Saturday, July 29, 2017

Waiting for the Water Heater guy

Just hanging out this morning waiting for the water heater guy.  Called early and confirmed that he would be here around 11AM.  Bought the tank less, multi-point heater from Powerbuy and it included free installation.  The old water heater shorted out due to corrosion because of age and the water being cut off for almost three months.  Anyway, water heaters are plentiful and cheap here and the labor is also cheap or free.

Yesterday, I made my way over to Pantip plaza in the morning and picked up my new PC power supply and UPS unit as planned.  Ended up buying a heavy duty gaming power supply from Thermaltake and a 700 watt UPS unit from APC.  Both are quality components with good warranties. Thermaltake makes a lot of the metal towers for the big server type PCs and APC is a popular and well known US brand. The power supply has a seven year warranty and the APC unit has a two year warranty plus a lifetime equipment replacement policy that says if the unit allows current to damage your equipment, they will pay for the damage.  I needed that protection before going through about 4 of the cheap local brands and finding my PC power supply fried.

The trip to Pantip Plaza was interesting.  Its still a shell of its former self, but its improved a lot since I last visited.  There are more smaller shops and the bargain bin stores are open again.  The gaming computer stores have multiplied and thus the variety and stock of high end components is good here. High end gaming machines are some of the most demanding in terms of power consumption, cooling, and computing so its built to a standard much higher than the home/office PCs one usually gets with packaged systems.  I use gaming components if they are not too expensive as they tend to last longer and run a lot cooler because I don't push my machines that hard.

JIB was having a promo sale and its where I bought the UPS unit

The big chains like JIB, Banana IT, and IT City are still here, so the prices are just like anywhere else in town where these big players are.  The small shops that sell USB sticks, and SD memory are also still here..  What is noticeably absent are the pesky guys that are always pushing pirated software and porn DVDs.  In a way, Pantip had to do the makeover as it was a giant black eye on Thailand from an intellectual property theft perspective. Gone are the days of cat and mouse between the police and the DVD sellers and its international reputation for fake goods. It was also something the owners also had to do to protect their other holdings in the mango, which are massive and include such properties like Asiatique.  If anyone can do a complete makeover, its these owners because they have the deep pockets to keep the place subdued until the problem is fixed.

They've added a new "Food Street" on the 4th Floor
Also went out to Khlong Tom in the afternoon and got caught in a rain Was looking for car jacks and electrical stuff.  Due to the holiday, many of the stores and shops closed early but managed to find out what I needed in terms of options and costs.  Got a license holder for my motorbike and ended up having dinner at the KFC as it was getting late.

If the water guy finishes early, I might go to Mega Bangna in this afternoon to visit Home Pro and IKEA.  Let see how the day develops.


  1. My electric bills have gone through the roof since the Little Magic Box was fitted to our hot water cylinder. We have complained but been told the amount of electricity use is correct. Certainly not the £80 a year we were told it would cost to run.

  2. The water heater on the link you supplied is different than the ones we use here in Thailand. For one, we do not have any water stored in the heater that is 'pre-heated'. The water heaters here only turn on when the water is running so there no electrical drain between uses. They are 'inline' heaters.

    I suspect that the heaters in this area will not work in the UK because the weather is so much colder than here and thus the incoming water temperature is also much colder, although I've seen some pretty strong units in use by commercial establishments in Bangkok. Also, there is a lot of bias and regulation designed to protect the water heater industry (which is the case in the USA). A couple of units like these:
    is all we need in our 1 bedroom condo in Bangkok. At the resort, we have a heater installed in every bungalow for the shower, which is only around 1200 watts each.

    Total electrical bill during the hottest part of the year with air con going all the time is around $100 USD for the condo. Normal is around $65 USD, but our electrical rates are also cheaper per unit for sure.


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