Sunday, August 13, 2017

Back to the Mango tomorrow

Will be going back to the big mango tomorrow for a few days.  I have a lot of goodies to collect from Aliexpress at the condo and some shopping to do. Get to hang out a bit too at the malls. Also might get my back checked out as I've been having back spasms for the last few days, especially in the late afternoon or evening.  Think its posture related or just muscle strains, but its better to get checked out in case its something more serious.  I've been taking ibuprofen and it seems to help except when I sit at the computer too long.  Definitely something to do with correct posture and back muscle exercises.

Bottom leaves yellowing, but upper leaves getting bigger

Its been dry for a week now and so the flooding seems to have subsided a bit.  Fully expect to have most or all the water gone when we return on Friday.  The strange thing is that this bamboo actually grew during the flood and expanded their leaves.  Some of the culms actually grew taller during the flood so that indicates this variety is flood proof for mature plants.

That's it for today.  Want to get stuff ready and make a list of things to buy so my time in the mango will be productive.  Have a nice weekend everyone.

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