Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The air is still pretty bad

With just over a week to go, the situation in the big mango is not getting better in regard to air pollution.  The air still remains at unhealthy levels and the Royal Rainmaking department is trying to seed the clouds over Bangkok to make rain so that it can wash out some of the particles in the air.  In the north, it looks like Chiang Mai is even worse at times because of similar congestion and the result of some farmers burning their fields for planting.

Basically, if you live in any area with lots of cars, expect the air quality to be really bad. But, if you look at the map, you also see areas like Rayong where its much better.  Talked to B last night and she indicated that the air is OK except in the mornings when she can see a haze during sunrise.  We get breezes most of the day so it seems to be OK up country.  Still, after I arrive and until I leave for the country, I think I will wear my mask when I go out.

But it could be worse and better as well.  Here are the latest from Beijing and a contrasting graphic from the SF Bay Area.

Despite my dislike for Kalifornia due to its politics, there is a big advantage when it comes to air quality and health.  We are lucky to have the strong winds from the NW to clean up our act but still...

My Valentine flower this year

Lastly, Happy Valentine's Day to my sweethearts (B, Marina, and Ella) in the Land of Smiles.  I miss you, girls, a lot and daddy will be home next week to celebrate.

Its also Ash Wednesday, a time to celebrate being alive and well.  Ashes to Ashes....time to celebrate the time in-between and give thanks for every moment in this miracle called life.

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