Sunday, July 30, 2017

Going back upcountry today

The water heater guy came on schedule, and in fact was a bit early.  He did the installation in about 30 minutes, and that included the testing and paperwork.  It was obvious after he took the old unit out why the it failed.  The corrosion from the heated area of the copper pipe element was shorting out the unit.  He popped in the new unit and I had a hot shower here in the condo for the first time on this trip.  The resort has plenty of hot water and because I spent so much time there, I really didn't miss it until yesterday morning before he came.

My $2 lunch with entertainment
Didn't make it down to Mega Bangna yesterday. Decided it would be too crowded and that I would spend most of the time looking for a parking space.  Will go during the weekday the next time I am in town instead.  Decided to go to Makro instead to buy some stuff for the resort and supplies for the condo.  Earlier in the day, I visited Tesco for some groceries and lunch.  Free entertainment at the food court due to the holidays...555

If all goes well, I will be driving up around noon today and hope to be there before late afternoon or dinner time, depending on how many shopping stops I make on the way up.  B is running off to Khlong Toei for some prawns and crab to bring back.  A little party planned tonight to celebrate belated birthdays for Marina and I.  

Will work on my desktop tomorrow after sending the kids off to school and hopefully be back up and running by the afternoon.  That's it for now. Busy morning ahead and hope you have a nice weekend.

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