Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jet lagged big time...

Jet lagged big time so not much to post today.  Instead, some info on Gold.  Its still one of my anchors in this stormy period.  Don't let the prices fool you as they are all rigged.  Just accumulate the physical metal when you can as the supply is limited and it will never be worth zero.

Would you ever trust an institution which has never been audited?  If you have your life savings in dollars, I would be scared...real scared.

Some math:  8,133 tons = 16,266,000 lbs or 260,256,000 ounces

260,256,000 times $1215 per ounce is equal to 316,211,040,000.  In English its just a wee bit over $316 billion dollars.

Compare that to our national debt of 19 Trillion dollars and you can see we are broker than broke.  Even if we sold every ounce of gold we have, we could not pay off our debts today.  In fact, we owe 57 times more than we have gold assets on hand.

That's reality, in cold hard facts and numbers.

I"m going down to see the moo bing man for some breakfast.  At least I'm here in the mango if things go boom in the next few months.  

US COMEX Gold Futures Market – An infographic hosted at BullionStar.com

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Safely home

Safely home in the mango again after an rather uneventful flight.  These long trips are taking a toll as my tailbone is sore as is my back.  Thank goodness for the wider Elite class seats or I might be sore in my knees as well.  I guess its just comes with getting old.

Yes, I've missed you big mango.  I missed your hot humid weather and the noise, smells, and feeling only you can provide.  You are the city of life...at least for me.

The plan calls for some family union time the next couple of days before heading up to the resort mid week.  Time to get over another jet lag session, hopefully a lot easier with B and Marina around.

Ahh..home sweet home.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Heading out

Just about ready to return to the mango.  Will update when I get a chance back home.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bit over a week left

Gosh, where did all that time go?

With only a bit over a week left before the jump back to the big mango, time is running really short and there is so much left to do.  Managed to get some work done this week and a bit of play time too as I went out during the week to Brentwood where the cherries are in season.  This is the perfect time to get cherries right off the tree as next weekend will be memorial day and it will be a zoo in that area.  There are many farms in Brentwood, but we like to go to Lopez farm because they have the best selection of cherries.  They have three or four varieties that get ripe at different times.  I especially like their Bing cherries and we just happened to hit them at the right time.

Their Rainier Cherry patch is scheduled to open this weekend. 

Some Bings have already started to dry up and by memorial day weekend, I think they are going to be too ripe and soft.  

Not cheap....$3.50 per pound  (doesn't include the ones you eat as you pick..555)
B loves cherries.  Have to buy a bunch before I leave this week, and I am hoping to find some at Costco or Safeway in boxes.  What we can't eat, we freeze and turn them into mini cherry pops. Have a bunch of other shopping to do this week and may take a couple of days and go up to the cabin and clean stuff up as I will be away for the summer.  Sparse posting until I get back to the mango.

 In any case, can't wait to get home as I miss everyone there a lot.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump Selling out or negotiating with the devil?

Interesting development this week.  But before we begin, some background on the Bilderberg group and Trump published in February:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Bilderberg_participants  (not a complete list.  Of note are the missing power players who are never revealed)

With the Trump campaign taking a pivot towards the general election after wrapping up the primaries, I found it strange that he has been meeting with Baker and now Kissinger for foreign policy advice. For a guy who has these innovative ideas about trade reform and strengthening America, it seems like a pretty far out reason to meet with these controversial figures unless its just a 'cover' for another kind of meeting.  But the fact that they are open to meet with him while obviously backing Hillary brings up questions.  Its likely that the powers that be are taking no chances and backing both sides...they win, no matter what.

The Art of the Deal??? ...sure, lets make a deal if you dare...
But with Trump needing about a billion dollars to fund his campaign, is he tempted to take the plunge with the powers that be to make that happen?  Is he negotiating with the devil and what kinda 'deal' can he make without losing his soul and America's soul?  Let's be perfectly clear about one thing. Donald Trump is not going to get anything done without negotiating with this powerful group - before or after his election. They control all the western leaders, the major banks, the military complex, the western media, and can crush the US and Trump's empire like a paper cup.  For example, all they have to do is to cut off his banking line of credit - making sure he can't get a single dime to finance his empire.  Or to pass some laws regarding his holding in Europe to force him to sell off his prime properties.  Yes, he is a big fish among us poor folks, but he is just a little minnow in the big fish pond among the global shark pack.  I am sure he's come to that realization now as the process moves along.

A meeting with Kissinger (14 time Bilderberg conference attendee) can be just passed off as 'covering the bases', but a Trump appearance at the Bilderberg conference and/or meetings with the steering committee will be a sure sign that he has sold out or given up something for their backing.  

So the jury is out - what will he do...is he willing to walk away from the table like he said he would if we can't make a deal?  Only time will tell.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trump is right...its dangerous here

A lot of controversy over Trump's statement yesterday about Oakland being one of the nation's most dangerous cities.  To many of us living in or near Oakland, this is a reality.  No one goes into Oakland at night except for trouble (and maybe a Warriors game), and those that live there know the realities of what can happen to a city ravaged by drug problems and years of liberal governance and police controversy. 

Now the Democratic mayor wants to spin the situation like the politician she is, but I don't see her walking around without armed protection and wandering into the bad neighborhoods at night.

Stats speak for themselves.  And now when someone like Trump speaks, its news.  That's great  Yes, his mouth is dangerous, but only to the politicians that aren't doing their jobs.  Maybe something will be done about it now that its going to be splattered all over the world media.

Fortunately, the mango is one of the safest places in the world to live.  Can't wait to get to my real home...less than two weeks left

Monday, May 16, 2016

Something different

The world doesn't just revolve around American politics.  In fact there are major decisions around the world now that impact millions that are scarcely covered in our MSM.  In a few weeks, the fate of the UK is going to be decided by a key vote.  To BREXIT or not, is going to make world history books buzz.  Not being British, we have no say in their fateful decision, but if the English are consistent with their independent and free spirited ways, I am guessing they are going to go bye bye EU.

Anyway, if you have some time to spare (over an hour), here is a great movie discussing the issue.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

When men were still men.....

Some times things are better left alone.  For example, its looks like they are in the process of releasing a new version of the movie Magnificent Seven (1960).  But the movie trailer is a tell tale sign that it is going to be a dud.  To make it politically correct for the present day, the seven are now a racially mixed group of mercenaries and the bad guys are a bunch of mostly white guys.

The original movie was a classic, a western version of the seven samurai, and it should be left alone. But in today's world, its too politically incorrect.  Men were men then, and I don't think today's cast would last a few minutes against them.

Sorry Hollywood, you are going to bomb big time on this one.....

1954 Trailer

hey...where are the white guys?...racist movie

1960 Trailer:

Hey, where are the blacks and Asians?  Plus Hispanics are bad guys...racist movie

The trailer for the 2016 version.

Finally, we have a politically correct movie.....bad dud of a movie.

Same story, different times I guess.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Two weeks into my trip

Time is flying by quickly.  Can't believe its already been two weeks since I left the mango for Kalifornia.  Things are going well with this trip and I'm finally over the jet lag.  Visited the joint venture project this week and the third store is scheduled to open next month.  They already have their signage installed and are currently looking for staff.  There is a question as to when the last store will open, but that's their issue as they are paying rent already and we are not tied to a percentage of sales.

On the home front, we finally got some heavy rain last week.  This was a welcome relief from the record heat and dry weather.  The rain also gave us a chance to see how the pad would hold up and where any weak spots were.  The photos that B sent to me indicated that its pretty solid except for two locations. 

The pad is in good condition considering the amount of wash

The road next to the adjacent property is slipping a bit, and a hole developed near the side bordering the resort.  Not bad, but that won't be acceptable for commercial use and it will slide some more.

soil has started to slip on this section
Holes appear as soil underneath washes away (sink hole)
So in the next week or so, B's father, nephew, and a worker will be planting Vetviter grass on the slopes like we did for the fish ponds.  They received about 3000 plants yesterday and were in the process of preparing them to plant.  Once in the ground, it will take a bit for them to get established, but once done, it will help maintain the slopes and manage the water erosion from rains.

Preparing the grass for transplanting

Vitviter Grass in bundles
Also ordered 100 stalks of  Dendrocalamus asper bamboo from a nursery and plantation in Rayong to test their viability in our area.  If they work out, they will likely be one of the species of bamboo we will grow in our plantation.  This specific variety of bamboo is both drought and flood resistant, and is grown widely in Thailand for shoots and timber.  Plants cost 55 baht each delivered.  

Many chores and lots of business remaining on this trip.  Might even throw in a short vacation just to treat myself for all this hard work...

Pardon the sparse postings, but time is short and there is so much left to do.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Interesting movie set to be released next week.

I'm Gary Heavin Executive Producer, Writer and Actor of the new movie AMERIGEDDON. We are very excited about what we've accomplished with this project. Apparently, many of you are interested as well since we have over 7,000,000 unique views and hundreds of thousands YouTube views of our trailer.

As we are working on a theatrical release strategy appropriate to the growing response we are experiencing for the film, we wanted to share why this project is so important and why we need your support.
As a businessman who made a fortune and then sold his company, I was looking for something important to do with my time and resources. I've always had a passion for truth. As a Christian who is serious about his faith, it comes with the territory. But my pursuit for truth goes beyond my faith. It is more of a compulsion, something that drives me regardless of where it may lead and the consequences that may come.
I have had a unique set of experiences that exposed me to truths in various forms including the broad areas of finance, government, religion, power, etc.

My company does business in 90 countries. I have traveled to most of the countries and dealt with their cultures, from their boardrooms to their bar rooms. As a billionaire at age 50, I've had the opportunity to spend time with the 1% of the 1%, I was privy to the power and ego that comes with money and the temptation to start believing your own press, so to speak. Thankfully, my passion for truth and my long-suffering wife have kept my feet on the ground.

So what is the truth that is so important that I would want to make a movie about it?

The truth is, you are in great danger. There is a power that exists in this world that wants to destroy you, your children and your country. The power goes by various names such as "the group," the "deep state," and the "shadow government" among others. These groups worship and serve a god that is evil and opposed to the God that most of us serve.

They have been able to stealthily evade us due to several factors. The mainstream media in America is bought and paid for by the elite. Ninety-eight percent of MSM is owned by only six corporations. Their board members sit on each other's boards and their advertising revenues come from their corporate owners and associates. The guard dogs of liberty have become the lapdogs of moneyed interests. Most Americans are oblivious to this and don't question the obvious bias.
The most important element that has worked in their favor is the mind of the average American.

We have become too lazy and even fearful to think well or to think critically. Freedom requires thoughtfulness and vigilance.
Little Johnny is called on by his teacher. She asks him, "Johnny, tell the class the difference between ignorance and apathy." He snaps back with his poor attitude..."I don't know and I don't care."
Ignorance and apathy are two of the primary reasons Americans are no longer protecting their freedoms.

As I've mentioned, there are also people that are just plain evil. These people have come to steal, rob and destroy and seem like fiction to most of us. But, alarmingly, they exist. And they want to steal your freedom. We are rapidly losing our freedom as unconstitutional executive orders (13603) go unchallenged and by the outright passing of laws such as the NDAA that allows for the arrest and incarceration of American citizens, indefinitely, without charges.

It's not just Obama. In fact, he is simply a puppet, controlled by those who hold the true power. And its not just democrats. The republican leadership is bought and paid for. Princeton and Northwestern Universities published a study last year. They analyzed federal policies that were passed over the last 19 years and who influenced those policies. They found that the average voter had no influence. Federal policy was almost entirely determined by moneyed interests. Even Jimmy Carter stated recently, "America is no longer a democracy, it's an oligarchy."

I believe if we are to restore our freedom that we must share the truth with as many people as we can possibly reach. I chose to make the movie AMERIGEDDON for this purpose. I believe that if we can entertain while we inform that more people will awake. We made a movie that is fun to watch but it is as fact based as possible. It is based on a very likely scenario of America being attacked by an EMP and the survivors being faced with martial law led by the United Nations. American soldiers must decide who they serve, second amendment rights are curtailed and food and water become our primary concerns.
I ask for your support with the release of this film and for preserving America’s freedoms for future generations. Please watch our trailer and support us by sharing the message with your friends. God bless.

Originally posted on AmeriGeddonTheMovie.com

EMPs can be either man made or natural (such as from a massive solar flare).

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

In the USA, its Mother's Day.  The day we take the time to thank our moms for all that they have done for us.  If you have family in the land of smiles, you get to celebrate it again in a couple of months on August 12th this year.  So for whichever day you choose or both in my case, have a great one.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Laying the ground work for Martial Law

As I posted previously regarding the political situation here in the US, things are seemingly falling in place as I feared.  With Trump all but wrapping up the nomination with last weeks events, the NWO is in a state of panic.  But they are not stupid and have anticipated such events and have long prepared for an engineered breakdown of civil society.  From the development of FEMA camps (with bars pointing inside to keep people in), to plastic coffins, etc. to the latest Executive order, they are expecting something big shortly.

In my last post about the election, I said the Obama would likely implement martial law if things don't go as planned with Hillary winning the election.  She was the anointed one this time, with Jeb Bush being the backup.  But as things are begin to unravel, the NWO has no choice but to create a false flag event, an election breakdown or impasse, or some other kind of event to trigger civil disorder, fear, or other reason in order to implement martial law.  This would allow a reset of the election and maybe even fundamentally alter the fundamental structure or destruction of  the government.

Here is a video, not seen on MSM regarding the executive order.

Am I one of those conspiracy nuts?  Hardly.  But I do have a sense of understanding of how things work in governments from history and living in different countries.  History has shown that people in power like to stay in power, irregardless of how noble their original intentions might have been. They will go to great lengths and expense to stay in power.  People's lives don't matter in the least as they are merely pawns in the great game.

The powers that be in politics today have the same issues as the average American.  They have mortgages, kids, school fees, and their fancy lifestyles.  But the difference is that they can only continue to have these nice things IF things don't change and they can continue to suck money from the other segments of the country who don't have the power or influence to change things.  To that extent, they will do anything to preserve their wealth, their power and their lifestyle...just like any other group of people would do if their livelihood were threatened.  But America cannot afford to maintain this and the chance of losing it all because of political change just terrifies these people.  

The big mistake that the powers that be have made is to underestimate the power of a people movement.   In other countries, people take to the streets against the government in huge numbers until things change.  Like a tidal wave, it starts as a little ripple in the deep ocean before being an overwhelming and unstoppable force when it hits land. Its the aftermath of the tsunami that the powers to be are getting ready for because it looks like they cannot prevent the impact of the wave of change ahead.

So its going to be an interesting few months ahead.  Fortunately I will be outta here before I think things will fall apart.  Just three more weeks before going back home to the mango.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Kalifornia...getting over the jet lag

Trying my best to get over the jet lag, but its been a struggle.  Supposedly, it takes one day per time zone going East to get adjusted and its already been four days since getting back and I'm still feeling a bit sleepy during the day and am wide awake at night.  

To combat the JL, I've been trying to stay busy and active doing my business and getting outside for some exercise and fresh air during the day.  What better way to get some fresh air than to go out to the archery range?  Everything is all dried up now and the hills and range are nice and green.  

While I was away, my custom Blacktail bow was finished and shipped to me.  It took seven months for my order to be completed due to the long queue of customers and the detail work to meet each bow's custom specs. As a buyer, I got to select the woods, the bow length, draw weight, and even the detailing in the riser, tips, and limbs.  I was really impressed and delighted at how my bow came out.  Made of Bolivian Rosewood and Cocobola, its a work of art and shoots really well.  So, as soon as I could I made the trek to the archery range and shot about 150 arrows.  To my great delight, its smooth, quiet, and very fast.  So good in fact, I'm considering ordering a Longbow version in a few months. 

So what else is new in the Bay Area?  Lots.  The Warriors are kicking butt and will likely win the NBA Championship again.  And congrats to Trump for getting the presumptive nomination but he had better be very careful from this point on as the powers that be are very nasty people.  I can only reminiscent about how much Bobby Kennedy could have changed things if he got elected.  

Dungeness crab is available locally at Costco at about $14 apiece as is Alaskan King crab legs.  Can't really get them in the land of smiles but the price tag made me walk away in disgust.  Used to be able to buy crabs fresh and alive for $3 a pound down at the Wharf a few years ago.  But times have changed and only the rich and foolish can partake in this kind of food anymore (sigh).  

They look pre-cooked already

Lastly, I ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon's Prime Pantry.  Its a great option to going to the store and buying non perishable food and goods.  You can buy water, drinks, detergent, and many household and food items and then have them put inside a virtual 'box'.  The box is delivered for a flat fee of $5.99 so its a bargain for those who don't want to haul the stuff or don't have a car.  

I was able to get many items that I needed cheaper than the local stores and it will be delivered this week to my door.  They include heavy items like water, sodas, can goods, etc.  Beats having to run all over town and haul all the stuff to my trunk and then packing it up to my condo.  This way, everything arrives in one box and I just have to put it in a cart and wheel it up to the condo.  All I need now is for a Amazon robot to put things away and I will be all set....probably have to tip in digital money too...555

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Eye of the Liberal 'loo' 'loo' land

I'm in the heart of liberal lulu land,  but now also in the midst of  'loo loo land' too.  It all started in the morning when I went to one of my local stores, Target, for some groceries.  It wasn't until I got into the store that I noticed that it was quieter than usual.  In fact, it was kind of creepy to see this store so quiet.  Then I remembered that Target has been in the news again for its stand on the use of its bathrooms.  The policy basically says that you can go to whatever bathroom of the sex you feel you are part of, irregardless of your actual biological sex. As Target states its "part of their core values of being inclusive" as it applies to the LGBT community.

Naturally, there was an outrage from the current base of 99.8% customers who wanted the bathrooms to be left the way they were.  So an online petition of over 1 million signatures was collected, and a boycott declared.    As a result,  the stock price dropped, and the stores sales have fallen dramatically.

But...women should not complain so much.  Have you ever seen the long lines to enter the women's bathrooms while the men's rooms are virtually empty?  I can see how some women with an urgent need to use the toilet can have that "felt like a man moment" and pop right into the men's room to get over that pressing issue...

Anyway, after being checked out by a girl with red hair, being asked if I wanted a bag (its illegal to give out free plastic bags in this area), and being $55 USD poorer for one bag of groceries, I came home and reflected on what I just saw. 

This is the new normal here.

Then the local news said that Donald Trump was arriving to give a speech across the bay in Burlingame. Hundreds of odd looking protesters (likely a paid rent-a-mob), some waving Mexican flags,  blocked the front of the hotel and he had to duck in the back door to avoid them. Hey, the guy hasn't even been declared the nominee yet.  Naturally it made the local and national news.. the SF Bay area again looked like it deserved title of  the kook center of the world.

This is the new normal here.

It sure made me home sick for the big mango, where public toilets are clean and spotless and the obsession of sex gender discrimination doesn't override common sense.  Sure there are places in the reservation and elsewhere where public toilets are truly 'public', but its tolerated and accepted based on the circumstances and has nothing to do with sexual orientation. Boys are boys and girls are girls right?   In fact, that gorgeous she may not be a she but a he, but with enough to drink, many a punter will never know the difference ...5555  

That is the normal there

So as I try to get over the weekend and the jet lag, I'm also trying to re-calibrate to the new normal here in loo loo land.  Glad I have my own loo and not have to use one down the hall....also glad I'm outta here in a month.

I don't like the new normal here.

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