Friday, July 14, 2017

Good Echo

Had my echo cardiogram yesterday.  Its the first after leaving the hospital 7 weeks ago and the results could not have been more encouraging.  My mitral valve is still functioning perfectly and my regurgitation is completely gone.  Also, my left ventricle, which was severely enlarged is now back to practically normal size.  Lastly, my EF (or ejection fraction) was at 72%, which is on the high end of normal (55-75%), meaning that my heart is performing better than the normal range in terms of pumping blood efficiently.  While the results still need to be confirmed again by the cardiologist on Friday, I felt really good after the readout by the tech yesterday.  It looks like the two months of diligent rehab has been very helpful and now I need to keep it up for the duration.

Three more days, but time seems to pass so slowly while I wait.  Started to kill some time by watching season 1 of Stranger Things, a new series on Netflix.  Its a SciFi thriller with a very interesting cast.  Kinda reminds me of the old Spielberg movie, Goonies.  Based in the 1980s, its backdrop and story line made enough reviews to make it to season 2.  The new season is going to start this weekend and I will be able to continue to see it in the land of smiles because I have Netflix via my Amazon Fire TV stick. The other thing that keeps me going is that by this time next week I will be in the LOS again at the resort.

Some of the best scenes from last year (don't watch if you don't like spoilers):

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