Monday, September 4, 2017

Couple of days left

There is only a couple of days left here on this bookend and I've been trying to make the most of the time remaining.  This trip was significant for me because it was a kind of a return from someplace with a lot of uncertainty and risk to someplace I could feel loved, relaxed and comforted again.  As I look back before my trip, I had just gotten over most of my recovery challenges and was coming back to the land of smiles after a very long time away.  Now, I feel like that time and place was so very long ago and that place so far away...until I realize that I have to get on that plane this week and go back.  As Johnnie Walker told me, at least the 800lb monkey was off my back - and he was a heavy SOB at that.

Spent the last couple of days with the family and my MIL.  She was here to take care of Ella after her vaccination shot and was a great help.  Ella got a fever on Saturday and had a rough night, but she bounced back strong in the morning.  Kids are amazing in how fast they can get over things and come roaring back.  On Saturday, I finally picked up the Tee shirts for the resort.  They are going to used as a casual 'uniform' by our working staff and is not intended for anything fancy.  They cost me around $3-4 USD per shirt depending on the size and sleeve length.  That included all the screen printing and making a new screen.  It has both our resort and market logos on the back.

Hey, this is a lot of fun!

Let me go, I wanna swim with big sis

Big sister Marina glad to have a play pal now

Yesterday, we spent a big part of the day in the pool at the condo.  Marina loves the pool and it was Ella's first time.  Under careful watch, we put Ella onto a little ring and without hesitation, she took off like she was a veteran.  In a few years, they will be fighting and splashing like all kids do when they are in the pool together.  Later in the afternoon, I took B's mother and Ella to the bus station to go back as Gaeow has school tomorrow and Ella is more at home at the resort now since she has been raised there.  Marina and B will be here until I leave Wednesday.

Invited BB to go to the archery range today, but got an early message from him that he is not well again.  I think I will go out for a little while and shoot for about an hour and do a social visit so that they didn't think I died from my heart operation....555  Will go out after finishing my laundry.  Gosh, I miss my maid Pond...a lot!  My priority is to find a maid on my return as its hard to do all this home stuff and still have fun.

Three days left and the clock is running...more later.

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