Thursday, August 3, 2017

A bit too much water

This is where the flood waters would come from - it has to top the road

As was mentioned in the last post, the water has been rising in our area.  Its due to the run off from the last tropical storm Sonca, which dumped a tremendous amount of rain in the area.  It took a few days for the water to get here from farther north, but boy has it come in strong the last few days.  Due to the storm, we have had minor flooding of the area around the resort and our bamboo plantation has about a meter or so of water.  The resort is dry as are many of the homes in the area because they are on built up land.  Our resort is actually higher than the road in front so it will crest the road and go over before even getting to our front gate.  Then it would run around the resort into the lower farmlands around us so we are safe.  Below are some before and after shots of the plantation, which is lower and getting a bit of flooding.

The bamboo will do just fine as the variety we have selected can withstand floods, drought, and pretty harsh conditions.  The growth might be a bit hindered, but last  year at this time, many of these bamboo plants were totally underwater for nearly a month and they survived just fine.  This year, they are a lot bigger and the leaves are sticking up over the water, giving the plants plenty of air.

Two weeks ago
Talked a bit to Bangkok buddy yesterday regarding my plans for returning to the mango.  We have a number of family birthday parties and an official "mother's day"  holiday coming up this month so we will likely not get back to the mango until after all those are taken care of.  Plan to take Marina out of nursery school for a few days to go to the beach and the mango as I will have to head back to Kalifornia in early September.  Bangkok buddy is suffering a bit from gout so our wishes for a fast recovery bro - take care and you'll be up on your feet in no time!  You can't hang out unless you can get around right?

Also had a call from Castro.  Haven't talked in years and he says he is  now retired and doing just fine with his family in Phuket.  Its was great to exchange some pictures and see how quickly the kids are growing.  Hoping that we can catch up in person one day in the mango or maybe during a holiday in Phuket.

Life in the countryside is a bit quiet and routine, but I like it.  I wasn't much of a party until you drop kind of guy in the first place anyway and so not having a vibrant nightlife (or any nightlife at all) hasn't bothered me.  What I do miss are the variety of places to eat and the many stores and markets of the mango.  Lucky for us, we can get away and do that for a few days by coming into town by bus or car.  

That's it from upcountry central.  Another day of watching the grass growing...

Navigate the  plantation by boat if this keeps up...555

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