Saturday, January 30, 2016


Visiting downtown Las Vegas tonight.   More pics on Twitter.

Day 1, women's compound

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MMs last night

Visited  the MM store last night.   Cool stuff on 4 floors.   On strip  across  from NY NY

Friday, January 29, 2016


From the arena.   Going back this morning.

Real steak tacos on the strip for $2.10

Catching a quick meal at Gordon on the strip.   Good,  cheap,  and fast.  

From the NFAA Vegas Shoot

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At Archery trade show

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Sky high in Vegas

Staying at the Stratosphere so have access to the observation tower.   Sunset in Vegas.   Very nice.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


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On the way to Vegas

About to leave to catch my shuttle and Bart to the airport.  Then its off to Vegas for a few days.  Instead of posting, I think I will be using Twitter to post messages for this trip because I am not taking a laptop with me, only my phone and tablet.

Will give my twitter account in a subsequent post.

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Parkas are out in the Mango!

Just got off the phone with B and Marina and got a big laugh when B got on the video with her parka on and the hood up.  She was even indoors!  Apparently its a bone chilling 64F or 17C there at the present time...555.  Marina didn't seem to care as she was only in her lightweight panamas playing with her playdough set.  We often admire and wonder how the local Thais endure the hot weather and heat when we are suffering big time.  Now its time for me to kid B about the cold and how much of a wimp she is on the other side of the thermometer.  It won't get above 17C here in the bay area and hasn't been above that for a while so it would be short sleeves and shorts for us here...555

In all seriousness, the forecast high was 20C for the mango and that is serious for many elderly Thais who living in structures meant for hot climates.  Central heating and heaters are as rare as air conditioners are in the North Pole so many get stressed out health wise and deaths will likely occur.  The last cold spell like this killed over 64 people.   

This 'Polar Vortex' storm has hit China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan relatively hard and already more than 50 deaths have been attributed to the record cold weather.  Schools are closed and people in Taiwan are out playing in the snow like their counterparts in NYC.   People where trapped on top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong chasing after a glimpse  of frost and ice.  Story Here.

Meanwhile little else has to be said about the climate on the East Coast of the USA.

This site supposedly doesn't exist in Alaska

One can only speculate is this is the first foray into the 'Climate Wars' with secret weapons such as HAARP?  Information about HAARP here.  No, its not something only conspiracy believers made up, its real with real sites already built by the US Military and our rivals in Russia, China, and others doing the same
History has shown that weather can play a game changing role in warfare and battles. Civilizations have been lost due to weather changes.  The climate control weapons can be used to deal significant havoc and economic loss to the other side without leaving a trail of radioactivity to the perpetrator.  Isn't it strange that record cold fronts have hit both China and the USA at the same time?  A bit of Tit for Tat?  

Weather is the ultimate weapon as control of it can cause mass starvation, environmental damage, and death without leaving a nuclear half life of thousands of years in its wake.  Our rivals in the world know this and as always, have developed their own versions of the same technology.  

Maybe its just coincidence, but its something we should be aware of that might be happening.  It isn't the first time nor will it be the last, that our world leaders and governments have done something to us without telling us...right?

Now for all this cold weather...where is Al Gore and his all his global warming folks...we need some of that heat now!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go away...come back another day!

Been raining a lot here in the Bay Area the last few weeks.  It good because we need the water in California, but it sure puts a limit on what one can do outdoors during these storms.  No golf, no archery, and going up to the snow again is not an option for this trip.  But whatever we have, its still a lot better than the East Coast which is currently bogged down in snow storms.  Roads are closed and people are advised to stay inside and businesses are encouraged to curtail activities for the week.  Its moments like now that I really miss the warm weather and sunshine in the big mango.

What I also miss on this side of the Bay Area are malls like they have in the mango.  There are a few malls sprinkled around the East Bay, but they are mostly on their last legs with many vacancies and tier B type stores.  The demographics in many of the mall locations have made them dangerous and magnets for trouble makers.  Many of the nicer stores are tired of the declining business coupled with losses to shoplifting and looting,  and have moved out.  An example is a large mall near me that was once pretty vibrant but is now virtually empty of shoppers is Hilltop Mall.  Here is a video of the mall on a Saturday afternoon - usually one of the busiest times of the week.  The lack of shoppers and mall traffic speaks for itself and why hanging out here is not something one wants to do.  By the wall, the bank has foreclosed on this property and will be putting it on sale.  Story here.

On the other hand, here is a typical day (looks like a normal weekday) at Central World.  Which would you like to visit and hang out?

An unfair comparison?  Not really because it take about the same amount of time for me to reach each of these malls from where I live when I'm on that side of the bookend.

So will all that rambling, I'm basically saying I have a small case of the "Bangkok Blues".  I miss the mango, I miss the warm weather, and I especially miss my family.  My only consolation is that in a couple of days I will get to visit Vegas.  

In the meantime, have a nice weekend everyone and enjoy whatever it presents to you.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Finally went to the archery range yesterday

With all the rains in the area, we finally had a clear day yesterday and I took the opportunity to go to the archery range.  My new Martin Savannah Longbow was all set up and ready, and itching to go.  The rains had made the range a mud hole with a little creek of water flowing between the shooting area and the targets.  But I didn't care and along with another shooter, had the place to ourselves.  I shot the entire gamut of targets from 15 - 35 yards for the maiden practice shoot.  I already have a nice longbow in the Bear Ausable,  so it is with that bow that I naturally made comparisons to  during the evaluation period.  Both bows are 40 lbs draw weight at 28" and have the reflex-deflex configuration and are made in the USA.

Martin Savannah VS Bear Ausable:
So the verdict on the Savannah is that its a great bow, and very good shooter.  I think that it would rate in one of top three of the most accurate traditional bows that I own.  From an accuracy standpoint, I feel it is on par with the Bear Austable.  But as to arrow speed, its seems to me that the Savannah is a tad faster.  I used the same arrows for both bows for the evaluation (Carbon Express Heritage 150s).  A faster bow will make arrows flatter and more accurate at longer distances.  The Savannah seems to be quieter but both have noise suppressors so its a non factor.

Here is a photo of my second series of shots at 20 yards.

Not a bad grouping at 20 yards for the 2nd series of arrows
The hard decision as to which bows to take back with me to the Land of Smiles awaits.  I want to take only two bows back due to luggage limitations so hopefully during the next two weeks some more shooting at the range will give me some indication.  Both however, will be longbows as that is my choice of styles to shoot for the next few months and I don't have any in the mango.

In the meantime, its time to scope out things for my Vegas trip next week.  Its only four days away and I haven't even started to pack or think about the trip yet.  After Vegas, its will be nearly time to go back home.  Can't wait.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Got your life jacket on yet?

Dow down again today....346 400 points as I am making this post.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My new bow arrived yesterday

Ordered a new longbow off eBay the other week and it arrived last night.  To my surprise I got a bit more than I thought I was bidding on.  I've been researching the Martin Savannah Longbow, which has two versions - the standard and the stealth.  In the catalog, they show the stealth with pronounced black and white patterns on the riser instead of the nice wood grain on the standard Savannah.  I decided to bid on the stealth because it was a bit cheaper.

The Savannah is not only a great shooting bow with tons of great reviews, but it also rated the top 'production' longbows by many forums and enthusiasts.  I wanted a couple of longbows to take back with me to the Land of Smiles so this bow was on my shopping list.  The Savannah was also the bow that was used in the Hunger Games movies, Mocking Jay Parts 1 & 2.  They switched from the Hoyt Buffalo which was used in the prior two movies to this bow due to a new story line.

This was the bow I ended up winning

When my bow arrived, it was not the stealth bow that I expected.  Instead, I received the more expensive dark tinted "Hunger Games" version of the  regular Savannah, which is very hard to come by.  Its very beautiful and unique bow and now it also has a bit of Hollywood pedigree and fame...555.  And it was dirt cheap to boot.

Its raining today again so I won't be able to take it out to shoot, but I can spend some time getting it ready.  See the bow in action on this trailer from the movie.

Now, anybody know where I can get some of those exploding arrows???

Its too bad I live in Kalifornia....

When I am not in the land of smiles, I live in Kalifornia.  Being a part-time resident here has one big disadvantage when it comes to gun ownership.  There are such restrictive rules and laws as to make owning really neat firearms illegal.  Its not like I am a wannabe Rambo, or a firearms nutcase, but I enjoy firearms and target shooting - just like I enjoy archery.

One of the firearms I have always wanted was the Kel-Tech 2000.  I know that I am not alone in this desire, but its impossible to get one legally in Kalifornia.  Much to my frustration, Kel-Tech has announced the second generation of this firearm.  Makes one want to move to Nevada just so that I can buy this neat little toy.   Why is the Kel-Tech so neat?  Aside from it being able to fold in half, it can use magazines and bullets from your handguns.  So technically, one can carry both a handgun and a rifle like carbine, in one bug out bag, and only carry one caliber of bullet and one set of magazines and use them in both weapons.  The ultimate zombie killer and self defense gun.  

Its no match to real rifle like a AR, but portability and versatility is the selling point.

In previous models, the Kel-Tech supported different handgun magazines, including Glock and Sig Sauer.  Info and review here on YouTube:

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Went to see 13 hours yesterday.......

Went to the movies yesterday.  It was kind of rainy here in the bay area and a good time for some indoor activities so I went to see 13 hours - the secret soldiers of Benghazi.  Interesting movie about some really brave Americans.  The featured heroes were not soldiers, but contracted military security for hire to protect the secret CIA compound in Benghazi.

Its a timely movie because of the political situation during this election cycle, but the movie supposedly takes a non-political position about the events.  Instead, it tears opens the vulnerability we have in terms of support for our people working in hostile outposts around the world.  

Despite bragging rights about how great our air power is, it was not possible to get even a single flyover by a warplane over the compound.  That war plane, even if it didn't have any weapons, would have likely stopped or delayed the later mortar attack which subsequently killed two more Americans. But distance, logistics, military procedures, chain of command issues, and incompetence proved emergency response was just wishful thinking  hoping.  

It was also a fatal miscalculation by the State department and CIA that the overthrow of Gaddafi had been widely accepted and that the people in the country loved the Americans for engineering his removal.  Gaddafi was removed because he wanted to exit the petro-dollar scheme and use Libya's own gold based currency for oil.  The powers that be couldn't allow him to do that.  Gaddafi, over his 42 year rein, took Libya from one of the poorest nations to one of the most prosperous before we engineered his removal. Some info here.  He may have been a bad guy, but his way may have been the only way this part of the world could have been run.

With Gaddafi's departure and loss of his iron fist of control, the country became a mess with warlords and extremists fighting to fill the vacuum.  The even bigger mistake was to let our ambassador go into such a situation without enough military and security support when all the other western countries had pulled out.  Who will answer for these errors of judgement?  Only time will tell, but time is what the guys in Benghazi had to cope with.  13 hours is a long time waiting for help.  

The movie was great entertainment, but at the end, you just kind of left with a sad, empty feeling.  Four bright Americans with their lives ahead of them were stuffed out.  And as to the families, the questions are still unanswered.  

My own question that still remains unanswered to this day is "Where the hell was Obama during this time?".  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Are we there yet? Blood on the Streets

At last glance, the DOW was down 521 points today and is looming under 15,900.  Not to say that I was surprised, because I'm not.  I am only surprised that it took this long to get here.  All the signs have been flashing bright psychedelic colors for months and all rational observations have indicated that things are not what has been painted by the government and main street media.

The only question that should be asked now is are we there yet?

There is no doubt that we are at the tipping point.  We are definitely not at the bottom, but at the beginning,  and I would expect some massive repercussions to follow in the next few days or weeks ahead.  Many hedge funds and companies are highly leveraged and many derivatives have bet on some kind of stability in the markets - its going to anything but normal.  The fallout is only starting and I expect some financial institutions to soon announce that they are in trouble.  How about Walmart announcing the closure of 200 stores?...

The 'dream team' will again be busy this weekend, but I think this time their guns are going to be empty.  Hype and words are not going to get it done this time.  Pray for a long long weekend so they can put out some good spin on Tuesday.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Three One Plus X invites to share

Received three (3) One Plus X invites last night.  The OnePlus X is the mid tier version of the OnePlus 2 smartphone and is currently available for sale on an 'invitational only' basis. I bought one already and do not need any more at this time.  The three invites that I have are good for only 7 days so if you are interested, please leave me a comment (I won't publish) or send me an email.  The nice thing about this phone is that its dual sim and has the capability for storage expansion via the micro SD slot.  At lot of processing power (quad core Snapdragon 810 and 3GB ram) and other hardware capability for only $250 - plus its totally carrier unlocked.

Its a mid-tier phone killer in terms of bang for the buck.

 OnePlus X specs are here:

Finally got my hat....

Back in 2014, I backed a project on KickStarter to develop a bullet proof baseball cap.  KickStarter is a website where inventors can go to get financial backing via crowd funding for implementing their projects.  As I reviewed the site, I ran across the Bullet Safe baseball cap project.  The idea behind the project was to develop some kind of discrete head protection that could be worn without looking like you are in the middle of a firefight in the middle east.  Their concept was to provide some limited protection on the front of the hat that would help increase the chance of survival in case you got shot in the head.  It did not protect the face, so if you got shot there, well its too bad.

The Armour plate is designed for a baseball cap, but it can be removed and I can see how it can be deployed in other kinds of hats as well.  

Anyway, after a year of development, testing, and certification they sent me one of the first hats off the production line.  We paid for these hats as part of the backing process and they were sold to us at a big discount for being backers.  It arrived this week and I am very happy with how its been constructed and the fit.  This hat will likely not protect me fully in a point blank shot to the head as the concussion would likely kill me even if the bullet doesn't penetrate the skull.  But from any further distance (the more the better), it increases your odds greatly.  Granted you will have some kind of headache for a while, but its better than having a permanent hole of air conditioning in your skull.  The website for the hats is here:

Anyway, here is a video of the product in case you are interested.

The fox is guarding the hen house

In a vote of 53-44, the senate killed a bill proposed by Rand Paul to audit the Federal Reserve.  Like his father Ron, Rand and many others believe that the Federal Reserve is out of control and will eventually collapse the entire world financial system.  The Feds have never been audited nor has anyone recently audited the gold at Fort Knox, etc.  We are all living us a 'trust us we know what we are doing' belief system that is unverifiable and above auditing.  Story here:

Sure, there are people in the government, on paper, who are responsible for this function.  But just listen to the following testimony from the inspector general responsible for such actions.

If this doesn't scare the pants off of you then you deserve all that you will get when this house of cards comes falling down.  2016 is already starting out badly....are you ready for the roller coaster ride ahead?  Or should I say, the waterfall drop straight ahead?

Monday, January 11, 2016

Fun Weekend up in the mountains

Donner Lake 

Back from a nice weekend up in the mountains.  There was lots of snow and the driving conditions were pretty good.  No chains or road controls were in place, but the slopes and mountains were freshly covered in clean white snow, and the panoramic views were breath taking.  Its one of times when you realize that Kalifornia isn't such a bad place to live if it weren't for the crazy politicians that run the place.  More about politics later as we ran into something interesting in Reno.

Spent a few hours at Boreal Ridge sipping hot coffee while some friends were off skiing.  Quite a surprise as to the number of snowboarders because when I was skiing a lot, everyone was on skiis only.  Goes to show how dated I am.  Anyway, after a few hours outside in the cold, I decided to go to Reno in advance and check in at the hotel.  We all agreed to stay at one of the interconnected hotels downtown and I chose the Silver Legacy.  It was bit pricey, but its location and amenities were quite nice (e.g. Free WiFi and Spa).  

Anyway, we had dinner at Sterling Steakhouse and I  realized how much I have missed getting some good steak.  We don't have many choices when it comes to beef in the Land of Smiles and good old thick American steaks is not one of those choices.  Yum..Prime Rib, extremely rare with lots of au jus.   Prices are high, but our host paid so it was that much better!

Afterwards I had a chance to wander around the casinos a bit.  To my surprise, I found some $5, single deck tables - the only disadvantage was that blackjack only paid 6 to 5.  Great situation for card counters and basic strategy players.  Two hours later, I had enough to cover my hotel stay and a bit more so it was a great trip with a bit of profit to boot...555

Lastly, after some breakfast at Circus Circus the next morning, we all decided to drive back.  On the way out of Reno, we saw this huge line wrap around the block.  The people in line all had Trump cards and there were these huge Trump flags.  Little did we know that Trump was in town to speak.  I really think he has a chance now to go all the way because the temperature was in the low 30s and a bit windy but there were these thousands of people in line waiting for some time to get inside.  That kind of support and energy is something that is contagious and is a force not to be dismissed.

Overall, it was a lot of fun and something that I have to do more often.  

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Going to the mountains and Reno today

Going to spend the weekend in the mountains to attend a friend's 62nd birthday.  Leaving this morning and should be back late tomorrow.  It's snowing lightly and I should get some decent pictures on the way up

The drive may be a bit difficult at the summit, but I have 4WD on my CRV and should be OK.  It will be good to drive in the snow again as I haven't done that in a while.  Just take it slow and gentle and not do anything stupid and everything should be OK.  When I was attending college, I would sneak off this time of year for a day's skiing instead of attending classes.  Did a lot of crazy things back then, but I loved skiing.  Can't ski worth sh*t nowadays as my knees hurt if I just climb too many stairs...555.  Maybe if the temperature was in the 90s, my knees would be loose enough to ski again, but at 32F, there is no chance at all.

We will all be meeting in Reno for dinner.  Weather in Reno will be in the 20s with light snow which means -5C or lower so it will be a bit chilly outside.  But plans are to be inside most of the time since we are all staying at the Silver Legacy.  As I recall, the major casinos in the area are all interconnected with enclosed or underground walkways so its not necessary to go outside to get around.

Anyway, more later as I need to throw some warm things together and get ready.  Yeah...this is something I cannot do in the land of smiles.  B tells me it was close to 90F today and also gave me some good news that I will share at a later time.

EHANG 184 unveils at CES

I'm a little envious of Johnnie Walker who is at the CES in Las Vegas because I think he is seeing the seed of a new form of transportation for mankind.  Like the original Model A which made the automobile and the US an industrial force to be reckoned with, I believe that this human carrying drone is the next technological break-thru for the human race.  The first iPhone and iPod opened a whole new generation of devices and technological innovation and I believe the EHANG 184 will go down in history in the same vein - a whole new class of human transport.

While still a bit pricey at $200-$300K apiece, it will definitely take some mass production and demand to make it available to the general population.  But that can easily happen as Amazon has long announced plans for same day deliver of  packages via drones and other companies will surely follow.  If the price gets down into the 50K range, it will definity make it extremely popular.  Imagine an automated fleet of these instead of taxi drivers...a kind of aerial version of Uber.

The hangup is that this technology is so new that the regulators such as the FAA haven't thought about how to deal with this wrinkle in the crowded airspace we have today.  I also expect that as the cost begin coming down, the automobile and oil lobbies will be tugging at the politicians to create barriers.  Boo birds will say because its invented and made in China that it won't be any good.  Well, all the iPhones are made in China and we don't hear that same complaint about them.

In the meantime, it will be good to dream.  Instead of self driving cars, wouldn't it be better to just get in, push a button, enjoy the view and get off at your destination?...  No traffic, pedestrians, or parking problems either.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Getting a bit stir crazy

Its been raining a lot the last couple of days in Kalifornia.  Good news for the farmers, but for us civilians, it means having to stay indoors a lot.  No archery and trying to avoid the windy, cold, and wet weather at home is starting to get a bit boring.  I like the outdoors and when it rains during the winter in the Bay Area, pretty much everything shuts down.  The golf course is too muddy and cold, the archery range is closed, and even taking a walk outside is a challenge.  Worked out in the gym the last couple of days for exercise and that's it.

One saving grace is that I might be going to the mountains this weekend.  A friend is celebrating a birthday and is inviting me to celebrate along with them in Reno.  It will be a one night type of event, with some of them going skiing during the day  I plan to only join them for dinner as my old knees will definitely not be able to withstand the stress.  Dinner at the Silver Legacy is planned this Saturday night and so I started looking for cheap rooms yesterday.  Most offer a deal on weekdays, but the weekend rates are double or triple the promo rate.  If it snows too hard, its likely I will not attend - getting to be too much of a wimp although the prospect of some white snow is quite tempting.

Have you heard of hickok45?  He recently got closed down on YouTube for a couple of days for reasons still unknown until Google got barraged with emails and complaints from his followers.  hickok45 is a very popular gun reviewer and with the push from the politicos on gun control and the liberals in Sillycom Valley, they want very much to restrict guys like him.  Why?  Because he is so normal and sane and likes guns.  He doesn't fit their poster boy profile - namely a crazed or emotionally disturbed guy out to kill little kids, old ladies, etc.  Well, guess what?  hickok45 is a pretty good archer as well.  Just came across one of his videos and he demonstrates his skill with a longbow while giving some pointers on how to shoot.

Anyway, here are a couple of videos of him in each discipline.  Talented guy and someone who inspires me to be better at these target sports.

hickok45 with a longbow

hickok45 on my favorite pistols, the 1911

Feeling homesick and can't wait to get home.  Have to wait out the business stuff and taxes but February will be here soon and it will be time for shorts and tees again in 90F degree weather.

Maybe I'll go to the shooting range today...555

A new movie

A new movie is out that is going to be game changer for the next presidential election.  13 hours is due to be released next week in select theaters in the Bay Area.  I've always wanted to find out what the people who were actually there had to say about the incident.  Most of the State Department staff were sworn to secrecy and until now, the only thing we hear is what the political sniping by the Benghazi select committee and Hillary's PR people have to say.

Just three days after the event, I posted on my blog that the incident was not a result of the video and that it was an obvious cover-up.  People should go to jail over this kind of stuff.  See except here:

21 countries and counting

Its hard to avoid a passing minute when something else hasn't popped up regarding the unrest in the Middle East during the last few days.  Demonstrations have spread to 21 countries so far.  While the degree of seriousness has varied in these countries, there is one unmistakable theme - there are a lot of people who hate the USA and what we stand for and what we have done.  These people are not demonstrating over a YouTube video, it was a powder keg that was  ready to explode for any reason at all.  I would also venture to say that most of the people in these demonstration don't even know what YouTube is, let alone be offended by the video's content.   This administration is once again denying responsibility and hiding under the cover of this internet video...

These demonstrations were coordinated and initiated by some people who really want to create chaos in the area and fan the fires of hatred towards the USA.  Why do I believe this?  For one, the supposed offending video came out in August, nearly a month ago and has been around for weeks and nothing happened.  Second, its not like the Middle East is so highly connected to the World Wide Web and social media that it went viral in the smartphones of masses in a matter of days.  Third, isn't it strange that these demonstrations and attacks took place on September 11th?  Oh yes, its not everyday that people show up at a peaceful demonstration  with Automatic weapons and explosives...lets not overlook the obvious.

Now we will find that during the fight, there was time to do something to help the trapped men and nothing happened because no one could be found to make a decision.  And the cover-up makes watergate kid's play.  How can a nation be so blind?

It sure made a lot of difference to the four dead American's families and a Nation that is entitled to the truth...By the way, the whereabouts of the Big O  that night has never been disclosed or followed up...would that have made a difference?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Is it finally here ?????

The start of the new year has not gone well for the global markets.  Starting with China, and bad world news this weekend, the US Market dropped over 450 points yesterday before coming back and skidding around like a hockey put.  The futures today look like we are in for another decline.

From all indications, things should have blown apart sometime last year, but through intervention and fake stats, things somehow continued to look rosy.  Never mind the declining indicators and poor corporate results...things are moving up they say.  Hope no one bought in to that lie as this year is likely going to be a very turbulent year.  I can only hope that I can get back to the land of smiles before things really go bad.

With the Saudis and Iran lining up their chess pieces for a middle east slug festival, and the arms merchants drooling with glee, one can only guess when things begin to fall apart.  My belief is that we are going to see some kind of war we have not experienced in the past.  It will be a "show time" war - a war made for TV and propaganda to try to win over the hearts and minds of people.  Each side will try to demonize the other and all weapons except nuclear will be used.  Its great for the arms merchants and powers on both sides as they can get rid of some of their old bombs and missiles and order newer stuff.

Expect lots of TV coverage, press manipulation, social media, gory photos, and news spin.  Its going to be reality TV from the front lines every night.  Facebook likes, tweets on how each battle is going, and yes, even Snapchat photos from the front lines.  But it is still war.

Just watch the first two minutes...unless you want all the kissy kissy stuff

People will die.  Lots of soldiers too, but that is the reality of the world we live in.  Widows and kids will cry and die on all sides too.  In the aftermath of this fight with 'boxing gloves', the battlefield will be in ruins, the countries fighting will be deep debt and their economies devastated, and the bankers will be joyously ready with pen and paper to lend money.  The arms merchants and industrial complex will boom again and so happy days will be here again.  

Thus is the fate of mankind as history repeats itself hoping each time for a different outcome.  Maybe it will be different this time and we pull the switch for the nuclear weapons.  At least we will see it on TV for a few minutes before it impacts...

Monday, January 4, 2016

Shot my new bow today....

A couple of posts ago, I noted that I ordered a new bow -- a traditional long bow.  It came in yesterday and I had a chance to set it up and shoot it today.  Based on today's results, I think I have come full circle in this sport of archery. The very first time I shot a bow was a simple longbow style kids bow at summer camp.  When I rediscovered archery,  I started out using the most modern, high tech bows available - compound bows.  Then I started shooting recurves of different kinds, and finally had a chance to shoot a good longbow.  I think I have finally found my 'sweet spot' and will likely do much more longbow shooting from now on.

The Bear Ausable (pronounced AWE sa bul) is an Awesome bow.  Light, fast, and extremely accurate.  I was hitting tight groups from the very first batch of arrows.  The neat thing about a longbow is its simplicity.  Just a piece of wood and string.  Nothing to adjust and no extra accessories to buy.   With no sights and aids, its just you and your instinctive shooting...

My evolution......

Olympic recurve

Traditional recurve bows

Ausable Longbow 
The trip out to the archery range was very cold.  In fact, there was still frost on the ground during the morning hours.  A stark contrast to shooting in shorts and tee shirts in the mango.  But its only temporary I tell myself...only 5 more weeks to go.

Saturday, January 2, 2016


哈哈, hahaha, jajajaja, kkkk

Start your year off with some laughter

Fun article on how people laugh on the internet around the world...LOL..ROFL..

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year

May your 2016 be happy, healthy, and successful.  May you also have peace and love, good times, and live out as many of your dreams as you want to ...

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