Saturday, July 22, 2017

Going upcountry by bus in a couple of hours

Just had dinner with NSX Tiger and BB at the Oishi buffet at Central Plaza Rama 9.   NSX tiger just got into the mango today and will be going down to Pattaya after a short stay.  The dinner turned out great as we met a little early and got great seats and access to all the good stuff before the crowds came in. Spent the time chit chatting and catching on things back in the bay area. Due to scheduling conflicts, I won't be able to hang out much with him on this trip, but he says he will be coming back in November.

In a couple of hours, B and I are going to be taking the bus upcountry.  Its going to be a change for me as I've always driven myself by car.  B says this is a lot better for us now because we can relax and sleep on the bus and not have to worry about driving in the dark.  I'm a bit nervous as there have been a number of high profile bus crashes in the paper lately, but I am sure its just the sheer number of buses on the road that makes these kinds of accidents unavoidable.  Buses are cheap and plentiful and used by millions of the locals each year so its the luck of the draw if something unfortunate should happen.

We are going to take the Sunbus tonight.  The buses are air conditioned, have fully reclining seats, video screens, and even limited WiFi onboard.  It cost less than 300 baht per person - a bargain for such a ride. Once we get to the resort, we have cars there we can use for transportation.  It sounds like a great way to save wear and tear on the truck as well as the driver (me).

Anyway, I'll report on the experience once I get to the resort tomorrow morning.  Bus leaves at midnight and will be at our destination in about 4 1/2 hours.  Just long enough for a quick nap.

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