Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Big City Life - just passing through

My table and umbrella is waiting for me

Yep, back in the Mango again.  Got back yesterday after a leisurely drive but tomorrow its off to Hua Hin and Cha Am for a couple of days of R&R.  I've been looking forward to this holiday for some time as I have been busy since getting back to the land of smiles at the resort.  It seems fitting that I have at least one holiday on this trip back to celebrate my recovery from heart surgery.

Spent the last couple of days getting some chores done.  Found my silk screen shop's new location as they had to move due to the building's renovation.  Got my order in to print the resort and market shirts and the will be ready by next week.  This shop is the best and cheapest I've found and I've been using them for over 10 years. Cost me only 950 baht to print 50 shirts and that included the screen setup.  

Afterwards, I went out to Fortune Town and bought some more batteries for the UPS units and a new hard drive for the security system.  Later in the afternoon, Vanna got a much needed car wash and now she is all prettied up for our vacation to the beaches.  

Even though we will be at the beach, I will not be without a shirt on.  Don't want to freak out the people around me as I still have my zipper on my chest from the surgery.  Its completely healed, but I still have a scar visible that is going to be with me for a while - Don't know at this point how long or if it might be permanent.  Ordered some Scar Away from Amazon and will pick it up on my trip back and use it for a few months.  Its supposed to really help reduce the discoloration and appearance of the scar.  At worse, it will be my bragging rights of who has the longest scar from surgery...555

We have one night at the Hua Hin Hyatt and the second at the Cha Am Pacific Sovereign.  Our fingers are crossed that we will have some good weather and not get rained out.  At least there is a decent mall in Hua Hin to hang out if things go badly.  We will hang out at the beach, eat, and take life slow - after all, this is paradise isn't it?

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