Thursday, June 30, 2016

Another five years..

Got my driver's license renewed today.  Its good for another five  years.  Somehow I thought the licenses were issued for 10 years, but looking back at my old blog, it was back in 2010 when I got my  last one renewed.

Submit your paperwork here and get a number

The procedure has not changed much.  You will still need to have an affidavit of address issued by the embassy regarding your address or a house book with your name in it.  A lease agreement is not acceptable according to the lady I talked to. You will also need your passport and copies of your passport pages with the right kind of long stay visa endorsements.  Once you have all of that, someone will check out the package and then send you up to the testing center upstairs.

You must sit through a video explaining how to take the tests
At the testing center, you are given a color blindness test, a reaction test, a perspective test, and a peripheral vision test.  I didn't take any pictures of the testing equipment to avoid getting in trouble.  Following that, you will then have to sit through a 30 minute video that includes a bunch of tips and rules plus a collection of horrific accidents pulled from the internet and local CCTV tapes.  It was all in Thai and I was falling asleep in the warm room until the gory accidents shook me back to alertness.    

Sitting through the 30 minute video.
After that, it was a trip down the hall to pay the license fee, and then the license was issued on the spot.  Took a total of 2 1/2 hours including the break to the store. For me, that was great service, considering that one needs to make an appointment days in advance, just to get things done at the California DMV. 

Why go through the trouble of getting a Thai Driver's license?  While its true that an International Driver's license allows one to drive in Thailand (I did that early on), having a Thai driver's license is like having an official ID card.  I can use it in place of my passport almost everywhere and it serves as my id card for most legal business.  If you want to buy a car and insure it, a license is needed.  

So now, I'm good for another five years to terrorize the streets and roads of the land of smiles with my driving.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Quiet couple of days in the mango

Spent the last couple of days doing chores.  Got a haircut, sent out packages, and tried to start on some paperwork.  Routine stuff not worth writing about but never-the-less has to get done no matter where one is living.  Even had a chance to talk to Bangkok Buddy on LINE and then on the phone because I asked him to pick up some barbless fishing hooks for me in Reno.  They are not easy to find here in Thailand and I want the kids and people who fish in our pond to use them as they can more easily release the fish they catch that they don't want.

Fishing from a stocked fish pond is way too easy and I want to make it a bit harder and increase the survival rate of the fish we release back into the pond.   I also want them to learn and practice "catch and release" to understand that catching the fish for sport is different than catching the fish and eating them.  I don't have any problem with catching fish to eat, but I don't like for them to catch so much fish that they can't  possibly eat it all and then throw it away.  I also want them to put the small fish back so that they can grow up before we catch or harvest them again.  By the way, we use nets to harvest the fish and these trips to the pond for fish is purely for fun.

Note the high tech fishing equipment...bamboo cane with just a hook and line tied on the end.

This little guy is definitely a throw back.  Climbing perch worth 120 baht when big...

This is a keeper size.  Fish near B's aunt's right leg
The time to harvest is pretty soon as it almost time for the ponds to be flooded and refilled with new stock.  These pictures are from a couple of months ago.  B is definitely a lot bigger now and even started to get some Braxton Hicks contractions last night.  My guess is that the baby will be early again like her older sister Marina, who was a month early.

Lastly, a trip is planned for the transportation department for my driver's license renewal tomorrow. Will give a report on the process and see if it has changed.  When I renewed it 10 years ago, I had to sit through a tear jerking video about safe driving and seat belts.  Whole process took several hours as the video was shown only a specific times and you had to stick around until you saw it.  Didn't have to do another driving or written test.

Time for some food.   NO, its not gonna be fish tonight!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Over a month ago...

On May 16th, I did a special posting on the BREXIT  about its potential impact on the world.  Also predicted that the exit would happen, despite the polling and odds with the various gambling houses saying it wouldn't happen.  See  post here:  After that, I also posted about the virtues of gold and how it will help protect one from such world turmoil such as in yesterday's market.  For those readers that took that advice, I think you are going to have a very nice weekend.

The DOW fell 600+ points yesterday, and is likely to fall again on Monday.  If you haven't gotten out of the market yet, I fear its too late and its definitely gonna cost you a bunch more if you decide to buy gold at this point.  The scary thing is that there is little anyone can do about what is going to happen over the next few days and weeks.  The Feds and EU 'dream teams' are burning the midnight oil trying to stop the massive bleeding, while the bankers around the world are trying to cover their bets on the currency markets.  None of it will work.

Even Alan Greenspand, the former head of the Feds, says in this interview, that its the worse that he's ever seen, including the 1987 crisis.  He should know as many credit him with helping to create a lot of what is happening now in monetary problems around the world.

Basically he says the bankers around the world are out of ammo and the only way to get the situation back under control is to begin reducing expenses and getting entitlements under control.  That is not likely to happen with our politicians so its just a matter of time when all hell breaks loose.

Its also likely that the EURO will feel significant pressure over the next few months as other countries are likely to bail, especially the wealthier ones who have to supplement the ones that are not doing so good.  My belief is that Germany will begin to suffer economic woes soon and that is going to put more pressure than ever on the EURO's monetary basis.  That will be the last lynch pin that will eventually cause the collapse of the European monetary experiment.  

So what to expect?  Some extreme actions from the powers that be.  Expect more maneuvers to block the decision and if all else fails, I would not put it pass them to start a war with Russia.  After all, history has shown that when economies become stagnant, the best and fastest way to fix that problem is to start a war. Its suicidal, but lives don't matter to the global, its only their money and power that matters.

So, enjoy the weekend while you can, as next week promises to be a dozy.  

Friday, June 24, 2016

Its the morning after...

Actually, it already afternoon here in the mango.  We left early this morning to beat the traffic and got into the mango a bit after noon time.  Marina had a great birthday party and my little girl is now three years old and a handful.  Both B and I wish we could freeze her at this age because she is so fun and innocent and has such a happy view of the world.  But they grow up eventually and different kinds of challenges and joys will come with each stage of development.

Our party was not too big...just family and a few friends.  But the important thing was that there was cake, candles, and lots of happy birthday singing.  The look in Marina's face was priceless and we got a lot of those priceless moments captured.  Some day, she will look back and hopefully remember the innocent times we all enjoyed together as a family.

The celebration started in the afternoon with a simple ceremony at the spirit house.  B's family is very traditional and superstitious and believe in the spirits that occupy our land.  B and B's mother also believe that a dragon spirit protects us from evil spirits and bad luck, so we have to give offerings on special occasions or when we feel the need.  B's horoscope is the sign of the dragon and Marina's is the sign of the snake - might be something to all of this...555.  B's nephew is an extremely talented kid that can make figures out of banana leaves, and he created this beautiful dragon for Marina's birthday.  Took him almost three days to make will be floated into the pond at some point when the leaves begin to turn brown.

The detail is fantastic

Marina watches as Grandma sets up the table for the offerings
Table in front of spirit house.  Note stone near base - it was found on the land and looks like a dragon

B and Marina give thanks and wish for more good luck

In the evening, it was a traditional kind of kid's party with lots of food and cake.  No biggie for us old folks, but for kids, its a really big deal because they haven't had that many...he he he

Marina's cake, a bit running due to the heat...555
'Frozen' themed plates daddy brought over just for the party

Boy, you learned fast on how to blow out candles on a cake (Didn't know how last year)

Eating cake is just so much fun too.
So that was Marina's big day yesterday.  It was a lot of fun and we were dodging rain storms all day. Plenty of food for the adults and now we are free to hang out in the mango for a bit.  

Just saw the news that BREXIT is on, and that Cameron is gone.   Markets are in turmoil and the currencies are in chaos.  But to a gold bug like me, it was sweet music to my ears.  The Brits are a strong and resourceful bunch and they will emerge out of this much better than if they stayed.  It just goes to show that financial markets and currencies are just shams.  After all, there are hundreds of countries that are not part of the EU and we are doing just fine, thank you.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

BREXIT....none of my business, but.......

This is a decision for the British to decide, but it has implications to all of us around the world. Many, including myself, see it as a test of the power of the global elite vs the newly awakened populist insurgency.  An exit would be a big setback to those that believe that a one world government and centrally administered economy is best for the Western countries to take on the 'rest of the world'. Many have made a fortune to make and keep this a reality, while others have been crushed by its implementation.  For the others, an exit means a new start and freedom from underneath the umbrella of the EU and its strength in numbers.

For those outside the region, the implications of a new European 'reset' without the British causes uncertainty in the future economic viability of the region.  What if the contagion spreads and France or Germany also pull out?  What happens to the Pound Sterling, will it go up or down?  Investors and businesses hate uncertainty - specifically because it can cost them a lot of money.  Naturally, there is going to be some initial financial shock and setbacks, but in the long run, it will find its equilibrium and no one knows what that is going to be at the moment.  It could be higher for both the EU and the UK or lower too, but it will find its balance point without either the EU or UK going broke.

For the British however, its also a matter of choice between going it alone or riding with the EU gang. If it were up to me, I would look at how strong and viable that gang is going to be and what I would be getting and giving up to be part of that gang.  There is a point where the sacrifice is not worth the gain and that is when its best to pull out and go it alone.  Knowing the strong, independent spirit of the Brits (at least the ones that I am friends with), BREXIT is going to happen.  Getting from under the influence of central bankers controlled by the global elitist gang is going be painful, but in the long run, its going to be the best thing that happened.  

Anyway, as we celebrate little Marina's 3rd birthday tonight and prepare to return to the mango tomorrow, the people of the UK will make their fateful decision.  Choose wisely, the whole world is watching.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rainy Days in the Land of Smiles

Woke up to the sound of fierce thunder and lightning last night, and this morning it was raining pretty hard so I cancelled my 6 am morning walk.  We need the rain but when it rains, it seems like it just pours.  Saw in the news that some Bangkok streets are flooded, but not to the extent that it was a few years back when people were in a panic sandbagging their doorways.  There is even a picture of the local governor in his rubber boots walking around a flooded street for a photo op.

Rainy view from my table this morning while having some tea..
Its rainy season in the land of smiles.  Its also a favorite time for me as its cools off somewhat until the sun comes back out -- then it gets really humid and muggy.  But this is the time when the ground is soft and we can plant trees and other landscape plants without having to use heavy duty hardware.  

The 'gang' of family workers went out and planted the three logan trees I bought for the market and 30 Bambusa 'Nana' bamboo clumps.  It wasn't too muddy as the soil has been turned and the rain mostly drained out without much issue.  We have about 120 clumps in the ground not counting the ones in the market, and have about 180 more to go.  We will stop then and check out the feasibility and take this year to learn about the varieties before planting more.

Spent the large part of yesterday trying to put together the photo show for the ordination.  Its not easy to edit out pictures, especially if you don't know everyone.  The father came by this morning and I gave him what I had to look at and a sample DVD take home.  He seemed overjoyed and will give me some pictures of his son in the full monk garb to finish the project off.  It will be about 25 minutes long and cover almost two days of activities.  

With Marina's party later this week,  I am getting anxious to return to the mango for a change of pace.  I enjoy being here, but going out to eat at a sushi place sounds really great to me right now.....

Monday, June 20, 2016

Really long weekend

Its Monday.  The weekend was very long and I'm glad its all over.  Today, I am compiling pictures and will shortly start on a photoshow for the event.  A young man's ordination into Monkhood is a big deal in Thailand.  Its the event that fathers plan for their sons to give themselves face and for the young man, its his rite of adulthood.  In other words, its a once in a lifetime event and a lot of time and money is poured into it to give the family and the young man 'face'.  

All over Thailand, ordinations are happening this time of year as the rainy season starts and the monks stay inside to meditate and teach new novices the way of Buddhism.  Yesterday, there were three other ordinations underway at the same time as our event and the small streets in the moo baan were jammed with pickups and loud music trucks that can rattle your teeth out.  This parade was preceded by a very traditional and solemn head shaving and cleansing ceremony, a large banquet with entertainment, and well wishes by friends and family.  

Just a few pictures from a 'mini' photoshow to give one a taste, but to experience one personally is the best way to understand one of the most important Thai traditions and to help you a lot in your adjustment to living in the land of smiles.  If you get invited...don't hesitate..go!

Will be returning to the mango after we celebrate Marina's 3 year old party this week.  

Friday, June 17, 2016

Back upcountry

That was a quick turnaround.  But instead of being at the free buffet at the moment, I'm posting on my blog and getting ready for tomorrow.

Had a tough trip due to the intermittent hard rain and poor visibility.  The new road between the main highway to Chaiyaphum is still under construction and lots of mud and muddy water was kicked up by the vehicles ahead.  That meant a lot of mud and dirt smeared on the windshield and always using the washer to keep it clean.  Its conditions like what we had today that makes having a big car like Vanna worth every penny.  When we got here, the rain was fact, it never rained in this area at all despite the heavy black clouds all around.

After the party this weekend I want to set up the weather station, but the problem is that I can't find a good location to mount my unit within the 100 feet radius of the office.  There are too many trees in the way and they block the wind sensor and mounting on the roof is not possible because there is no place to attach it to.  So until I figure out a location, no weather station for the resort.

Lastly, B's doctor visit was fine.  In addition to the check-up, we also ordered a sonogram.  Based on the imaging, the baby is progressing along very well and she is a little bigger compared to Marina at this point in her development.  We could see her face, hands, and other body parts and they are normally developed.  Also, B feels a lot better with this baby as she gained too much weight with Marina and developing a bit of diabetes and feeling sick all the time. With this baby, B is very active and has a lot of energy compared to last time.  But if this baby has more energy than Marina, I think we are really going to have our hands full with the two of them running around.  We love kids and look forward to it with lots of joy instead of dread.

That's it for today.  Going to busy tomorrow and Sunday, but will try to get up a few pictures and a report on the ordination.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

In the Mango

Back in the mango today.  B has a doctor's appointment and this weekend we have a social event that we are attending back upcountry.  Seems like a lot of running around, and it is.  But having two places to reside sometimes creates such problems.  I am going to try to sneak off to the archery range today if time permits since I haven't shot an arrow in nearly six weeks.  My new bow is just itching to get out of the bag...

First two trees for the market planted - Fast growing shade trees called 'Da Gulp'  (Frog eye)
The grading and ground preparation is done for the plantation and we even planted some of the trees for the market the last couple of days.  We selected 'da gulp' for the market due to its fast growth and its berry like fruit.  The trees should be decent size in less than a year!

view of the main field.  Some bamboo already planted in back of market and well as vetiver grass for soil retention

I am hoping that by the time we get back on Friday, some of the bamboo plants have already been planted.  The nice thing about this effort is that the evacuation of the holes are rather shallow and the ground is very soft due to the rich soil.  There are also very few seedlings that need to be planted - less than 300.  I expect that it will take two days at most and that will be all except for the watering and feeding.  

Once grown (can take 5 years), we will be good to go for harvesting for the next 25 or more years with little or no maintenance.  I will be long gone when the grove needs to be replenished.

Whatever happens, at least I will have a place to come to when all hell breaks loose.  Like every straw on the camel's back, world events continue to pile on, bring us closer to the brink.  This week's shooting in Orlando might pale in comparison if the world economy breaks due to the BREXIT vote.  A vote to exit may not only trigger the end of the Euro, but more and more countries may choose to bail out while they still can.  Many believe that the vote could trigger an even bigger event than the Lehman collapse back in 2008.  When the Bilderberg Group considers it the biggest problem on the plate, its serious indeed.  Even George Soros is buying gold, anticipating something big is going to happen...and that vulture gets rich from opportunities like this.

Timing is all.  We know things are going kaput, but exactly when and what black swan event triggers the collapse is the billion dollar question.  I feel its getting awfully close...the camel is moaning big time that his back in hurting.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Up for a bit of Air

Its been a crazy few days and thus the blogging has been suffering.  We are a bit behind schedule in starting the bamboo plantation but that's how things work up here in the country.  Weather is a big factor in scheduling and the big storm that blew through here the other night left everything too soggy to work with.  The wet soil sticks to everything and walking is nearly impossible on the field and there is always a risk that the machinery may get stuck.

Front is done, grading needs to be done on the back portion.  Note the Khlong for watering plants
Anyway, after a day and 1/2 of drying out, we are starting up again today.  The fill out is proceeding as planned and we are now one meter higher than before on almost four rai of land.  One meter doesn't sound like much, but it took 500 trucks of dirt.  What that extra meter does for us is to give a bit more time in the event of flooding for the bamboo to survive.  If one meter allows the water to clear a few weeks earlier, the better as it reduces the damage from submersion.  Everything should be done tomorrow barring no storms tonight...555

Visited a couple in the area who is also starting their plantation.  They are planting 8 rai with 1,000 clumps of the same variety of bamboo as we are using.  They were really nice and showed us their progress and we exchanged a lot of information.  Its the kind and friendly way people interact in these parts as they are not worried so much about competition, etc.  After all, there is  plenty of demand and business for everyone as the market is wide open and the farmers all stick together and often help each other with the work. There is a lot of cooperation in other crops among farmers too..for example, everyone in the area is growing rice and the same variety as well - so competition is kind of foolish and useless as someone (usually the same group of brokers) will always buy all that is produced anyway.  

Then there is the challenge that the resort was full all this week so B's mother is scrambling to keep up with all the guests and their 'special' requests.  Next weekend, I have to be back in the area to help celebrate another social event.  The son of the contractor that does all our earth movement for the resort and plantation is going to become a monk.  That means two days of continuous celebrations, and I was asked to be one of the 'VIP sponsors' - a kind of ceremonial role of standing around and looking important I guess.  Supposed to be a great honor and gesture of respect by the family so I am going to do my best to not embarrass anyone - especially myself!

Here is one ceremony I documented about 2 years ago in which I made a slideshow from photoshow and gave it to the family as a gift.  To them it was priceless and they can even tell their relatives to watch it on YouTube !

BTW, the property in which this ceremony took place is the one that we purchased a few months back.

Anyway, what that means to my schedule is that I am due back to the mango on Wednesday.  On Thursday, B has a new doctor's appointment, and Friday, we are heading back up here so that we can participate next weekend.  That means no Friday Night Buffet again with the guys.

Busy, busy, busy,....but I won't have it any other way.  

Friday, June 10, 2016

Upcountry already....

Left early this morning and arrived at the resort around 10:30 AM.  Very pleasant drive this morning and even had time to stop by to buy some plants for the resort.  B's father had requested some grapes for a trellis he is building.  I didn't think they had grapes here in the Land of Smiles, but there they were at the roadside nursery for 150 baht apiece.  I was under the impression that grapes needed a certain amount of time of cold weather in order to produce sweet fruit.  Maybe what's here is a special variety as they have a winery in the Pak Chong area which is between Bangkok and our resort.  I guess we will know next year if we get some grapes.

Bamboo saplings ready to be planted

Also found what I think are some Bambusa Nana bamboo plants.  These are hard to come by and so far I could only find about 30 plants on the internet for 150 baht apiece.  This place had them for 100 baht so I ended up getting 10 plants to check them out.  The owner, an older Thai woman, was delighted to have me back so she gave me an extra one for good will.  Likely means I paid too much already...5555.

Some grading needs to be done still

We own the land back to the bushes.  Land to the road will be elevated.  The other side is going to remain as is for now
They are almost finished with raising the bamboo area  about 1 meter when I arrived an hour ago.  Its about 90% done and likely will take 450 truckloads of dirt to complete.  I should have around 4 plus rai of elevated platform for the bamboo.   Another rai, which is behind the road,  I am going to leave at the regular elevation to test the drought resistant variety to see if they can survive in our area.  

We just had a huge storm blow through which knocked out the internet in the area.  So I'm posting late in the day after it has come back up.  More tomorrow on a visit we made this evening to another farmer turned bamboo grower.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Good to go for another year

Burning up the whole day going through the process, I am finally good to go for another year. After getting back my passport promptly at 2PM with the retirement visa approved, I quickly dashed over to the copy folks downstairs and then rushed back to the queue line for a Re-Enty permit.  In a bit over an hour, I was finally done - a retirement visa and entry permit, in hand, good until next year.

Normally, I get this annual chore done by about 11AM, but a new change in procedure makes it necessary for you to return later after submitting all the paperwork.  Evidently, everything gets cleared in one central place and I guess there is some kind of computer work being done such as a quick background check, and entering your data into some kind of government expat database.  We know this database exists because it was hacked a few months ago during testing and some names and addresses were revealed on the government website.  I am not positive of these, but its likely the case with the recent policy of keeping bad guys out of Thailand and implementing harsh penalties for overstays.

Anyway, readers should be warned that its going to take a bit longer from now on, and make sure all your ducks are in order before getting here.  Also be aware you are going to be digitally tracked in some kind of database.  For me, I don't really care as I have nothing to hide but for others, that might be an issue.  I figure that is the price I must pay to live here and I have too much here to walk away due to this issue.

Meanwhile elsewhere in the world:

The Bilderberg Group is meeting this weekend in Germany.  Its normal that in this cycle, they usually meet in the USA, but something changed that.  Maybe its Trump?  as he is one of the topics of the meeting this time.  As I said before, Mr. T should watch his back as these are evil people with lots of resources.   Rumors are that the meetings with Kissinger did not go well and that Trump turned down a 200 million campaign donation for selecting one of their choice VPs.  Might mean that Trump is the real deal, but he should be very careful now.   Many believe that the Kennedys were targets because they fought this influential group.

When a President thinks its serious, its not just another conspiracy theory.  Especially if he paid for it with his life.

Lastly, planning to have lunch with Barnaby today and will likely head back upcountry on Friday.  I ordered more bamboo that is going to be delivered and needs to be sacked.  Also,  the land for the bamboo is due to get 400 more trucks of dirt to raise its elevation about one meter.  I want to make sure we don't have a flood issue that will kill my bamboo investment.  The variety I chose is supposed to be drought and flood resistant, but it won't tolerated being underwater for months on end.

More later.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Hope for getting things done dashed to pieces

Plans of mice and men - dashed to pieces due to changes.  Little did I or anyone else know, Thai immigration has changed their retirement visa process. 

There is now an extra step which requires having an investigation period before they give you back your passport with the approved visa.  I was 11th in line, but I will have to wait until 2pm anyway before coming back.  I assume this gives someone the chance to make sure your info is correct and that you aren't some kind of criminal or pervert hiding out here.

Lady told me the process started just this week so I guess I was unlucky to be one of the first to experience this surprise.

Also means getting re-entry permit today is going to be unlikely.  Yuck...have to come back again just for that before I leave.

More later...five hours of waiting around.

The bag is in line

Up bright and early at the Thai immigration office.  Got here at 6:45am and the office doesn't open until 8:30am.  Even at 7am, one can see the bags that are in line.  Mine is the brown one about 2/3rd of the way back. 

Went downstairs and got my application, copies, and picture taken while Mr. Bag is keeping my place in line.

Now it's just a waiting game.  As it goes, I might be outta here before noon with both my retirement visa AND re-entry permit. 

Fingers crossed and waiting.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The business..

Great video.  If you wonder where all our money goes and why we are always in some kind of conflict around the world, take a few minutes to see this.  The generals and their toys....but don't worry, they won't be dying on the battlefield...only the expendable boys and girls of our countries.

Back in the mango.  Will be trying this week, since I had to come back early,  to get my retirement visa updated.  Can't believe its another year.  It seems like just yesterday, although it has been 13 years, since I first applied for my retirement visa.  I didn't live here full time back then, but it was a great way to establish a bank account, get a driver's license, etc.  

Hoping to make it to the buffet this Friday, but will definitely try to meet up with Barnaby to deliver some goodies this week.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Heading back to the mango tomorrow

Have to go back to the mango tomorrow.  B got informed that she has to go to a meeting regarding a unit we bought a few years back.  Its looks like the government wants to take the unit back to make room for the new Mall Project on Wireless and Rama IV.  There are many families that are going to be impacted by this but I understand that the government will be offering monetary compensation for unit owners and relocation expenses.  I doubt it will amount to much however, but never the less, B has to go to the meeting.  We've been renting the unit out so our tenants will be impacted more than B, and we will likely give them any relocation money we get from the government.

Hot and humid today, with temps near 100F so I'm just chilling out and napping a lot.  Don't really want to get into any projects.  More tomorrow when I get back to the mango.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Projects, projects, projects

Projects is my code name for things to do.  Its like a wish list, a honeydew list, and I better do list combined.  Some take a lot of time, and some can be done quite quickly, but in my book, they are things that need to be done.

Anyway, a smooth drive upcountry.  Rained a bit on the way, but that is good news these days and the countryside is starting to look green again.  Not 100% over jet lag yet so felt a bit sleepy after the drive and then zonked out for a 4 hour nap before waking up for dinner.

One of my project in the next two weeks that will be fun, will be the installation of our very own weather station.  Not only will it be a personal weather station for the resort, but the unit will become part of the Wunderground Personal Weather Station Network.  With over 180,000 stations around the world, its the largest and most accurate reporting network available.  As it happens, there are no stations in our area and our station will fill a hole in the network.

Bought the Ambient Weather WS1001 unit

I bought the required unit before I left the US and will set it up in the next few days.  It  was on sale at Amazon and is one of the easiest to set up.   The challenge is finding the right place for the proper light, wind speed, and rain collection so the data will not be distorted.  Don't know who else will be using the data as there is no official reporting station in Chaiyaphum proper.

The unit is equipped with WiFi back to the base unit, which in turn displays the info and interfaces with Weatherunderground.  In order to become part of the network, one has to register online and get the unit listed.  That means, one can access our station from anywhere in the world and WU will retain historical records in the database and provide custom forecast for our area.  

For example, did you know that you can get temperatures for different parts of the mango?  Most weather stations just report from places like the airport or official stations which may be quite a distance from your point of interest.  Just try this link to weatherunderground and select the "change station" option.  You will see a list and map of all the locations available from the personal weather station network in your area.  There is even a weather station for my condo that someone set up (not me) I can get real time info.

Other sources of weather in the land of smiles include the Thai Meteorological Department website.  This site includes warnings and other historical data.  As we get closer to being a bamboo plantation, we have to pay closer attention to weather than before...not that the weather changes that much here beside how hot it will get.

Anyway, more later as I am getting the 'sleeping disease' again from jet lag.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Getting over Jet Lag

Will likely take about one to two weeks to get over jet lag.  Always does that to me when I travel, but its just great to be home.  Despite the hot and humid weather, its good to see rain again last night in the mango and the land of smiles.  When I left, we were in the middle of a drought.  Now things are looking much better and B's father tells me that they have had plenty of water coming down up at the resort.  Time for some planting and landscaping.

So, its likely that I will travel up to the resort in the morning and spend some time up there.  Want to start a couple of projects and relax a bit more.  Maybe come back after Father's day, even though its not celebrated in the LOS on that day.

In the meantime, a small plug on an organization that has always been part of my blog's tagline.  Life is good, but I truly believe its so because I did pay it forward and continue to do so.  So if life has been kind and good to you, consider paying it forward as its rewards are much better than anything money can buy.

Random Acts of Kindness and consideration all over the world.  

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