Saturday, August 30, 2014

Getting around Bangkok with Public Transportation plus Street View

Do you want to see Bangkok and go to all those places you've read about using only public transportation?  It used to be that information on bus routes, MTR, and other information was not only hard to come by, but considered 'local knowledge' possessed only by those supposedly 'in the know'.

Now there is a website that can get you from any two points in Bangkok by detailing all the transportation modes and numbers.  All info on the underground trains, the Skytrain, Airport link, and even buses are all under this one website - and its in English too, along with three other languages.

Check out this link:

For those that want to get up and close, Google Maps has now completed their 'Street View' mapping of the big mango.  That means you can get 360 degree views of all the major streets and do a virtual 'drive through' of the areas of interest, right at your desktop!  Explore the city in the comfort of your home or condo and not even get wet when its raining.  To get to street view, just go to  once you have identified the city you want, such as Bangkok, a little stick figure of a person will appear on the bottom right of your map.  Click and drag the stick figure over the map and drop it where you want and it will show the area in 3D street view!  Click on back to maps to return to the map view.

To try it, just click on the link below and you can see the area around Central World...and use your mouse to navigate through the area.  You can see the stores, the landmarks, and anything else that might have been captured during Google's drive through mapping.  License plate numbers and faces are usually blurred out to protect the guilty...I mean innocent.,+Thailand/@13.744395,100.540959,3a,75y,260.73h,78.67t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s7mfNhaBeojf_8--6jMcEqw!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x311d6032280d61f3:0x10100b25de24820

Now there is no excuse about getting lost in the big mango....go out and explore the City of Angels...its really a delightful place.

Lazy weekend in the Mango

Got back from the countryside yesterday afternoon and went to the Friday night free buffet.  Was a large crowd there with a couple of friends just arriving this week from the states.  After the buffet, we wandered over to the lobby to check out the local scene.  The consensuses was that the scene at the parking lot was dying off quickly.  Rumors are that there is something happening at the hotel, such a potential change of ownership soon. What its future will be and exactly when are still open to speculation.  Insiders say that some kind of announcement will be made to the staff next week....but these are all rumors and you know how those sometimes end up being totally off base.

Plans for the weekend are in flux, with a trip to the Hua Mak Archery range a possibility on Sunday.   They are supposed to have free classes there and clubs that you can join.  Once you've joined the Association (300 baht yearly fee), you can shoot anytime on your own. Lots will be predicated on weather.  It was raining this morning and still is drizzling as I am posting this entry.  Might go out and ride my bike a bit today if the rain stops after I install my new control handles.  As they say, its never a slow day in the Mango...just a lazy day.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Its finally over...

Newly dedicated Spirit House at Marina Palms

Less than 24 hours ago, it was just a slab

We now have a fully blessed and dedicated Spirit House on the resort.  After nearly 24 hours of non-stop activity and a nearly three hour ceremony, everything is now supposed to be 'perfect'.  My day started at 5:30AM when I normally get up for my walk.  Today, B tells me I must be ready by 8AM for the start of the ceremony and be dressed in white. Just realized it was 28th day of the 8th Month at 8AM - very good choice by the astrologer.   B had been up since 3AM running to the market and preparing various items of food for the ceremony and the guests.

I will be the first to say that I didn't understand most of the ceremony as they were chanting in Thai, Pali, and other ancient roots of Hindu.  It contained some interesting parts like shattering new coconuts on the ground with the arrival of the spirits, tossing flower pedals for wealth, and food offerings which included pig's heads. The team that led us through the ceremony were really devoted and patient as they helped B and I through the process, I have to say that we became really good friends at the end.  

Anyway, here are some of the pictures.  The Astrologer knows what she is was predicted to rain today, but not a drop during our ceremony and just now, the sun came out.  As is all things Thai, to fully understand Thai culture, when given the chance,  its best to fully participate and live it out in reality rather than just reading about it.  It was a beautiful experience and one that I will always remember as we move forward in our ventures here in the LOS.  I will see the spirit house every morning when I leave the resort and remember how it was built and dedicated.  It will be here long after I am gone and hopefully will make someone's life richer and more successful.  

The high priestess/astrologer prepares to call down the spirits

A young monk is used as the medium and is possessed 

Spirits are invited to feast and see their new spirit house

The land is purified with prayers and chants

The lord of success is called upon to come down
to our resort

At that moment, they said the sun came out for a brief time

The coconuts are shattered symbolically to show success raining down from above

Marina takes this all in stride

Ganesh is finally on his throne

the ladies decorate and dress up the spirit house

Our land's guardian and lord of success

Hopefully I can head back to the big mango tomorrow in time for the buffet, but things have a habit of changing very quickly.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spirit House-Update

A lot has happened today so there will be supplemental post today before the actual ceremony tomorrow.

This can't be the right spirit house...looked like a bird house
and wouldn't fit our Ganesh

There was a bit of excitement today when the spirit house was delivered.  Evidently there was some communications error when B purchased it as they sent the wrong structure.  B was not here at the resort at the time when they were setting it up, but her Grandfather and I realized right away this could not be the right spirit house as it was too small and the base too slim for the platform.  It was a nice spirit house, but as you can tell in the picture, it was inappropriate for the base and the danger of it blowing over in a strong wind was evident.  

This structure was obviously meant for a corner location with an internal insert at the base to keep it steady during strong winds.  Luckily, B was still in town and a quick call alerted her to the problem and she went over to the store.  Things finally got clarified, plus a few thousand baht exchanging hands, got us the proper spirit house delivered. 

Three people to carry this base

Some money and other goodies were put into the base for good luck

Now that's the right one

The top piece is finally installed

The team was over pretty quickly and exchanged the structure.  The new one was the correct size and height and will fit the Ganesh comfortably.  Lucky for us that the owner of the shop is also one of the nephews of  B's Grandfather so there was no fact, we got a big discount and they will use our installation as a reference for their potential customers.

B's Grandfather and store owner inspect the installation

Now that's more like it....

In the meantime, the astrologer and her team are assembling all the decorations and props for tomorrow.  Five ladies are doing various chores and will likely work late tonight.  B has to cook for them and likely we are going to get up early tomorrow so that's it for now...more tomorrow.  In the meantime, here is a link to tell you all about spirit houses in Thailand: 

Rain is on and off, but Spirit House dedication appears to be on.

Its been sunny and then the rain starts again, but its so green up here that it reminds me of how the enchanted forest should look like. The morning was beautiful as I woke up for my walk - cool, clean, fresh country air mixed with the noise and color of the countryside.  The sun was just peeking out from behind some scattered clouds and by about 8AM, it was bright and sunny enough for me to do some spraying of our Plumeria trees.  The trees have been in the ground a year now, and they have produced lots of fragrant flowers.  We have 14 plumeria trees of which there are 6 different varieties.  Our largest tree was given to us by B's grand father and is over 10 years old.  

One of my small plumeria trees in the center

I've always liked the look of Plumeria trees ever since I first saw them in the Islands and in Singapore.  Once considered a 'bad luck' tree in Thailand, its now become a very popular plant for highway medians, resorts, and backyards.  The climate is on the warm side up here during the hot season and last winter, some of  the plants went dormant and dropped their leave, but they have done well.   They are fragrant and I will have to teach the workers how to make Leis from the flowers.  We can give them to our guests on arrival and/or put them in their rooms to add a smell of paradise for their stay.

The platform for the spirit house was completed yesterday, and just a few minutes ago, two pickup trucks arrived to deliver the stuff for the blessing.

Cement platform with tiles...electrical service too...

This Ganesh (The Lord of Success) will be blessed  and reside in the spirit house
and be the guardian of our land and bring us good luck

The priestess/astrologist also came and is in our main room getting some food.  She is supposed to be very famous, dedicating spirit houses for politicians like former prime ministers, office buildings, shopping centers, and even the Suvarnabhumi Airport.  B tells me her fees are usually around 200K baht, but we are getting her services for free due to family friendship so I better behave and be nice.  Likely we will have to tip her for expenses and time as she is going to spend all night here getting things ready.

One of two pickups loaded to the brim

Our expert Priestess and Astrologer

Getting things ready in the main building of the resort

 More tomorrow as it supposed to be the ceremony and a lucky day....twenty eighth day of the eight month. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Riding out the storm

Posting from upcountry again as I returned yesterday after some golf with friends at Pak Chong. But its been raining very hard with thunder and lightning during the last few hours, drenching the area and creating quite a mess.  Rained hard all last night as well.  Had my internet knocked out a few minutes ago (but it came back up quickly) and there have been power interruptions all day long.

The trip to Pantip plaza with Bangkok buddy last week really paid off as the new UPS unit I bought kept everything running despite a dozen or more brief outages and spikes.  I found a locally produced UPS unit with 1000 watts of backup power and three batteries on sale.  For extra protection, I also put an APC surge protector in front of the UPS unit although it supposedly already has surge protection.  

I highly recommend that if you come over to the LOS and bring your laptop, pack a good surge protector for your system as the electrical service here is pretty flaky at times, especially during thunderstorms.  

Spirit House Update:
The platform for the spirit house has been completed and I will take some pictures tomorrow when the rain lets up.  Plans are for the ceremony to take place in two days, but with all the rain, I'm not sure if its going to happen.  Anyway, preparations are already being made and B still has to locate a larger spirit house for her ganesh in the next day or two.  

Time to cozy up and sip some hot tea and watch some downloaded TV programs while we wait out the storms....

Sunday, August 24, 2014

In the Mango - Checking out a new Archery Range

Got back to the mango a couple of days ago but its been so hectic that I haven't had a chance to make any posts.  I did make it to the free buffet yesterday and met up with Bangkok Buddy and Barnaby.  During dinner we discussed archery because BB has now decided to take up the sport and buy the same bow that I have.  He's been reading furiously on the internet about archery and trying to learn all about bows, arrows, etc.

During dinner, Barnaby said that his friend recently opened an Archery Range in the Minburi area and that we should go out and see it.  So today, I met up with him and drove out to the White-Zen Shooting range to shoot some arrows.  The range is located near Fashion Island Mall and is about 40 minutes from the reservation.   Its a 30 meter range, with plans to extend it up to 70 meters once the land behind it becomes available.  There are plans for a pro shop, restaurant, and a coffee shop.  When we visited yesterday, they were still in the 'soft opening' stage as the pro shop and restaurant have not opened yet.  

Grass covered range up to 30 meters

Simon Zee and his partner opened White-Zen to serve the fast growing population of archers here in the land of smiles.  Simon is a retired competitive archer and is now involved in the organizing of competitive events and is often called upon as a rules official or judge at many sanctioned tournaments in the region.  His desire is to introduce archery programs into the schools here in Thailand with hopes of setting up competitive leagues just like the other sports.  Introducing archery to younger students will hopefully yield greater prospects for the Thai National team and their chances to win Olympic medals.  White-Zen is envisioned to be the center where program leaders can be trained and students can train and compete outside of the school ranges.

Covered shooting area - lots of tables and chairs, cold beverages

We didn't get to shoot too much because it was raining pretty hard yesterday and the field was soaked, but did manage to get a few arrows in during the breaks from the storm. The storm kept everyone away (thunder, lightning, rain soaked field, and metal bows makes for a dangerous outing), except us diehards and we pretty much had the place to ourselves.   Even Barnaby got some action with a re-curve bow and some private lessons from his friend Simon.  One nice thing about the ranges here in the Land of Smiles is that there are tables and chairs where one can sit, relax, and chat between shooting sessions or when its raining hard like it was yesterday.  A very pleasant way to spend a Saturday afternoon...shooting with some friends, sipping some white wine and just hanging out and chatting.  

Look at that form..the power, the precision

Now that's not too bad at all for a beginner

White Zen charges 60 baht an hour for shooting before 5PM and 90 baht an hour in the evening.  Alternatively you can pay 100 baht for the entire day if you come in the afternoon.  You can visit them on their Facebook timeline at:

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Clothing for Thailand

While I was in California recently, I ordered some items for use in the Land of Smiles and for my travels with the kite team.  For the last few years, I've been going through a list of items that I would take on an extended around the world trip.  A trip that would take me to the various places where I needed a limited size, light weight, and easily carried bag. It would have to deal with a wide range of elements such as heat, rain, and cold. The clothing inside would have to be such that I can maintain it on the road for months on end and still have clean fresh, presentable clothing for those nights out in a large city.    It would be an 'endless travel bag'.

The first item in my bag was a hat from a kite maker in New Zealand.  Its a oil/wax dipped canvas hat that has unique properties.  It can be squashed completely flat, rolled, or otherwise abused and then unfolded to look like it didn't have a wrinkle on it.  It takes the sun, is waterproof, is tear proof, and has a strap to keep it safe in the wind.  I've had the hat for more than 20 years and have worn it all over the world in extreme conditions - and it still looks new.  I bought mine from Peter Lynn personally in Malaysia in the mid 90s but  recently found a shop that sells the hat at this website in the Chech Republic, but I'm not sure if its the original hat or one that has been brought back into production:

Tilley Endurable hats (from Canada) are also excellent choices and they have a lifetime replacement guarantee as well, but they are not as tough as the PL hats.  Tilley however,  has more fashion choices and their hats float so they can be retrieved from the water if its blown overboard.

The Peter Lynn hat

Who is Peter Lynn anyway?  Well aside from being a kite maker that has made the largest kites on record in the world, he invented  kite boarding and the special foil shaped kites that you see carrying riders across the waters at high speed and allows them to jump 30-50 feet in the air on the turns.

The second items of clothing that I would carry in my endless travel bag would be two pairs each of the Duluth Trading company "Dry on the Fly" pants and shorts.  I've tested these in the LOS and they can be washed  in the sink, hung in the bathroom to dry on a hanger, and will be ready to wear the next day.  Two pairs each, washing the dirty ones before you go out will give you another clean pair to wear the next day.  They are very comfortable in the heat and wick away moisture from your skin to keep it cool.  Plus I like all the pockets for putting useful things while I am sight seeing or  kite flying.  They are a bit pricey, but how about pants with a lifetime, no bull guarantee?  They are available at this link.

For a pullover, I would recommend the North Face Zephyrus.   Unlike a sweater, it weights practically nothing, but I've worn this pullover in 30F during a windy offshore excursion in Greenland and felt comfortable. The neat thing is that it zips into a small pouch (the front pocket) and can be put into a day pack for emergencies.  I always put one in my carry on luggage when I come to the LOS.  I use it when I arrive back  in California or during a stopover in Taipei and it eliminates a need to carry a heavy jacket.   Its hard to find now because its out of production, but if you find a source with old stock, buy a couple because they are worth every penny.  Team this up with a base layer and a Gortex rain jacket outer shell and you are ready for some really foul weather. 

Realizing that everyone has their own taste in fashion and many travel with the expectation of a start and end time for their journey, these recommendations may not be suitable for you.  I will have more on shirts, underwear, and socks in later posts, but hopefully this information might be useful as a starter for those of you who do plan on starting an endless travel bag or a 'bug out bag'.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Busy Days ahead.....

Started out today as usual at 5:30AM, but couldn't go for my daily walk because B's mother had washed my tennis shoes.  B's mother has this thing about dirty shoes.  Anytime my shoes get a bit of dirt on them and are any other color than white white, she takes them and scrubs them and makes them all white again.  B said that she has done this ever since she was a baby going to school.  Anyway, my shoes were dripping wet so no walk through the countryside today.  But they are white white again...555

We had a scheduled meeting with one of the famous spirit house experts today as B got a new Ganesh statue for the partially completed spirit house on our property.  According to her, we have been remiss in getting our spirit house finihed and eventually that might lead to bad luck.  Spirit houses and statues are everywhere in Thailand, especially in front of  buildings or businesses (i.e. Central World).  Thais believe that spirits or ghost live on the land that these buildings occupy,  and they need some new place to stay because the buildings have displaced them from their land.  

Anyway, she made arrangement for this older woman to come over next week to set up our spirit house. Evidently she is famous and her resume includes setting up the spirit house for Suvarnabhumi Airport and a host of other big mango projects. She is a good  friend of B's grandfather so her fees are going to be waived and we only have to pay for the material and offerings (spirit food, etc.).  She will lead the ceremony and the blessing and 'call down the spirits' to guard and bring good luck onto our business.  I will reserve my comments on the usefulness of all this, but see it no different that some Catholics asking their priest to bless their cars with holy water.  After all, this is Thailand right?

Then there was the family of a couple who needs a place to hold a wedding this weekend.  I guess something happened to their original plans, but we only have 4 days to get ready for 150 people and a Chinese banquet.  Good thing we are not full this weekend, but its still going to be hectic with the caterers and wedding party running all over the place.

Looks like the range has room for at least two targets

Lastly, I did set up a makeshift stand for our target out in the partially complete target range to check out its layout.  Shot some arrows from my new compound bow and it seemed to work out fine.  We will redo the base of the target later, plus we definitly have to do some kind of backdrop so that the people on the property next door won't get shot by mistake!

With all that going, it rained hard today as well.  As they say, when it rains, it seems to be pouring.  That's how it felt up here at the resort today.


Monday, August 18, 2014

Checking out the Archery Range

Posting from the resort today.  Came up this morning to attend another birthday and to check out some work that was going to be completed this week.

I took part of yesterday afternoon off to check out Archery Thai, one of the most popular archery ranges here in the big mango.  I had purchased a compound bow from Cabelas and brought it over with me to eventually use at the resort and possibly take up another new hobby.  Reading the instruction manual and using YouTube as a video resource, I managed to set up most of the elements of the bow.  However, there was one item that I knew I needed help on - installing a peep sight on my bow string.

Bangkok buddy had shown some interest a while back so I asked him to join me as we went to check out the place.  The range is part of the All Star Sports complex which is located near the Lao Embassy in the Ratchada area.  Its not easy to get to via public transportation and the best way to get there if you have to go that route is to take the underground to the Thailand Culture Center Station and then hop a taxi ride which shouldn't cost more than 50 baht.  You can always drive if you have a car.

The complex has a large golf driving range, some golf pro shops, tennis courts, restaurants, and the archery range.  There was also an outdoor sporting goods shop there as well.

Doesn't look crowded but there were like 100 people watching the finals

Once we found the place and located some parking, we went into the range to find that it was jam packed.  Evidently they were having a tournament and we arrived in the heat of the action.  The good thing was that the pro shop was empty because all the archers already had their competition equipment in top shape for the tournament.  The pro shop was very professional and set up my peep sight, finished my arrows, and adjusted my draw length.  I didn't get a chance to sight in the bow as there were no targets available so we agreed to come back another day to finish the job.

I spent about an hour watching the various 'heats' in the tournament and I think that I will now have another hobby/activity to keep me busy here in the land of smiles.  The range has a full program of lessons, including a 'discovery' class for only 250 baht, which includes the use of their equipment.  I think I will take the beginner's class, which is 10 hours - five 2 hour sessions so that I won't pick up any bad habits.  I purchased a bag for my bow and also a large target block for use at the resort since I was coming up here today.  Now I am all set to go out and play!

This evening, I was just interrupted from posting on my blog by B for the birthday party.  On tonight's menu are giant prawns on the barbie and a fabulous ice cream cake from Swensons.  Gosh, it was worth the drive up here today...but terrible for my diet.  Too bad the USA is trying to be political about the 'slave labor' used to catch the junk fish to make the feed for these giant prawns.  Its like three times removed from the food chain process but it appeared on TV so the politicians had to act.   Your loss gain as the prices have leveled off a bit for us here in the LOS.  

Toss another few on the barbie mate....

More tomorrow as I try to set up the shooting range at the resort.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

So you thought you were safe - part 2

'There are no police': Ferguson store owners guard businesses; cite lack of police response

Previously I posted about the situation in Ferguson when it first started and said that American's thought foolishly that they were safe and were going to be protected by the police and government.  I've said nothing as the situation continues to deteriorate in Ferguson, but in today's reports, it confirms that the police are afraid to act.  Whether its political, jurisdictional, or fear, the police are just ignoring the looters as they seem to come and go as they please.  They claimed it was 'restraint' to avoid more riots, but to the store owners, they were the victims of this inaction.  

Shop owners have had to resort to bringing their own guns in order to protect themselves and their businesses.  They had no choice.  When they call 911 they get an endless run around of calling some other agency.  Lots of agencies, big budgets, military hardware and weapons, but not a law enforcement officer there when you need them.  See news reports here:   and here: 

If you call the police when someone is breaking down your front door and no one comes, then what?  And what if they come back after they have robbed you and wanted even more?  Then what?  

For your sake, your family, and your love ones...have a plan B.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Meals in a box - the Mango's fast food alternative

I call them "meals in a box", or "meals in a bag".  They are meals prepared by the tens of thousands of food vendors on the streets of Bangkok.  Its fair to say that one does not need to have a kitchen while living here in the big mango because street food is so plentiful and cheap that one seldom has to cook.  Most locals living in the mango do not have kitchens in their rooms.  While many people have reservations about buying food off the street, citing hygiene and other health hazards, I've had no problems with eating street food for the last 15 years that I have been in the mango.  

The food is usually very tasty and prepared in front of you so you can personally evaluate its freshness and cleanliness.  There is a high turnover of the food and if you find a good vendor, they would likely have been at that same spot for many years.  Tables are sometimes available for those who want to eat on the spot rather than taking the food home. Take out meals usually come in Styrofoam boxes or plastic bags and they might also include disposable utensils, napkins, and sauces.  Soup and noodle dishes are usually put into plastic bags.

 2 egg veggie omelet over rice with some fresh papaya - 50 baht

Dining on the street is an experience everyone should try on days when the weather isn't too hot.  

One of my most memorable experiences occurred in the mango many years ago which I replay from time to time in my head.  I was eating a rice soup dish (khao tom) out on one of the side street in Ratchada when suddenly a fierce downpour of rain came and drenched the streets. The streets were starting to flood and people started to scatter, but I was under a large umbrella with my hot bowl of rice soup, sitting on the street in Bangkok, thousands of miles from home, with not a care in the world.  The rain had cooled the air and I can still taste the delicious soup from that night.  The Chinese/Thai man that sold the soup and I had struck up a conversation on something I don't remember.  He has long retired (he had been there at that spot for more than 18 years selling that one dish), but I still have that memory experience embedded in my mind to this day.

Most mornings after my walk, I drop by for an egg omelet over rice and some fruit.  Those items along with some apple juice make up my morning breakfast.  I sometimes buy some barbecue pork sticks with sticky rice or a three course meal in a box depending on my cravings for the day.  Typical cost for my omelet meal is 35 baht and about 15 baht for fruit.  Total cost is around 50 baht ($1.50 USD)

I could opt to go to a hotel buffet every day, but why bother with the hassle and cost when something from the street is far better?  Life in the mango...wouldn't trade it for any other city in the world.  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dream World......

Just got back from an exploratory trip to Dream World.  I call it exploratory because we weren't sure we could do any of the attractions in the park so we opted to take the minimal entrance fee which didn't include any rides or shows, no free lunch, etc.  We had Marina with us so we couldn't really do anything without B and I being stuck to babysit while the other partook of the rides.  It was decided that we would just go in, take in the park atmosphere, and come back when Marina is a little bit older and when we had some other family members or friends to watch her as we rode the rides.

The park offers water rides, thrill rides, shows, a little animal petting zoo, and lots of shopping.  Food is available throughout the park, with mostly Thai dishes making up the bulk of the choices.  It definitely has one of the largest splashing log rides I've ever seen as the spray gets everyone in immediate area soaking wet!

Daddy is pooped out, but Marina is having a great time

There are two major amusement parks here in Bangkok - Dream World and Suan Siam.  Both will be a bit boring to those that have visited top tier parks like Disneyland/Disney World, Universal studios or other major big budget parks in the USA.  But for the locals and regional visitors who will likely never leave the area to see these far away places, Dream World offers a similar, but much tamer and less sophisticated experience.  Its also a lot cheaper.  The price for tickets vary from 200 baht up to 800 baht, which doesn't cover every attraction (i.e. Antique Cars).  The 200 baht rate is for Thais and residents and is for admission only to the park - no rides, etc.  You can also buy  discount tickets online 24 hours in advance from the website, saving about 200 baht on the high end tickets.  There is a 800 baht all day/most rides pass for those that buy at the park entrance.

Map (click on map to enlarge)

We opted for the 200 baht ticket to just look around and spend a few hours in the park with Marina.  Since it was steamy hot today (hot, humid, and no wind), it was a good decision.  We spent maybe 4 hours in the park and it was enough since all we could do was watch and the heat was starting to wear us down.  There are some intriguing rides that warrants a repeat visit in the future and I've included pictures of some of them in the short video below.  Best to visit when the weather is cooler.

Dream World is located on Road 305, about 6.9 KM from Rangsit and close to the Don Muang Airport. Hotel pickup packages available from the website listed above.  Their website is

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