Friday, July 28, 2017

Back in the Mango..

Once again B booked the front two seats...great view, but I slept most of the way back

Arrived yesterday during the wee hours in the morning from upcountry via Air Chaiyaphum (bus service).  B wanted me to try another bus service since we took Sunbus last time on the way up to show me how convenient it was. We got on at 11:30 PM at the bus stop near the resort and was in Mo Chit just after 3:30AM with no stops.   Must say the seats (VIP 32 seats) were very comfortable, but the aircon was turned way up and it was cold inside - even under the blanket they give you.  Cost was 300 baht per person, one way.

from - new front of building

Anyway, I have a couple of days of frantic shopping to do plus an appointment tomorrow for the guy to come and replace my water heater.  Its a national holiday today (The new King's birthday) and many of the workers have a long three day weekend so the malls will be crowded.  Plan to stop by the remodeled Pantip plaza to get my power supply and UPS units.  Probably can get better deals elsewhere, but I want to check out the place since they completed the changes last year and for old time's sake.  Also have B to myself this weekend, a rare time for both of us because of the kids.  Both B's mom and aunt are at the resort this weekend and both want their chance with the kids so we got to sneak away for a bit...

That's it for now.  Short post today...busy busy weekend.

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