Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Back Home and Back Online

Made it back to the mango as scheduled on Monday, but after a warm greeting by Marina and B at the airport, we went to the condo to only find that my internet connection had been shut off.  I recently changed from True to AIS fiber and somehow the billing didn't follow correctly.  I filled out paperwork twice before I left last time, yet they did not automatically deduct what I owed each month from my bank.  In the meantime, the account was 6 weeks delinquent and they blocked my service.  So nothing we could do until yesterday.  In the meantime, we all caught up in hugs and kisses and I started to unpack what I had.

The only way to restore it was to go to an AIS shop, pay the bill, and ask them to restore it on the spot.  After getting wrong info yesterday morning and a wasted trip to the Silom Compex, I finally got the whole mess straighten out at the Central Rama 9 office.  It was convenient because I had a late lunch meeting with Bangkok Buddy at Sizzler at the same mall.  It was a zoo there and took 30 minutes of waiting to see an agent.  I lost a large part of the day getting things restored, but when I got home after the lunch, I was back online - didn't do me any good as I was jet lagged out.

The last two days have been great.  It has been cloudy and in the 80s.  Walked through Lumphini yesterday for my morning workout and my daily step count was over 11,000 with all the running around chasing my internet connection!    Even forgot to bring BB's mail for the lunch.  He bought me lunch for bringing his mail, but I didn't deliver it because I forgot bring it..555.  Next time I will have to buy lunch.

More later in the week as I have a doctor's appointment later today to manage my type 2 diabetes. Plans are to go up to the resort tonight, but things can change.  A big storm is supposed to be on the way up there and I don't want to travel in the rain, especially with all the news of bus accidents recently.  No better place to wait it out than at home in the land of smiles.  

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