Sunday, April 1, 2018

Sevenwinds, Life on the Bookends of the World

The gate at St. Andrews Golf Club

Starting today, April 1, 2018:

The Sevenwinds Blog has gone private due to personal privacy concerns and spam.  If you wish to continue to access the blog, please leave a comment below with your blogger account information and email or how I can contact you.  Registration is free and all blog reader data will be kept strictly confidential.  For those that do not wish to register, thanks for reading as it was a privilege to share this blog with you over these years.  Good luck and good memories.

Allow about 72 hours for the administrator to grant you access.  Thanks!  

**Please note, I did not receive email account info from some of the requests so please re-submit again in the comments area below if you did not get an offical invite by email ***  Comments are moderated and any info you provide will not be shown on this post.

Still trying to work out the privacy quirks.  Seems like the cut over to the privacy mode requires an email address to be put into the blogger system so that it can automatically send out an 'invitation email' to new readers.  Previously, I thought just entering the profile name displayed on the comments would do the same thing, but I was wrong.  Putting in a name such as "Obi-Wan" went nowhere even though a brief message flashes that says the invitation has been sent.  Found that out when Johnnie Walker told me via Facebook that he didn't get an invite.  Lastly, I think that Blogger requires a google account or gmail account to complete the process so you might have to sign-up for a free account as well from them. So pass the word should you get contacted by other readers that they need to put their email address in the comment section below the last post before an email can be sent to them.  Thanks!

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