Thursday, August 10, 2017

The birthday party that turned into a cake fight

Daddy feeding Ella her first ever birthday cake

All was going well for yesterday's party for little Ella.  After all, it was her first birthday ever and her extended family was all around her.  We had plenty of food.  On the menu were shish kabobs of beef and pork, salads, and of course plenty of rice.  There was the customary eating, joking, and fun and then the birthday song.  The cake was cut and we started into our individual pieces and of course, because of all the parties we've had lately, there was lots of cake left over.


Anyway, B gets the idea that it would be a good time to smear some frosting on her father's face. Well that didn't go unchallenged and pretty soon, everyone was smearing others with cake.  Between bouts of uncontrolled laughter and running, I think we looked like a bunch of crazy people out on the drunk instead of attending a baby's first birthday party.

No harm and no foul and a good time had by everyone.  Its definitely a party that we will remember for a long time. Its back to peace I hope, until the 18th when we have Gaeow's birthday.  Marina is already getting ready for the cake fight...555

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