Thursday, August 17, 2017

Ready to leave the Mango again..

Going to drive back upcountry tomorrow again.  But the few days here in the mango were very productive.  I did a lot of shopping.  Bought computer parts, picked up all my stuff from Aliexpress, bought some shirts for silk screening (next trip), and even ordered two bikes for use up at the resort.
Winn Cyclocross Road Bike 700C
Coyote Tempo 700C

Saw some inexpensive bikes in Chinatown near Khlong Tom market, but found the same or better bikes online at Lazada.  If you order the stuff online, it includes free delivery so I had them deliver them to me up at the resort to save me from having to haul them up myself.  Decided to get 27.5 or 700C bikes because they have larger wheels for stability and speed.  Don't plan to take them offroad except very occasionally and the WINN CycloCross Bike should do just fine.  The Tempo is more of a road touring bike and I will use that for smooth roads when we travel to the national parks in the area. These bikes were on sale and cheap enough that I won't cry too much if they break or get stolen. Besides, its my cheap version of a lifecycle machine because we don't have access to a gym upcountry.

B, Marina, and I ate at Fish head two nights ago before I dropped them off at the bus station.  We didn't want Marina to miss too much school this week because we plan on taking her out most of next week.  B wanted to get back also to set up Gaeow's birthday party tomorrow.  

We have a few days of vacation planned for a trip to Hua Hin to take advantage of a free night's stay I have at the Hyatt Regency which is going to expire in October.  We will likely stay at the Hyatt one night and then go to Cha Am where will stay at the Grand Pacific Hotel for one night.  Hopefully by then, the rains will ease up and we will have a few days of sunshine.  

This is low season in Thailand for hotels because its rainy season. Its been raining every day for some period since I got back to the mango. Even though many folks in the States or Europe have summer holidays this time of year, most don't travel here too much this time of year because they know they cannot guarantee beach time or getting around without getting wet.

More tomorrow after I get back to the resort.

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