Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tonight is the night....

Going to the airport tonight for the 1:30 am flight back home.  Its been a long haul here on this bookend.  It started in late April and now its mid July - the longest I've been away since I first starting having kids.  I miss my kids badly, and I know Marina misses me as B says she is always asking when I will be back.  We do video talks every day, but we all know that its not the same as being there in person.  We are a close family and there is no better joy than to have everyone together when we eat, sleep, and hang out.  To a four year old, three months seems like a lifetime to them.

Anyway, got the first chore done today which was to pick up my medications - all except one.  I was prescribed a medication by my doctor in Thailand for my early diabetes which I tried to get filled here to save some money. My doctor here didn't mind writing the prescription, but the pharmacy called me and said "do you really want this medication?".  I asked why and she said "Your co-pay (uncovered cost) for this 90 day supply is $560 USD".  After I picked up my jaw from the floor, I asked why it cost so much and she said 90 pills cost over $1500 USD and my insurance only covers a portion of the cost.  Naturally, at $17 per pill, I told her that I didn't want the medication and that I would talk to my other doctor about it.  With a bit of research, I found the exact same medication online at an international pharmacy based in Singapore for 1/3 the cost and I think I didn't even pay close to that much in the Mango for my initial 90 day supply. Obviously, big pharma has tiered pricing on this medication and its a lot cheaper to get the medication outside of the US.  I have a followup appointment with my doctor at BNH this month anyway and will get my pills from them.

Have to go over my bags one last time to take out any heavy items that can wait until next time and include light items that I can carry.  Taking only 1 1/2 bags this trip along with my backpack, which is about half of what I normally bring.  Have to baby my sternum for another month or so and by next trip, it will be back to my normal 3 bags.

That's it for now, more from the airport later tonight.

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