Thursday, August 24, 2017

Life as a four star beach bum

Enjoying life as a beach bum - four star style.  Marina, B, and I are in Hua Hin and Cha Am for a couple of days of relaxation.  Marina got to come because she is only in nursery school and Ella is too small to tag along and is with grandma.  We checked into the Hyatt Regency last night and will leave today at noon.  Afterwards, we are going to Cha Am and will stay at the Grand Pacific Sovereign, Its one of our favorites and a little bit of a secret as it a great hotel at a very reasonable price.  Its off the beaten path as its on the far end of Cha Am, away from the other big tourist hotels and most cater to Thais from Bangkok.  Most regulars who come to the land of smiles never heard of the place.

Lots of pools and great service.  Beautiful private beach is just across the road

We had lunch on our beach yesterday but found out that our tables under the umbrella were removed in the government's effort to clean up the local beaches of vendors.  Kind of sad because the beach is now kind of devoid of people.  A more reasonable approach would have been to limit the number of umbrellas and chairs so that people going to the beach don't have to trek and carry their own.  Most of the people who come are tourists and/or visitors who don't normally have chairs and umbrellas with them.  

Don't build your castles on Sand little girl

Fortunately after lunch, we checked into the Hyatt and they had plenty of umbrellas, chairs, and towels. But by then, it had started to sprinkle so we just ended up watching Marina having a great time playing with the beautiful sand.  The Hyatt is a great hotel in a very nice location.  The grounds are beautifully landscaped and the rooms are very nice.  Normally wouldn't stay here because of the cost, but free room perks are something I can't refuse...555

One of the many pools on the site

The view from our balcony

More later as we head over to Cha Am.  B's comment that Hua Hin is now more of a tourist trap seems to hold true more that ever.  Development is going on everywhere and places we remember as quiet local places are now gone and big condo developments are in their place.  I don't like what I see and am glad we didn't fall into the trap of buying property here when it was promoted heavily a few years back.

Cha Am seems to cater more to the local Thais from the mango and the prices, food, and attitude seems to be markedly different than Hua Hin.  They are twenty kilometers apart, but that is enough to make a difference in this part of paradise.  I feel more comfortable there - is that because I am finally undergoing the transformation of being assimilated into their strange culture?

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