Friday, July 21, 2017

Still in the mango

Its looks like I will be here in the mango until Saturday night.  Was planning to go up to the country midweek, but was delayed first by dead water heater, the rain, and then Wednesday by a dead battery. Spent yesterday getting a new battery and a new water heater.  Guess being away for a long time is not good and all the maintenance items seem to be needed at once.  

My previous car battery lasted just a year and I now realized I didn't do enough research on the brand of batteries they installed.  I was in a hurry to get back up and just had them install what was available. As it turned out, two different brands, two dead batteries that lasted exactly a couple of weeks after the warranty period.  Anyway, I did some checking this time on the internet and finally decided to try a brand called FB battery.  FB battery at least has a decent description of their product and they are a very large company providing OEM batteries to some of the cars being built here.  They are also controlled by SCG (Siam Cement Group), one of the largest companies in Thailand.  I decided on their Gold Super Maintenance Free model and will see how it holds up.  Many of the locals tell me FB batteries hold up better than most in the hot weather we have.  Its the hot weather and hot temperatures under the hood that shortens the life of the cheaper batteries.  Unlike in Kalifornia, the maximum battery warranty here is usually only 2 years.

6000 watt multipoint system for the bathroom only

Also made a trip to Powerbuy to get a replacement bathroom water heater because they had it on sale.  We have two heaters in the condo, one for the bathroom sink and shower and the other for the kitchen sink and washing machine.  I had the water shut off while I was away this time because I didn't have a maid any longer. After 13 years, the original water heater died and so I had to find a replacement.  The same model was available at Powerbuy so I made a trip over to get it.  Cost me 6000 baht, and they had a free install if you were a 1 Card holder.  What a deal! The down side is that I will have a couple more days of cold water only showers.  In the warm weather we have, cold showers are kind of refreshing in a way...sometimes in the hottest weather, the cold water isn't even cool enough for my liking.

So hopefully tonight I can make the free buffet.  Will contact BB later to see if he is going.  

Lastly, the good news is that Barnaby is out of the hospital and resting at home.  Take care bro, see you soon.

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