Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Little Ella walked today...

Ella and her 'Walking boots'

Ella walked today.  Not far, but she took about 5 steps before falling into the arms of Grandma.  I held her up, pointed her to the direction of Grandma and she staggered like a drunk, but she made it to the other end.  I like to document these things in this blog because there is nowhere else we write these things down except in our memories, and our memories can be very forgetful.

She is a little rascal right now

She is on schedule with Marina, who also walked at about 13 months.  As I said back then with Marina, we are in big trouble now.  At least for the next year or more, we will have to keep things hidden, locked, or otherwise out of reach of her little hands.

Finished assembling both bikes, but I will have to wait to ride them because I am hobbling around a bit today.  Stubbed my left pinky toe yesterday and my left toe and joint is swollen.   Can't put a lot of pressure on it, but this morning, the swelling is better.  That will give me some time on the internet today as I've been busy doing lots of physical things for the resort the last couple of days.

This  8 channel unit was only $107 (used) on eBay

On Monday, I ordered some equipment for our Bamboo Market Project to make it stand out from the rest of the businesses in the area.  Because we are an outdoor market, and there are lots of them, I wanted to do something special to get people to come.  The idea I had was to put on a light show on a regular basis.  Not just an ordinary light show as Thais really don't appreciate or understand them, but how about a light show coordinated with music, just like in a few of these scenes below (without the house)?  Naturally, ours would be a LOT smaller and a lot less complex.

While it sounds expensive and looks very time consuming, its really not that bad after the first setup. The initial hardware purchase for the controllers is the biggest expense.  The company I chose, Light-O-Rama is having a huge summer sale now and I picked up some professional units in 220V for a great price.  The lights used are either regular outdoor Christmas lights or the new LEDs and both can be had very cheaply from Khlong Tom Market, Bangkok's Chinatown or directly online from many Chinese suppliers.  As for the software sequences, I found out there is a cottage industry of people building sequences for sale. They range in cost between $8 - $50 and are plug in and ready to run.  As one continues to build on the system with more controllers, lights, and music the show gets more spectacular.  The system can be left up for weekly shows or done seasonally, but I think it will create quite a stir in the area where this kind of technology is unknown.  

Here is a simplified narrative of how the system is  put together and how it works.  Naturally, I would use a different system to connect the lights instead of the many plugs to ensure a weatherproof connection.  Also, the controller I chose had a built in director so I don't need to have a computer connected to run the show times can be scheduled in advance.

Anyway, I will have a lot to carry back on the next trip.  

Planning to go back to the mango on Friday morning, spend the weekend there before heading back to Kalifornia for about 6 weeks.

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