Wednesday, September 13, 2017

TV is an absolute time waster

Realized how much TV impacts my life here in Kalifornia.  There is so much news about the Florida hurricane, the September 11th ceremonies, and the latest on North Korea that it can quickly absorb one in watching and before one knows it, a couple of hours has gone by.  In the land of smiles, we didn't have access to all the so called 'news' stations and thus I spent very little time watching TV.  I like the LOS model better and now I will not have my TV turned on, even in the background.

Photo: Michael Macor, The Chronicle

Did some chores yesterday, like food shopping until the surprise thunder storm started to roll in. Last night, it was like the big mango as thunder and lightning was followed light rain in the Bay Area. Its strange because we normally do not get rain in the bay area until early October or November.  But this year has been strange weather-wise in many ways.  Many believe that much of this has been caused by government intervention into weather manipulation.  Some also believe that HARP and cloud seeding and chem trails are secret projects being conducted for military purposes.  While the existence, viability and effectiveness of these US government projects are highly disputed, there is no guarantee that other technically proficient nations such as Russia or China are not doing the same thing with their own scientists and have succeeded.

All I know is that there is a lot of strange stuff happening around the planet these days.

This is one of videos she watched all the time when she was younger...555

News from home is that Marina fell yesterday and broke one of her front teeth.  She also got a fat lip in the process as well.  It was something she knows she should not do, after watching videos about mishaps on youtube from jumping on the bed.  She was jumping on the bed at her aunt's house and fell off. Mommy had to take her to the dentist last night but all is well.  She just lost one of her baby teeth early and will get a new tooth in a year or so - no harm, no foul, just a lot of laughter for now.  Kids are pretty durable and its all part of growing up.

Started to pack yesterday and will do some more today, but felt really lazy due to the high humidity in the weather.  Supposed to rain and storm again this afternoon so it time to get out early for some exercise and go to the gym.

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