Monday, August 7, 2017

The big fish are still here for a couple of days more

B's father went out this morning to go fishing on the little plastic boat again.  To me, its kind of a safety hazard, but for the locals, it seems to work just fine.  Now, B's father is probably no more than 50 kilos with wet clothes on, and B's nephew is likely only about 35 kilos so this kind of boat is a great fit for them.  Small and maneuverable, it allows them to skim the surface and into the weeds where these fish are hiding.  Forget the casting rods and traditional gear as the weeds will snag your hooks and lures.  You need close quarter combat gear, heavy lines, and muscle to fight these fish. 

Ella with Grandma
Wow that's some big fish!

Anyway, he was quite successful again this morning.  Pretty decent catch with the largest over 3 plus kilos.  I don't have a fish scale, but its was quite heavy when I tried to lift it.  I took a picture with Ella in the background for scale.  Ella is a one year old and you can see the fish dwarfs her.

Going into town to stock up on goodies as its B's birthday today.  We ordered her cake yesterday and the party promises to be a lot of fun.  More tomorrow.

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