Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Birthdays Galore

Ella at a few minutes old, one year ago

Today is Ella or Ariella's first birthday.  Can't believe that one year ago, I saw her being born at the hospital - time has certainly raced by quickly.  Unlike her big sister, I was in the land of smiles in time and was in the delivery room.  The picture above was snapped by one of the hospital personnel at the end of the delivery.  

Ella and big sis Marina at Mom's party

She is now a big bouncy baby about to walk and can clap to the singing of happy birthday.  It is also a time of laughter and tears as she tries to communicate her needs and wanting to be part of the family.  Her party is set for tonight and we will have some relatives over for a simple party.  In a way, we are kind of birthday partied out, but at least its all within a couple of months and then afterwards, hopefully it will be back to normal.

During B's birthday, we had family over for a simple fest of barbecue fish, Thai rice noodles, and my impromptu spaghetti dish.  Lots of fun and laughter and of course, the customary birthday cake.  No, I did not design the cake...we left it up to the shop owner...555

On the personal front, I purchased the tickets for my return to the land of smiles in October.  I have to go back to Kalifornia for some doctor appointments and to meet up with some friends for a pilgrimage to the holy land in mid September.  I also have a couple of birthdays in October and some business to attend to as well.  My plans call for traveling on October 16th back to the land of smiles and remaining here until after the new year.  It will be my first holiday period here in a few years and should be lots of fun.  Can't believe its almost a month since coming home and almost time to go to Kalifornia again in a few weeks.  Time goes by too quickly here in paradise.

That's it for now as the clock is ticking...very fast at that too.

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