Saturday, July 8, 2017

One more week......

Yeah.  One more week left before heading back to the mango and home.

Have a jam packed schedule remaining on this bookend, starting with a red egg and ginger party for my newest granddaughter.  Normally, its held about one month after the baby's birth, but nowadays it can range from one to three months.  It is a way of introducing the baby to family and friends who may not have had the opportunity to visit the baby in the hospital or at the home of the parents.  Like all things Chinese, this celebration involves food, so we have chosen a nice buffet restaurant for lunch and are expecting around 100 guests.

Its called a red egg and ginger party because that it what is traditionally served along with the other food.  The red (or usually pink) eggs represent a new birth or start and good luck.  The ginger represents good health.  

During the party, well wishers bring either money in red envelopes or pieces of gold to adorn the baby.  Traditionally, as the paternal grandfather, I am expected to be the host and pay for the party.  I don't mind because I got a bargain last time as I had twin granddaughters so it was a 2-1 special! 

On the personal level, there are three medical appointments left, two for testing and one to see the doctor the day before I leave.  Don't expect any complications, but expect to get all my medication prescribed and filled for the next couple of months before I leave so that it will be covered by insurance.  

Lastly, its time to think about packing.  I'm limited to how much weight I can handle so I will be traveling light this time.  Maybe just one bag plus my roll-on.  Hope I can fit everything as I have birthday gifts for the girls and personal items I need for this trip.  

Almost time to get ready so have a nice weekend!

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