Saturday, July 15, 2017

Tomorrow is the day....

Less than 48 hours on this bookend, but things are doing well and no major problems so far.  Just came back from seeing the cardiologist, and had a great report.  He said my surgeons did a fantastic job at Cleveland Clinic and I am in excellent shape.  The only restriction he placed on me was that there should not be any heavy lifting or golf type swings until next month.  That would make it three months after surgery - just to be safe.  After that, he recommends starting slowly and gradually until I get stronger.  I have no immediate plans for golf this month nor other major activities so it will work out great.

Some really good news for those on long stay visas such as for retirement.  I read on one of the other blog sites that the Thai government has approved an extended long stay visa for citizens of 14 countries.  Here are the details I copied from the other site:

That would be great news for us on retirement visas as it would cut the yearly hassle of waiting all day to get our visa renewed and the uncertainty of the ever changing process and how long we can stay.  It will take some time to fully implement, but hopefully next year I will be in a position to apply for this kind of long stay visa.  There is still the re-entry permit process that needs to be addressed.  Most of those are only good for one year or issued on request by someone who wants to travel out of the country.  Its a big money maker so I doubt if that aspect will change.

That's it for now.  More tomorrow as I will be on my last day before going to the airport for my early morning flight.

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