Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Few more days.....

Been a busy few days since my last post.  The red egg and ginger party went very well and everyone was happy and well fed at the buffet.  I must say that that Kome is one of the best buffets in the area for the money.  There was a large assortment of Sushi, seafood, and hot entrees to choose from.  The only downside was their limited dessert choices, although there was lots of ice cream available.  The new baby, Kaitlyn, was good too as she behaved well and seemed to know that the party was for her.

The gold pendant I got for her received a lot of compliments and now she will have something to remember when she is older.  Yes, I did get a coin with this year's date so the coin will be as old as she whenever she decides to wear it.

Started packing yesterday after a quick trip to Costco to pick up a few items.  Had to stock up on vitamins and bought a bag of California Pistachios for B.  Pistachios in Thailand are very expensive and a small bag can easily cost 200 baht or more.  Because they are local, buying them here is quite reasonable, especially at Costco.  

Will also consider bringing some fresh Bing cherries as they had some at Costco too, but to do that I will have to wait until Saturday morning to get them.  Once I get them to Thailand, they eat some fresh and then freeze some of them so later thy can eat them like a little cherry Popsicle - Marina and B just love those cherries.

I have an echo-cardiogram scheduled for tomorrow.  It will be the first detailed exam of my heart since I left the hospital six weeks ago.  I don't expect any problems as my recovery seems to be doing well and my walking and Tai Chi is still a daily routine.  I check my blood pressure regularly and its still at young man's levels (115/83) and my blood sugar is also under control.  Its really feels like this operation has moved the clock back decades for me in terms of health.  

On Friday, I will have a final consultation with the cardiologist before my trip.   I want to take advantage of all the exams and get all my medications while I am still here and covered by my insurance.  Once I get to the land of smiles, my coverage stops and I have to pay out of pocket for all my exams and medications.  Its not a lot, but still why pay when you are entitled to these services?

Lastly, its a race against time as last night I saw that Ella is pretty close to walking.  She can take only one step or so before falling so I think I'm only days away from seeing her walk for the first time.  I was there when Marina took her first steps three years ago and want to video Ella's first steps as well.  Its one of those milestones I want to capture for them and me.  Many years from now, we will all see these precious moments and all laugh together.  In life, there are no replays unless you capture them yourself in pictures or videos.

That's it for now, more later in the week as I get closer to departure. Next week at this time  I should be at the resort getting some food and getting some sleep.

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