Monday, July 3, 2017

Out and About during the long weekend

The 4th of July, or America's Independence day is on a Tuesday this year, but people have been taking the opportunity to make this a long weekend by taking Monday off work and trying to bridge the time together.  Its also a fun time for us in Kalifornia to attend some summertime events which I have missed over the years.  Typically, this time of year I am already back in the Land of Smiles doing my visa renewal, etc.  But I was fortunate that during the last trip over, I was granted an early extension due to my heart surgery so getting back late was not an issue this time.

Anyway, I am posting some pictures from my visits to the Alameda County Fair and my visit to Larry's Produce yesterday.  The fair is someplace I like to visit when I am looking for some heat as its located in the Tri-Valley area which is always hot in the summertime.  Its a fun place to see farm and craft exhibits, taste different foods, and do some shopping from pitch salespeople on their products.  I went on a Thursday, which is a free day for seniors.  They also offered a $2 "taste of the fair" special for that day that allows people to get special samples from all the vendors selling food (see the sample $2 sausage pictured above). Without these promotions, going to the fair is an expensive outing as the admission, parking, and food can set one back a hefty amount.

The other little outing I had was to Larry's produce.  I've previously blogged about this farm stand and it continues to evolve and grow, making it a destination for people in the area.  What makes it special is the size and variety of produce available.  Some of the stuff is locally grown and some of the other stuff is obviously bought through brokers just like other stores, but the prices are real cheap. Green onion that go for 79 cents apiece at the local supermarket are 5 for a $1. Limes are 10 for a buck.  There are local grapes, stone fruits like peaches, apricots, and plums from the area that are both ripe and cheap.  Huge watermelons, and many new varieties of other melons made the trip worthwhile.  

Anyway, its only 1/2 way through the long weekend.  I want to fire up the 2 seat convertible today and go out for a drive.  Its great to be over the first phase of recovery and start the rest of my life again!  Might as well enjoy my remaining two weeks of summer here in Kalifornia!

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