Monday, July 17, 2017

Chilling out at the EVA lounge

We will have to skirt this nasty storm on the way to the mango

Its about 5:45 am here in Taipei and I'm chilling out and waiting for my 8:30 am connection to the big mango.  Pretty smooth flight over for the most part except near Japan where there is always some turbulence for some reason.  The next segment of the trip is not going to be so easy as there is a typhoon in the area that is suppose to create big problems for those in the south china seas.  Its not a major storm, but its expected to hit landfall in Vietnam around the same time we are passing through the country on the way to Bangkok.  Parts of China have already been impacted, primarily in the southeast where some tourists had to be evacuated from some small islands off the coast.

On my way over, I used the internet connection to catch up on news, email, and did a couple of LINE chats with B and Johnnie Walker.  The voice connection was impossible as I thought, but the chat and text usage seemed fine.  Even uploaded a couple of pictures, but it took a bit due to the slow connection speed.  Keep that in mind if you choose to buy the optional service.

The lounge is still the same and this time I managed to get one of the tables against the wall with an electrical outlet.  First order of business however, was to stuff my face again.   However, the speed here was good enough for me to contact B and arrange for my pickup at the airport later this morning. While not amazingly fast, the speed is good enough for most uses - especially because its free.  Also free for those that don't have lounge access is a FREE airport Wifi service.  I've used it at the gate before and it wasn't too bad at all - especially if you get in early like we do from the west coast.

The EVA lounge speed test in Taiwan
That's the update for now.  Have to go out later in the morning to buy some perfume for B.  Got a special order last night for a specific brand and fragrance and as they say, happy wife = happy life.  In other words I don't want to be staying in the dog house on this trip...555

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