Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In the Mango

Got into the big mango around noon yesterday.  It was a very pleasant 4 hour drive even though it was the last day of the big mother's day weekend.  There was a lot of news about people being stuck for hours on the highways Friday so I think a lot of people left early.  However, traffic was extremely light inside the major areas of the mango.

Met up with Bangkok Buddy at Fortune Town as we were both looking for computer components.  I also had his long overdue mail which I forgot to give him before going upcountry.  Bought a battery for one of my dead UPS units at Amorn even though I wanted four total as they did not have any more stock. Found my wireless keyboard/mouse combo and purchased a mini thumb drive.  Also checked out HDDs and confirmed that its cheaper to buy these online in the States than locally.  For example, the cost for a 6TB Western Digital Gold HDD was over 15,500 baht - the same drive cost 8,085 baht from WD directly.  Its even cheaper from other online sources like newegg. The lesson is that not everything is cheaper here and you have to shop around.  You would think that in this case, since most of the world's hard disk drives are made here in the land of smiles, that the prices would be a lot cheaper and it turns out not to be the case. Afterwards, we had coffee at Holly's in the Central Rama 9 mall because we wanted to check out another computer store there.

Also played around with my blog layout last night because I think I had too much coffee at Holly's and couldn't get to sleep early like usual.  Added a short playlist to test if I can introduce some background music to the blog.  Got it working on some browsers, but didn't check them all out because it was getting late and Marina was starting to get a bit sick.  If you hear some background music, then it working for your browser.

Want to go out to the fishing store today or Mega Bangna, but I have to visit the condo office and the post office first so the day is in flux.  Busy, busy, busy...

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