to crawl and climb over and under things even if she can't walk on her own yet.  That means constant attention by everyone to what she is doing.  Much of the work for raising Ella has been undertaken by Grandma, who just adores her.  Makes it easy to be a dad here in the land of smiles when everyone wants to take care of your kids...555  Yep, I am a very lucky guy to have two such beautiful daughters.

Took the PC apart this morning, and I am fairly sure its the power supply that is dead.  That being the case, I will have to shop for a new one when I return to Bangkok on Friday.  No use looking for computer parts up here as the closest shops are 90 minutes by car at the mall in Korat.   But its a reason to go out and do a shopping in the mango.  Gotta stay connected and there's no better way than to go shopping.

That's it for now.  Life is simple and boring.  But it sure is good to be home again.

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