Sunday, August 6, 2017

Big fish are following the small fish

Bow's catch this morning.  Note the tiny boat he used

The big catfish are now in the lake across the resort.  Starting yesterday, they began showing up in large numbers and B's father and nephew went out fishing last night and this morning.  The fish are the local catfish which I've seen can grow up to 100 lbs (45 kilos).  This morning's catch was mostly smaller sized fish, around 2-4 lbs each and the perfect size for eating.  Last night, they filled the black container with fish and sold the catch to the locals.  This morning, we kept a few fish and the rest are going to be sold as well.

This guy is going to be dinner tonight

I would go out to try my hand at catching some, but the boat we have is too small for me and I would likely tip the whole boat over and drown after my first hit...555.  But my strategy is that I am going to buy a float tube from the states and use that next time.  I also don't have the right equipment available as my my tackle is too light.  I have a light weight rod and only 10 lb test line, which will snap after a big hit.  Will go back to the mango or Kalifornia and get some heavy duty stuff I used in the past for large mouth bass fishing.  

This device plus some flippers and I'm in the mix of things

I practiced a technique called 'flipping' for shallow water in which no weight except the worm is used. The line would be moved constantly in a dipping motion and the worm/bait allowed to sink naturally to the bottom.  Deadly technique and works in shallow water like we have in this area.

Anyway, its Sunday at the resort and drizzling outside.  Maybe a trip to the mall or watching TV is in order.  Already did my morning walk and had breakfast and waiting for the kids to wake up.  Another sleepy day in paradise today...and the fish are running.

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