Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Heavy rain on the Way

If it continues straight, we will be in its direct path

Tropical storm Sonca is on the way and we are in her path.  Its supposed to die down in terms of windspeed as it hits land, but the rain is going to be heavy.  Its rainy season here in the land of smiles and water is also the lifeblood of this country.  If only it could be intelligently managed, there is unlimited potential for the country's agriculture.  Unfortunately, there is a persuasive habit in this country of building something first without planning and then fixing the problems after everything is built.  Often the problems are not correctable without considerable expense or a complete tear down of what has already been built.  

The guys are up there taking the tree down with machetes and bare feet

Anyway, B's father and some of the hired workers are busy cutting down a massive tree at the side of the resort.  B's father is worried about the tree falling over during the storm although I think that is an unlikely scenario.  Also doubt they have time to take down this massive tree before the storm arrives. Told them to concentrate on taking down the branches over the bungalows first and then take the tree down after the big storm, but sometimes its hard to convince them I know better...555  Its starting to rain and they are out there with bare feet and hacking away.  Nope, there is no worker's compensation insurance here nor is there homeowner's liability.

Our old 1994 318i M series - hoping it will be a collectible in the future

Anyway, sent Marina off to school this morning and fired up the beamer.  Looks like another problem for me to fix as one of the fuel hoses is leaking.  I could smell a strong odor of gasoline when the car was started and as I opened the hood this morning, a field mouse scurried off, leading me to think that its been chewing on the hoses and wiring under the hood.   Looking around, we found a hose under the car is broken and leaking gas.  Unfortunately we don't have a jack stand or ramp here and so we will have to get the car towed into town to be serviced by the local mechanic.  Good thing is that the hose is not a specialized hose and likely can be replaced with available hoses here in town.  The car is considered an oldie here in the Land of Smiles as its a 1994 edition and most BMW dealers don't stock parts for it.  Usually buy any parts I need from Kalifornia and bring it providing the size of the part is not too large or heavy.

The Rat somehow even found a way into the trunk of the car...

The car is covered when we are not driving it and evidently the mouse thought it was the perfect place for a home.  That's another reason for not having long absences from home.  Going to use B's father's truck instead and go into town for some supplies.  Never any rest for the wicked as they say.

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