Sunday, July 23, 2017

Posting on the Chromebook from the resort

Doing this post from my Chromebook instead of the desktop.  Evidently the desktop is dead and I think after some diagnostic logic that the power supply is dead.  Not surprising because the UPS unit is also dead again.  We have had a lot of lightning here and likely another spike, like the one that fried a UPS unit a year ago did the same to the computer's power supply.  As long as its just the power supply, that should be easy to fix.  I built my desktop from scratch a few years back and installing a new power supply is not rocket science.  Just have to buy one from the mango and replace it on my next trip here.

In the meantime, my Chromebook will do just fine.

Our Sunbus.  We had the two front seats on the second deck and a great view

The trip upcountry by bus was interesting.  Its something I would do occasionally, but I won't be doing the trip exclusively to get up here.  Its very convenient to not drive and the seats were somewhat comfortable, but the roads are undergoing construction and the bumps make it hard to sleep.  However, we did get front row seats on the second deck so it was fun to see the road without visual restriction.  Because we rode the bus at night, I spent a large part of today sleeping and fighting jet lag.   The ride took just over four hours with a couple of stops. Just this evening after all that sleep am I fully awake.

I did check out the bamboo project in the morning.  The plants are doing well, but some of them are growing faster than others.  The plants will level out over time because the plantation takes about five years to mature.  Some of the bamboo plants are already over 13 meters tall while others are just around 2 meters.  It also looks like a few have died and will require replanting. 

The tall spike will be the eventual height for all the plants

Tomorrow, I will check out the desktop again and fire up the Beamer and go into town to check out the changes.  So much has changed, I would hate to see how things would have been if I was away longer than a couple of months.

Anyway, its family time now as Marina is sitting next to me watching cartoons and wants some attention. Life is busy and boring to some, but I would not it any other way.  

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