Saturday, August 5, 2017

Still a lot of water - Moo Ka Tat country style

There is still a lot of water around the area and it may be here for a few weeks more as another storm is approaching this weekend.  Evidently, they are releasing a lot more water from the dams upstream to avoid a flooding crisis like they had a few years back when large parts of the mango were flooded. When its rainy season and lots of the property is flooded, there is not much one can do except hang out and relax.  The nice side effect is very pleasant weather, especially in the morning and evenings.

Since it was Friday and the end of the week, we decided to do something a little different for dinner. In the mango, there are places where one can have dinner at a Moo Ka Tat, which is a coal fired grill with a lip where you can also cook items in water.  The top part of the grill is used to grill items like meat, fish, etc., while the lower part of the grill is used to cook the veggies.  In the mango, you can find these places where you can pig out at a buffet for less than 200 baht per person.  They are getting really hard to find as people who are big eaters tend to drive them out of business.

Gaeow helping himself to some food while B supervises

Here in the country, we have a variation of the Moo Ka Tat.  Instead of going to a restaurant, they will bring the whole experience to you.  They will bring the special grill, the coal oven, the coal, and all the meat and veggies prepared in plastic bags.  The cost?  One order is 200 baht, and that is ample food for FOUR people who are moderate eaters.  So we ordered two orders yesterday and fed the entire family and some relatives who happen to be by.  We have the space to eat outside at a couple of the kiosks so it was a lot of fun.  The kids were out playing and eating inside the relative safety of the resort.  Tomorrow, the guy will come by and collect his stuff and clean it himself.  Comes out to 50 baht per person, not including drinks.  A deal by any standard.

Want some of this Ella?

Will likely run into town today as my keyboard/mouse combination is acting up.  The mouse freezes up periodically and I have to jiggle the on/off button to get it working again. Also one of keys on the keyboard has popped out and the spring is broken.  Not a big deal to some, but its a nuisance to me. The keyboard is one I picked up at Pantip more than 5 years ago and drivers are no longer even available for it anymore.  Its wasn't a big name keyboard and it was from one of those bin shops on the fourth floor.  Time for something new and to put this worn out unit to rest.

That's it for today.  No big problems and the world is far far away.  Stress level at zero and happiness is on high... They say that ignorance is bliss, and so a blissful life it will be here in the land of smiles.

Marina the clown with her squinty face

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