Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Experienced it myself

Drugs.  Prescription Drugs.

Its a complex web of pricing and I experienced it myself over the last week.  I'm developing or already have Type 2 diabetes (age onset diabetes) which I inherited from my mother.  Its at the early stage and controllable.  Was prescribed a certain drug by my doctor to address this and also help to minimize any impact on my kidneys.  I won't name the drug or its company because they might find this post and fix this situation.

Anyway, this drug illustrates the diversity of pricing for obtaining it through various channels.  I mentioned my experience with the local CVS pharmacy back in Kalifornia a few posts back.  In that case, my co-pay with insurance coverage was over $500 dollars and the cost per pill was $17 each. When I saw my doctor today in the mango, the hospital cost was around $3.50 USD per pill (120 baht).  Quite a savings right?  However, going to a pharmacy that Bangkok Buddy found, I got the same pills for $1.52 (USD) each.  So you can see that the price gap is HUGE.  And the irony is that even at the lowest price, everyone is still making money from me.  

I guess the practice of tier pricing was designed to make drugs available to poorer countries.  If that wasn't done, there would be many generic drug companies making cheap knock off drugs and ignoring the patents.  Fortunately for those that can travel, knowing this fact can save one some money if your insurance doesn't cover the full cost of your prescriptions.  In my case, even with my insurance, the drugs are cheaper here retail than the cost of my co-pay.  And yes, the drugs are real and of the same quality as the ones you get from the local drug store back in your home country.

I did not require a prescription.  Just brought in my envelop from my hospital with the drug name, dosage, and other info and they sold me a three months supply with no questions asked.  Came in a nice box too instead of the bubble packs.  Here is a video on some of the abuses that have recently entered the pharma industry.

Fortunately this jerk got what was due him - busted on Securities fraud

For those traveling to the LOS and need the info, contact BB or myself and we can fill you in on the details of where to go.  BB checked out every pharmacy in the mango and found this place to be the cheapest and best.  Don't get ripped off by big pharma.

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