Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Rainy day in paradise

As expected, the rains have arrived from Tropical storm Sonca.  It started this morning around 3 AM and has let up only a little around 6:30 AM when the kids went off to school.  Since then its been a steady rain with light breezes.  Kind of nice really because its a bit cooler (25C) and a good time for working indoors or taking a nice long nap.  

Couldn't find a tow truck or trailer in the area so we are going to have to do the work on the beamer ourselves.  In order for me to get under the car, I am having a custom drive up ramp built.  The guy that did the work on the water tower can do welding and metal work so I will have him make one for us to our specs.  Thinking of making a one meter high elevated drive up ramp.  That will allow us to drive the vehicle up the ramp to a flat section that is 1 meter high.  That height will allow us to pretty much do any kind of work on the cars and trucks we have at the farm and resort.  It also makes cleaning under the vehicles a lot easier.  Labor is cheap upcountry and its going to be impossible to find what I want commercially and have it shipped here.  Better to just buy the materials and have it built to our specs and save a ton of money to boot!

It will be a variation of this design with a shorter incline ramp and longer flat rection

Plan to make it in three sections so that it can be easily stored away when we don't need it.  With the design I selected, we can pretty much work on anything underneath the vehicles without jacking the car up.  Its also a lot safer than having the car on jack stands.

Plans are to ride the bus back to Bangkok on Thursday night, do some shopping and spend the weekend in the mango before driving back on Sunday or Monday.  There are some birthdays coming up in early August and most likely I will upcountry most of the time.  

That's all for now, just waiting out the rain and hanging out.

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