Sunday, October 30, 2016

Today's the day!

Today is the day, and tonight I am going to the airport for my ride back home.

Its rainy, wet, and the chill of winter is starting to set in here in Kalifornia.  Back home, the best weather of the year is just starting and its the perfect place to watch all the craziness of the election play out in its final stages.  

Will the embassy have a free election party like they did during the Bush/Gore contest?  Unlikely as the US Embassy got stuck with a huge food and drink bill when the election couldn't be decided within the rental period of the party.  As the election dragged on and on, they finally had to kick everyone out because they were drinking the hotel blind..555  That election wasn't decided for weeks until it went to the supreme court.  Al Gore did not concede the election remember?  Darn those hanging chads...

It will be great to turn on the TV and get real news again from around the world and shows without campaign commercials every few minutes.  

Lastly, it will be great to have the kids and B around again.  Its been a very long six weeks.

More from SFO or Taipei.

Here's the deal.....

OK, my girl here's the deal.

You're going announce next week that you are dropping out of the race due to health reasons. For that, you will get to keep your millions and I will pardon you from all charges because of your loyal and unselfish service to the country.  You'll stay out of jail and can then go away somewhere and live whatever time you have left on this planet in peace.  Say nothing about me and our overlords being involved with your server and knowing about your foundation's money laundering or your health will unexpectedly take a turn for the worse and your battered body suddenly succumbing to the 'illness'.

After you drop out, I am then going to announce that due to the unusual circumstances of this election and it not being fair, we are going to postpone the election for six months until a new DNC candidate (like my wife) can be selected.  Besides, its unprecedented that my fall guy, Comey, had the nerve to come out and interfere with our rigged election process.  I am going to take him out back to the whipping shed and take care of him for good and make an example of him.

I am also going to declare martial law, because the people are going to go crazy over this delay.  But I will blame the Russians for instigating the violence and that we should call for our DHS to 'defend the country' and lock them crazies up in the FEMA camps we have set up.  For the time being until the election,you better get used to me being here for a while because once Michelle gets in, I will be here eight more years.

Finally, I need some more time to set up and fund my Obama Peace Foundation to help the poor people of the world. we have a Deal, my girl?


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Its Over....

I just said the last post was my last, but breaking news just came out regarding the election.

Its over..Its going to be President Trump.

The FBI has just announced that it has found more emails and is re-opening the case against Hillary. This can only mean she is going to be eventually be charged with criminal cover-up and lying to the authorities.

Watch the rats scramble for cover now........

Friday, October 28, 2016

The Last political post

This is the last political post as I have to start packing for the ride on the big silver bird.  I am sure you are very happy.

This is also my last weekend in Kalifornia and I will be leaving on Sunday evening (which is actually Monday morning).  Can't wait to get out of this craziness - its down to the last few minutes of the game and things are changing rapidly.  Trump is surging and it doesn't look good for Hillary right now...too much stuff is starting to rise from the cesspools of Washington and the smell is getting overwhelming.  Wikileaks and others are doing what the press should have been doing all along - exposing how corrupt Hillary is and why she does not have the INTEGRITY to be in the oval office. 

No, Trump's support is not just from angry white men.  The parties have totally flipped...the Democrats are no longer the party of the people...they represent the big corporations and rich billionaires.  It took someone like Trump to expose them and the political landscape in America will never be the same again.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Couple more days...couple more swats before I go....

Michael Moore is not a Trump guy (strongly supports Hillary)..but he is promoting his new movie and in his own words, he has inadvertently helped make one of the best campaign videos for why people are voting Trump.

Say it like you mean it.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The Obama Care Sting

The pitches...

Too stupid to understand...indeed.

Fool me once shame on you...Fool me twice, shame on me........

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Five More days......

In five days, I will be boarding the big silver bird and heading home.  Its been an eventful six weeks in Kalifornia and frankly, I can't wait to get home.  Talking to B and the kids this morning helps to put me at ease, but the days seem so much longer now as I get closer to departure day.

I still have to get my TEE exam this Friday, pay my property taxes, and start my packing. Sent in my absentee ballot yesterday so I am good on that end.  Ordered some black kid sized shirts for Marina and some casual black pants to take back as they are nearly impossible to get in the LOS.  Most of the clothing in Thailand is "Asian" sized, which is at least two sizes smaller than typical western sizes.  So if you wear a "L", you will need to buy at least a XXL so that it will fit.  

The Peppa Pig Family

Also started packing my bags.  On this trip, its half loaded with Marina's latest toy craze - Peppa Pigs. Last trip it was the Princess Anna and Queen Elsa toys.  So I bought her a few play sets and ordered a set of plush toys.  Just hoping that all of the stuff will come in this week.  As for Ella, she is still too young for any toys, but I will try to think of something for her in the next few days.  She is getting very big and has already started to smile at people!

For myself, I am bringing back my replacement Bear Ausable longbow.  It snapped a few months ago while I was in the LOS and I had to bring it back to exchange it as it was still under warranty.  

Go clock go...its almost time.

and the Corruption and Rigging continues


Be careful, don't step on the poop on the way out.

Project Veritas new video.....Part 3

If the FEC and FBI don't get involved and pull this criminal out of the election, we have nothing but a banana republic.  If they start, watch the rats "ducking" for cover.

This one is a Whopper!  Trump should run this down the Hudson River in New York

Monday, October 24, 2016

It was really about Oil and Western Bankers

Today's post is about Libya, and how the western banking cartel and France colluded with the US to topple a regime and created a mess. In declassified email documents released by the State Department because of a FOIA request, it showed how we engineered and funded unrest in the middle east and Africa with the sole purpose of regime change and how the western media deceived us about it.  Perhaps I give the media too much credit as it is likely in some cases, they too were brainwashed  and failed to do any kind of validation of the spoon fed info coming from the perpetrators.

Libya under Gaddafi, had the highest GDP, longest life expectancy, and the most freedom for its women among its African and Middle East peers.  Libya has the largest deposit of oil in the African Continent.  It was also estimated that Libya had in excess of 143 tons of gold and an equal weight in Silver.  Gaddafi wanted to create an Pan-African currency backed by gold for oil and other transactions so that it could offer an alternative to the Petro-dollar.  The oil and gold alternative is what led to his overthrow and execution.

As usual, she dodged the question.  She should be Jailed for War Crimes

Here is a different view of Gaddafi and Libya before its 'liberation'.  Libya sounded a lot like of what some of the politicians (like her) are promising - like free college, housing, health care, etc.  Yes, Gaddafi actually got things done, unlike our politicians.  

Open you mind and free yourself from the MSM's brainwashing.  Perhaps that is why the dishonest media coverage continues for this Administration.  They know they have the blood of the Libyan people on their hands and might someday be indicted in supporting war crimes by lying to the world.   

I am not supporting Gaddafi as I am sure there is another side we are not seeing in this, but based on what I have been seeing in the media today regarding this election...we were deceived big time regarding Libya.   

I can't see how Obama and Hillary can sleep at night, knowing how many people have been killed under their watch...but evil knows no guilt or shame.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

How to rig a coin toss

There is lot of talk lately about election rigging and how many say that its impossible and cheating is insignificant.  Prez O himself said it was easier to get hit by lightning than to find rigging in the US elections.  

But I am out to open your eyes and give you a little challenge at the same time.  

I am claiming that I can rig a coin toss.  Everyone knows that a coin toss is supposed to be statistically even at 50% heads or tails. Sure, some people can claim they can get a higher number of heads than tails all the time. That's an easy claim and challenge.  But..... The chances of it landing on the edge is  - virtually impossible right?  Get hit by lightning first.  What if I told you that I could rig the coin toss stats so that my coin toss results show I landed 95% of the time on the edge instead of heads or tails?  I'll even pay you 10 to 1 odds if you bet heads or tails.  So my claim would be:

Greater than 95% of coin tosses landing on the edge of the coin!  

And I would not be lying either and have PROOF and can show it to your face
How can I make such claim?  See the answer here.

This answer will disappear after 7 days.

Once you look at the solution, you can see how anything can be rigged.  Even something as simple as a coin toss.  There was nothing wrong with the stats....only the data.
This link will remain longer if needed.

Why I love the Land of Smiles

This is a country that loves its departed King.  Its also a country with a lot of unity and national spirit. Today, there is a planned mass singing of the national anthem.

No kneeing here.

The Internet Outage....

Before my retirement from a major telecommunications company, I worked in the IT organization for 27 years.  During those years, I was amazed at how little things could bring down entire networks and how extremely vulnerable our data and voice networks could be.  We take for granted our phones and cellphones work every time we want to make a call.  We also expect our internet connection to fire up instantly when we want to get connected.  Behind the scene is a complex mass of electronics and technology that makes this happen.  Precious few people understand exactly how it works and many so called experts who use the technology are merely 'appliance operators'.  They are great at using the appliance, but have no idea of how the appliance was built nor how it really works.  For example, people can be great smartphone users, but have something go wrong inside or on the network and its over their heads.

But there is a group of people who not only know how things work at the deepest levels, but also how to exploit them.  Some of these people are great designers and programmers and others are criminals or hacks.  Some are friendly and others are in not so friendly countries all over the planet.  All it takes is a laptop and an internet connection.

Some of the DNS companies that serve the internet
Today's attack that brought down the internet was fairly simple.  Believe it or not, it was taken down by surveillance cameras and DVRs.  Hackers exploited default passwords in these devices all around the world and put in software that would attack a company called DynDNS.  This company offers internet users the ability to find a site by name  (i.e. Because most sites have dynamic IP addresses that can change often and at any time, a way to map them is essential.  By attacking DynDNS, this made the re-routing of traffic to the proper IP address impossible.  The cameras and DVRs all flooded and overwhelmed the company's servers.  DynDNS is only one of many companies that do this kind of routing.  DNS servers are all over the world and are like the phone directories of the internet world.  Scramble the directory and you have chaos.

I warned that the internet would have some strange events shortly in Monday's blog post.  Now I am looking for the false flag event.  Conspiracy theory...not really, its just so predictable how we are being set up for a major conflict with Russia.  

Hope I can get back to my family in time.  Only 9 more days here in Kalifornia.

Friday, October 21, 2016

TIT for TAT?

Cyber attack.   1/2 of the internet down this morning due to hacker attack (Link here).   Guess who started this mess?  REAL TIME MAP HERE:

Uncle Joey....please keep you mouth shut.  You're messing with fire. 

Are you still smirking this morning?

Fearless in New York

At the nationally televised  Al Smith Charity dinner last night, Trump totally roasted Hillary to the dismay of those attending. This dinner is one of those Hi So events where 'white ties', liberals, politicians, and big money is a requirement to attend.  You won't find everyday Catholics like me getting an invitation.  Its supposed to be a 'civil' event, but Trump was his old self...fearless.

Ever walk into an event where 90% of the people hate you?  The ultimate lion's den - one against all odds but the rage to fight is overwhelming.  

 This was one of his early movies filmed in Thailand

Rage to fight - no matter the odds
Trump performance last night was priceless...just look at the faces of the detractors, and so called 'sophisticrats' squirm, the nervous laughter, and jaws drop as he delivers blow after blow.  Don't worry, it was fair game. Hillary got her chances too.  He walked out standing tall..and smiling all the way home too..555.  I don't think he will get invited back soon.

And the cool thing was that they couldn't cut the scene because many networks made it a big deal and thought that he was the one that would be roasted alive, make a fool of himself,  and lose his cool. But after all this, I think he will do just fine and actually bring some fun to the White House again.

One last takeaway.  Complacency is the same as resigning one self to doom...just another one of those people that will be on the train.  The big lesson of this video.  "Any country can survive choosing a fool as a leader, but history has shown that time and time again, a nation of fools is surely doomed".

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Bird Dogging and Pony Express - Making Fools of America & the Media

A sickening video (Part 1) was released yesterday by Project Veritas Action regarding how the Clinton machine works.  PVA is the same group that exposed Planned Parenthood's sale of fetus body parts for cash.  PVA used hidden cameras, infiltrated the operation,  and went underground for a year to make this video.

This documentary is about how this "dark ops" group tries to make Trump supporters look violent by instigating events with 'planted' operatives. Its supported and directed by DNC and Campaign money laundered through layers to avoid detection.   Long suspected to be the case, this video shows how corrupt the entire election process is.  "Bird dogging" and "Pony Express" are going to be famous words the next few weeks as these videos make the media rounds and maybe even the debate tomorrow night.  These are the people who are dividing America by their actions...creating an atmosphere of hate, racism, and distrust.  

I used to say when I saw stuff in Thailand that I didn't understand or was not right "TIT", (This is Thailand) I have to add to my vocabulary "TIA"...the new normal?.   WAKE UP WORLD. You can't believe anything you hear and see nowadays from the media - it could have been staged!   Can't wait for part 2

Monday, October 17, 2016

False Flags

There has been precious little information about the outcome of the meeting held last Friday between Obama and his foreign policy advisers.  Military options regarding Syria were to be discussed which could lead to the start of WW3.  What information was not officially released can be deduced from the actions and events over the weekend.  

First, Kerry was dispatched to try to revive the talks again with Russia. That's the good news.   Second, VP Joe Biden let him mouth run loose again and said:

That sounds like to me the first phase of this WW3 will start with cyber strikes and counter strikes by Russia. For the time being, until a "False Flag" Operation is executed, I think we can prepare for some interesting "events" in our digitally connected world.  The cyber attacks can also be the trigger of this false flag.  For example, a 'hacked' missile' could be targeted to a 'friendly' location and after denotation, could be used as a pretense for war.  This would be far fetched if it not for our history of doing such deeds - its standard operating procedure for the NSA/CIA.  See Gulf of Tonkin Incident, and how it was the pretext for the US to enter the Vietnam war.  The NSA has admitted it altered data about the event and lied to make it seem like the Vietnamese fired on the USS Maddox first.  This false flag event caused 1.3 million people (on all sides) to die in the war.  Over 58,000 US soldiers came home in body bags.  None of the people responsible for the flag flag event were ever identified or prosecuted.  

So in regard to last week's post regarding WW3, there is still a chance for peace if Kerry is still talking.  But if we do what Biden says, or if a major 'incident' happens in the next few days, expect the worse.  

I remembered watching and listening to the Cuban missile Crisis unfold when I was a young pup.  It was a time when the world's fate was at stake.  Who will blink this time?

Black Clothing going at a premium

B called me today and said she was going out shopping for black clothing at the evening market tonight.  She had been out at the markets and stores all day with no luck and only had a couple of items in her closet and they were not all black.  Due to the King's passing, black clothing has been scarce.  People are wearing black and white for the one month mourning period and government employees and officials are expected to wear mourning clothes for up to a year.  Since the death was quite sudden, it overwhelmed the available supply of most shop owners.

As I understand it, many of the events and entertainment venues will also be closed until mid-November. That would be unprecedented, but for the last 70 years, there hasn't been a death of a monarch in Thailand.  For most of the Thais, this is the first time to live through the death of their King and the mourning period will be seriously observed.

My schedule calls for me to be in the mango in about 2 weeks.  That means that it would be a good idea to bring some black clothing with me as it not hard to get sizes that fit me here.  As for some of my friends visiting later in the month or early next month, be prepared as well.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Coming to an American City near you

This was one of the great cities of the world.  Much has been written about it and it has been photographed millions of times.  But in very short order it has changed due to illegal immigration. I've been there four times, and the last time stayed in a budget hotel not too far away from where this was shot.  I doubt I would go back again until it changes. 

Source: Generation Europe

This is a video of PARIS, France as it is today.

Friday, October 14, 2016

WW3 is around the corner

Tomorrow, Obama is going to have a meeting with his Foreign Policy team.  One of the items on the agenda is possible military intervention in Syria.  If that happens, expect WW3 to formally start.  In a way, it has already started with each side beginning to demonize the other.  It appears that the US wants to protect about 9000 'moderate rebels' troops exiting Iraq and going to Aleppo.  These are the troops being supported and supplied with arms from the US and financed by the other Sunni Nations opposed to al-Assad who want him removed from power.

Its likely these troops are going to be attacked.  The Syrian government is closing in on Eastern Aleppo and expects to crush these troops in a matter of days.  Letting them out of their trap to fight again another day is not an option - so expect a bloody confrontation over this issue.  Whether its by Syrian or Russian jets, there will be a response.  If then the US responds, its going to bring the Russians into the fray.

Russia is the only legitimate country that should be in Syria.  Syria is a sovereign country.  We might not like or agree with how its being governed, but it is none of our business.  The Russians, and only the Russians, were asked by the government to assist them due to a defense agreement between the two countries.  All other countries that are meddling in this civil war are interfering with the internal affairs of a sovereign country.  Its no different than having a country like Russia getting involved in our Civil War - supplying arms to the South, for example.

And for those liberals on the high horse saying we must protect the innocents for humanitarian reasons - let me point out that there are countless oppressed countries in Africa that have far worse situations and why are we not there?  Its obvious, no special interests groups are paying the politicians for their involvement.  

If the US then sends in ground troops, its then a declaration of war with Syria.  War with Syria means war with Russia.  Their 'red line' is no outside military involvement in Syria.  Unlike our lines, Russia's red lines are firm.  War with Russia is likely a war that will eventually involve China.  Its a war the US cannot win without great loss.  We won't survive - but maybe that was the plan all along.

I expected a war last year and earlier this year.  See blog post here:  The banks and financial institutions need it, the military industrial complex wants it, and Hillary is going to lose this election after all the new Wikileaks come out.  War is the only choice for these special interests.

Its not a matter of 'if' its going to happen, but 'when'.  And in a 'limited' nuclear war, there will be select cities targeted first.  To my buddies in the Islands, be prepared as you are in the cross hairs as one of the very early targets because of your strategic location.  

Pray that cooler heads will prevail in the meeting tomorrow.  If not, WW3 is going to start before the election begins.  Another reason that there might not be an election this time around.


Thursday, October 13, 2016


King Bhumibol Adulyadej died today.

Thailand's future is now in uncharted territory for the first time in 70 years.  Anything can happen and life will definitely change. 

But for now, a period of mourning and reflection is due...RIP and a prayer for peace in Thailand.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Get well soon HRM

In a crazy and contentious world like we have today, one must admire world leaders that have been successful in unifying their countries for extended periods of time.  There is no other person that is more beloved and unifying than HRM the King.  If I am asked who I thought was a great world leader by the press like Gary Johnson, I would not hesitate to name HRM King Bhumibol.  To me, he is the ultimate "people's king", where his country and people came first  - a stark contrast to today's power hungry and greedy politicians.  And I am not even Thai.

This is my favorite picture of the King, reaching out to the lowest of his subjects
For narly 70 years, he has been a unifying force and inspirational leader for Thailand.  Through many turbulent periods, his moral and spiritual leadership was above the political frays that divided the country.  He was above the frays, but at times got involved just enough to stop things from getting out of hand.  In recent history, you will not find a king more beloved by the people for so long than HRM.  

For some this Buddhist chants helps to heal and restore health. I am not Buddhist, so I will also offer the king a prayer for a fast and complete recovery.

Buddhist Chant for recovery

Monday, October 10, 2016

It ain't over till its over

Going into last night's debate, the MSM, talking head pundits, and chicken-little Republicans had pretty much written Donald Trump off.  After all, who could survive a sex tape like that?  Sorry for the baseball metaphor, but it was the bottom of the 9th inning, he was three points down, and needed a Grand Slam in order to win. This was his last at bat.  He was an amateur against the professional killer and it was just going to be a matter of how painful the ending would be.

But something strange happened.  He knocked it out of the park and won -- just like in the movies when the underdog or little guy smashes the ball for a home run against all odds.  This is reality TV at its finest.

Now, let see who can take a better hit and come back.  This campaign is like watching "Rocky" in real life.  The brawler vs the slick professional - both with their grit determination to win.  Soon we are going to round three... can't wait.

So now for the moral lesson (for me anyway).

Don't let life keep you down.  Have a happy Monday!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Once in a while, its good to listen to the other side.

A lot of mainstream media news coverage has been made of Russia the last few months in an attempt to demonize the country.  The various government officials and presidential campaign surrogates have accused Russia of a variety of things that include election interference, hacking, and military atrocities in the middle east.  But we all know that the MSM is suspect and has lost the credibility it once had to report the news objectively.  So its appropriate that it might be of benefit to hear what the Russians are saying about this situation.  Listening to all parties and then making a reasonable conclusion is the least we can do in order understand and to avoid a conflict that might end all life as we know it today.  So here is Putin's side of the story and what he feels he has to do for his country.  I think its the Russian version of a press conference.

If you visit Russia or any other country for that matter, you find the people are just like us.  Its a beautiful and warm country.  The Russian people eat, sleep, and bleed just like we do.  They want safety, security, and the right to live as they please.  They moan and bitch about their leaders and politicians just like we do.  Its only the names of the politicians and leaders that are different and those few people determine the fate of all those in their control.  In a war, these leaders seldom die or suffer.  Its the other 99% that will suffer, bleed, and die.  The 1% will sit and watch from afar or inside their 'doomsday bunkers' while the pawns like you and I suffer the consequences of their egos.  

After all, many think its time for a purge of human beings anyway, as we are rapidly approaching the end point of sustainability.  Just hope for a quick and painless end if things don't change fast.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

About the same age...

I'm almost the same age as Trump.  In all the days of my life and all that I've said, I am absolutely sure I have used vulgar language or terms worse than what he said.  In fact, I would say that most of the people that I know have said far worse in private moments - or they are liars.  Spend a few minutes down at the reservation with 'friends' and you will know what I mean.  Does it surprise me that Trump said those things?  No.  That is who he is, and JFK was even a bigger ladies man - but that didn't affect his leadership of the country and his legacy.   

There is a big contrast from someone who says things in a vulgar manner, who then admits it truthfully, than with someone who says untruthful things in a non vulgar manner and then lies about it in front of your face.  

I would take vulgar any day of the week.

Vanessa gets covered

I was planning to go to the archery range this afternoon, but a package that I didn't expect for another week arrived today.  The security people called around noon and said that there was a big box downstairs waiting for me and I instantly knew it was the tonneau cover for Vanessa that I won on eBay.

Cover protects the truck bed contents from the elements

Plans are changeable as life is a bit unpredictable right?  So this afternoon, I spent time installing the cover.  It wasn't hard except that I didn't have a Torx bit to take off the tie down bracket screws.  That meant a trip over to the local O'Reillys to pick up the bit - ended up buying an entire set because buying just one for $10 didn't make sense when you can get a whole set for $30.  Still ended up saving money because the dealers want around $300 bucks to install the cover.  It was a genuine Honda OEM part so the installation was smooth and it fit perfectly.  Because its a Honda item, its has a 3 years warranty.

Improves gas mileage by reducing turbulence from the tailgate 
Anyway, about an hour later, the cover was done and Vanessa looks great.  The cover will make her more sleek looking and provide some cover and privacy to things stored in the truck bed.  I was a bit disappointed that the some of fasteners parts were plastic and not 100% metal so I won't be putting anything really valuable in the truck bed as I think it can be wedged open if enough force is used. Not a good idea to use this kind of cover for valuables storage - or have anything valuable in any vehicle anyway.

lots of storage and out of sight from prying eyes.  Cover can be folded up in three ways for larger cargo

Tomorrow it will archery time....hopefully.

The other update is that my little "not-a-black gun" was picked up after being in jail at the  FFD for the last ten days.  Here in Kalifornia, there is a ten day mandatory waiting period for all guns - even if you own a bunch of other guns.  The waiting period was designed for those likely to commit crimes of passion - but it doesn't make sense for people who already own guns - they can simply use one that they already have.  Another one of those stupid laws to ban gun ownership.  Haven't had time to shoot it yet because I am waiting for a riser to elevate the scope I am going to use.  It will be impossible to get one of these in the future if Hillary wins the election.

What???  doesn't EVERYBODY sleep next to an AR15 in their bed?
All kidding aside, this rifle is in my gun safe and out of sight.  Don't want to end up in the monkey house or have my collection taken away from me...555

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fleet Week and Blue Angels are in town...

The loud roar of the Blue Angels will be heard starting this afternoon over the Bay Area.  It looks like it will be a beautiful day over the bay too as there is little or no fog this morning. From my window, I have a clear view of the Golden Gate Bridge which is pretty rare most times of the year.

I have tremendous respect for our military and especially the pilots of these show planes.  Did you know that these pilots are on yearly assignments and fly in airshows all over the country and that is all they do?  Each plane has its own crew and their job is as much public relations and receptions as much as flying around.  In my younger days when I was performing with the kite team, we would sometimes be in the same airshows as the Blue Angels.  We got to attend the same parties and even got to be "inside of the ropes" with the various planes and pilots in those shows.

Ah.... the younger days......

So its likely I am going to find a spot on Treasure Island this afternoon, sit on the back bed of Vanessa with a cold soda and camera,  and watch them practice.  

Kalifornia, this is one of those days where I don't mind being here at all.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Why you shouldn't put anything on the Internet that is private

The fallacy that you have security and privacy on the internet is just that.  Its a fallacy.  That is why I don't have an official Facebook account and why I don't put personal stuff on the internet. This blog is such that I never use real names of the people I write about and I only refer to myself as 'Sevenwinds'.  The information that I do post is stuff that I don't mind sharing with readers - personal stuff that I doubt would be of interest to the general public or government authorities.  I draw a very specific line around really personal stuff and have even taken older posts offline to another 'private' blog site.

With the revelation that yahoo mail has been scanning all its emails for the government, it cements the point that Snowden has made all along -- big brother is watching, listening, and reading about everything you do.  Even for those of us who have nothing to hide, it doesn't protect you from being singled out for your religious views, political alliances, or your friends. You might even be targeted because you read this blog!

I know that the Thai government regularly monitor all blogs about Thailand.  Since I've been blogging for over 10 years, its very likely that this blog has been reviewed regularly for its content and if I said something wrong, its likely that I would have been contacted by now.  Even making a blog 'private' does not ensure protection.  After all, emails are supposed to be private - and look what happened at yahoo.  In reality, anything you put on the internet can be hacked or compromised by the powers that be.

The saving grace is that my blog is to most pundit and political readers 'bland and boring'.  I write about my kids, cars, and stuff that affects my life.  I throw in comments about the world economy and monetary system, but that information is hardly new.  My political position is known, and my bias against the left and the NOW is obvious.  Will these views eventually send me to a FEMA re-education camp?  If I feel that there is such a chance, then expect more blandness and boring pictures of my kids as we go forward.

But then there is another way.......

But the little known fact about this brilliant commercial was that the first MacIntosh was a relative failure, selling only about 70K units.  The open architecture of the IBM PC (big blue) eventually dominated the market place. The Mac was too expensive and too far ahead of its time and it and LISA eventually led to the fall of Steve Jobs at Apple.   So do we risk being used as an example for speaking up and fighting big brother?  I think most of us have the desire to be free - so we better give big brother a big smile as he watches.  Jobs eventually came back bigger than ever, but that's another story.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

October 1st was a significant day for the Yuan

Definitely a game changer.

No longer a backwoods currency, the Yuan is poised to be a huge factor in the years to come - especially if the western banking systems continue their financial woes.

Pictures from home

B sent me some pictures last night of the flooding we are experiencing at the resort.  The water rises up regularly in our area and floods a lot of the land around us, but we are so much higher than the area around us that we almost become an island except for the road that goes by our front gate.

As mentioned in an earlier post this week, the flood waters covered our planned bamboo plantation area.  Fortunately, I was told that B's father anticipated the floods (smart man!), and pulled most of the plants out of the ground before the waters rose up so we reduced the chances of damage to the plants except for their replanting.  They can be replanted after the floods, which was my original plan anyway.  

According to B, the plantation is less than a foot underwater - more like six inches in most places and that would be OK when the plants get mature.  She also said the waters are receding, which means the ones that were missed have a chance for survival.  Just to be safe, I think I will add one more meter to the height of the pad before we replant.  Unfortunately, that means more money and more trucks of dirt in the next few months.

August 2016 note position of cement piles in background

Picture taken yesterday
Going to use the blue water pipe as a reference
These two pictures show the before and after effects of the flooding.  Closer to the camera, the bamboo plantation is higher because there is a khong between the resort and the plantation, but 6-9 inches of water would cover the plants.  We'll see how high it can get this year and then landfill as appropriate.

This is the reason its good to take a lot of pictures - note how much higher than khlong side

This is the section that is under 6-9 inches of water.
 As can be seen by the photos, the resort itself is safe from flooding.  It would take something greater than we experienced a few years ago when Bangkok was flooding to get even close. That year while Bangkok was flooding, the water only came up to the fence line. The water overflowed the road and we had to use 4WD to get to and from the resort for about half a day. Coming back, I made a wrong turn and ended up in in western Bangkok driving in hood deep water.  But that is another story from another time. 

Saturday, October 1, 2016

The Evils of the MSM - Aleppo

What's Aleppo? ...Gary Johnson, Presidential candidate for the United States of America

Its gets really bad when you can't trust what you hear and read from the main stream media. Journalism as we know it is dead.  High on many people's mind is the potential flash point of Aleppo, Syria.  Why is it important?  Its potentially where WW3 might start if an accidental downing of a US or Russian plane happens.  Tensions are very high in the region and already the MSM is starting their demonetization propaganda against Assad and Russia.

Here is a video from Ron Paul's Liberty Report (  Dr. Paul may be called a lot of names, but one thing no one calls him is being dishonest.  So compare what is being fed to you by the MSM to someone who has just returned from the front lines in Syria.

She names specifics and details which you will never hear from the MSM.

If she is right, expect the situation to get worse and war in the region within weeks or months.  

Deutsche Bank's Lehman Moment

Last month, I posted in "No Matter how it comes out' that Deutsche Bank was in deep do do and that it could be the trigger that could likely cause the collapse of the Euro and the EU.  From all indications, the bank is approaching that tipping point where depositors are taking their 'hard' money out and the fractional banking dollars they have created are going to be uncovered or bare - forcing a liquidity crisis and limiting the options for DB to get cash.  The only alternative is for Germany and ECB to step in and do a bailout to save the bank.  But Germany has said it would not do so (at least for now).

Any help however is going to be temporary at best because DB has one of the largest exposures to derivatives on the planet with nearly $46 Trillion in financial contracts on its books.  That is more than ten times the German GDP and twice the national debt of the United States.  DB is like a bookie holding bets that he is praying he will never have to pay off - we all know what can happen if lady luck turns her back to you.  

Source:  Fortune Magazine
Pink links are to US Banks

These next few weeks will be interesting for DB.  Keep your eyes on the news.  If the bank runs continue into next week, be prepared for a chain reaction that can take the whole European system down and perhaps even the entire western banking system as well.  Is DB just too big to fail?  

Will the ECB and German central bank step in?  If they are going to do so, they better be planning now as events can soon spiral out of control fast.  And after they step in, what then of those entities backing the bank..?

We are in interesting times.  I am just hoping I can get back to the land of smiles before everything blows up...

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