Saturday, September 2, 2017

Mango Mash...

Back in the mango.  Got back yesterday afternoon and will be here for the next few days.  The trip back was a lot of fun because we made a stop at Farm Chokchai and it was Ella's first time there.  She has come to Bangkok several times, she was even born here, but never had a chance to make a road stop at one of our favorite spots.  I posted about this place in previous posts, see here, and its a great place for kids and visitors alike.  Located about 50KM north of Saraburi, its about 2 hours from the big mango on National Highway 2 (AH2).  There are restaurants, shops, and a recently opened museum with an old helicopter on the roof.

It was Friday and we had both kids with us and I wanted some quality photo moments for our photo albums.  They have animals that the kids (or adults) can feed.  There is an elephant, sheep, and cows in little pens and booths nearby that sell baskets of grass or bottles of milk for 30 baht.  The kids just love to give food to the very hungry and aggressive animals.

Big sister knows how to get it done...

And now its time for some ice cream...........

Ella enjoying her umm..! Milk ice cream

These two didn't need any help...555

Anyway after the enjoyable stop and some freshly made ice cream, I arrived in the mango and rested up a bit before meeting Bangkok Buddy for the free buffet.  I was still recovering from my stubbed toe and didn't want to do too much walking.  The buffet was pretty nice but there was only the two of us.  Afterwards, we took a taxi over to the lobby and hung out there for a couple of hours before it started raining.  Its low season, and there is a lot of talent around and not too many visitors so its a great time to be here.  Rainy season makes its hard to hang out outside so I ended up going home early.

My foot feels a lot better this morning.  Most of my swelling has gone down and I can put normal weight on the foot again without too much pain.  The 'painful' lesson here is to walk very carefully when you get up to go to the bathroom at 3AM as a heavy wooden chair is a lot stronger than your pinky toe...555. 

Lastly, have to pick up my Tee Shirts today for the resort, do a bit of shopping, and get a good washing for Vanna.  Yep its that time again to prepare for a little trip over to Kalifornia.  I might be physically away, but my heart and home will always be in the land of smiles.

Where's the beef?...its right here

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