Wednesday, November 30, 2016

No aircon last two nights

The lake is full and the water is ahh so blue..

There are only a handful of days in the year where one can brag that we didn't use any air conditioning here in the land of smiles.  This week is one of those weeks where aircon is not needed for most of the day.  Evenings are cool and in the 60s and our aircon in the condo in Bangkok is usually set for around 79F so leaving the windows open works just fine the last couple of days up here in the country.  The rest of the family is counting on the inside of the bungalows being warmer than the outside instead of the other way around because they claim its cold.  I just find it so amusing, but at the same time I relish the winters here.

Just came back from visiting the bamboo fields and the market.  I wanted to get an assessment of them because we had some flooding during the last few months.  The plants seemed to have taken hold despite some parts of the fields being under three feet or more of water.  Not all the bamboo fared the same.  The Nana bamboos were severely impacted while the super 'drought and flood resistant' asper strain did just fine.  The fields are almost completely dry and the plants are still sticking up about 3 feet in height.  The super strong ones are almost 6 feet in height.

This is the back field, which was under 3 feet of water

Stunted growth but they survived.  Next year they will be just fine

This is the front field.  It was partially submerged, but the plants are also doing well.
Field still needs to be weeded in the next week or so after everything is totally dry
My two expensive black aspers survived, which was a big concern.

My very expensive giant black Asper - both survived

The market is slowing making progress as well.  We have planted hedges and shade trees and they survived the rainy season pretty well.  There is still about a year or more before these plants are big enough for us to shape them for shade and to landscape the market.  These are both long term projects and that was understood when we took them on.  The market is going to take at least 2 years to develop and the bamboo plantation will not get a meaningful harvest for 5 years at the earliest.  Once completed, these will hopefully generate an income stream for many years ahead without too much extra work and or capital expenditure.  We just have to be patient and not get discouraged at how long it takes.

Hedges growing and they will be shaped in a few weeks

These are 'da gulp' trees - Fast growing shade tree with berries
this tree is only a few months old!  We have a whole bunch of them for the market
Will likely be going to the mango for a few days to pick up some golf clubs and stuff for my golf date with my Thai friends next week.  It will also give me a chance to do some Christmas shopping for stocking stuffers and stuff for the kids.  Heading back over to the other bookend in less than a month so time is it always is here in the land of smiles.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Breaking out the parkas

Marina in her cute polar fleece parka this morning
From the looks of it, one would think that there was a foot of snow on the ground.  The parkas are out this morning, and everyone is saying that its 'cold'.  Yes, winter time has come to the land of smiles - because it was in the 60's (15C-17C) this morning with a 10 km breeze.  In the Bay Area back in Kalifornia, we consider this 'perfect weather' for activities like kite flying, jogging, or any active outdoor sport.  It was absolutely wonderful during my walk this morning.  Naturally, the locals are staring at my shorts and tee shirt, thinking this guy must be very odd not to be bundled up with three layers of clothes...555

Its supposed to go down to 62F during midweek, but I really enjoy the daytime highs of only the mid to high 80s.  That means most of the day is perfect for anything outdoors.  As one gets older, there is no reason to fight the snow and cold weather when options like vacationing or living in warm weather locations like the LOS are available.  

nxsTiger is leaving today after a short visit.  Unfortunately, I missed him this time but I did spend some time with him on the phone yesterday.  He is coming back in February, but due to my planned surgery in the USA, I might not be here during his next trip.  There will always be other days and other trips and other opportunities to catch up with old friends.  We shared stories about a number of our acquaintances and friends that are at an age where we all have to begin to deal with health issues. But its part of life and we have to accept that we are no longer spring chickens in the prime...555. Though I still contend that the LOS and all of its charms is definitely a special kind of elixir for many of us visiting and living here.

Suppose to hear about our gun permit in the next day or so.  We went through the local police and amphur for the proper paperwork and paid all the required fees (plus some).  As a frequent supporter of the local police athletic programs, we got special treatment and even found a source where we can purchase the firearms directly at police/government prices.  Even have an option to join a local shooting club and purchase additional firearms under the same permit.  More after we get our first firearm delivered. Given the larger amount of choices available, here is my new selection.

The Sig Sauer P229 elite in Stainless Steel in 9mm.
Can't even buy this gun in Kalifornia, but I can get it here
The Secret Service carries a version of this gun when they are protecting the President of the USA so that says something about its capabilities.  If its good enough for them, its plenty good for us.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

One year after..

It was around this time last year when I had my hernia operation.  I remember at the time thinking how it was like to get the surgery and how the recovery would be and would there be any long term effects.  The operation went smoothly and as I remember, I had very little pain or discomfort.  The doctor described how afterwards, I would feel as though I had done one or two more sit-ups than usual and that there would be a slight tightness.  Didn't even feel that and once the pain medication wore off, I took only two Tylenol tablets a couple of nights after I left the hospital to help me sleep. By about the end of the 4th day after the operation, I was able to drive myself to the store for supplies.  

Now, a year later I don't even know that I had the operation unless I am reminded of it by some trigger.  The recovery was complete and there are no restrictions or side effects.  In fact, I am back at the gym working out even stronger than before the operation.  Thank god for the wonders of modern medicine.

For those contemplating surgery for a hernia, I would say "just do it".  Make sure you get a great surgeon that uses a minimally invasive procedure.  Using this procedure, only three tiny holes are needed and it done using a tiny camera to see inside.  A day or two in the hospital and a few weeks maximum of conservative recovery and you are like new again.  If you get it done here in the mango, I have some recommendations for you to consider.  You even get a DVD of the operation for your future entertainment viewing...555

I have Mitral Valve Prolapse, so I get backflow of blood due to leaking valve

In a few weeks, its likely I will have to undergo some additional surgery to correct my mitral heart valve.  This too will be a minimally invasive procedure, but albeit a lot more complicated and serious. But still, its best to have it done when I am still young  (relatively speaking), and healthy.   Hope that it will go as smooth as the hernia operation last year.  In the meantime, I want to get as healthy as possible before the procedure.

We didn't make it to the zoo yesterday, hopefully it going to be today.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Perfect Weather....

I'm posting from the resort today.  Drove up yesterday late morning and arrived early afternoon after encountering some traffic in the mango.  Once up here, its quite noticeable that the weather is much cooler and more pleasant than in Bangkok.  For one, the humidity is lower and so is the overall high for the day.  In the evening, it will drop into the high 60's (around 17C) and we have a mild breeze. During the day, it might go up to a high of around 89F so most of the day is in the 70s and low 80s.

When the weather is cooler, I feel more productive and like to spend more time outdoors.  Its always shorts weather and up here, even more so because it more casual and laid back in the country.  

Took everyone out for pizza last night at the Pizza Company.  Its located inside our Tesco mall and is the only pizza joint within a 90 minute drive, so there's an opportunity for someone with the right skills to make some money here with a good Italian restaurant.  Pizza Company was packed last night and their pizzas are only average by my standards.

Star Tiger Zoo Water Attraction

Other than that, its just time to chill out with the kids and maybe take them to the local zoo.  We are not interested in the animals (they are pretty sad really), but like the water park that is attached to the zoo.  There are water slides and lots of kiddie pools and Marina just loves the water.  Its either that or we go to Tatton Waterfall for a few hours....either way, a good way  to spend the weekend.

Its typically not as crowded like shown here.  Only a few families around, especially
during the winter season like this week.

ahh...this is more like it..

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving from the Mango.....

Happy Thanksgiving from the Big Mango.

We had a great dinner yesterday, thanks to Barnaby who got us into the JUSMAGTHAI dinner special.  Great all you can eat salad bar, and lots of food.  Turkey, real mashed potatoes, veggies and even pumpkin pie!  Good food, good company, and a good time had for all.  

Didn't get a picture of the dinner plate, but did capture one of many strange events that have been occurring for me in the last few weeks.

When we paid for our dinner, we each got numbers for the waiters to bring out our meal choices. Without getting a choice, and in totally random order, I got the following:

Another '7' came up on a ticket didn't have to do anything special for me....or is this an omen for something very lucky about to happen?  

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

On the new AIS Fiber network

Its been more than 24 hrs now on the new AIS fiber network and things seem to be running quite well. Haven't noticed as big a change in moving from 10MB to 20MB download speed as previous upgrades.  I don't blame that on my local ISP service because ultimately, the speed to a website is determined by the smallest and slowest connection in the pathway.  For those websites that are abundant with bandwidth, the speeds are excellent.  For those that are heavily used or run from a home server, don't expect that just because you have a 20MB connection that the connection on the other end is going to feed data to you at the same speed.  How many 'hops' you have to make before you get to your destination and the connection speed between hops also impact ultimate speed.

In general however, I am glad to have made the change.  Fiber is more reliable and faster, and AIS even supplied a new VDSL router for the installation.  The whole process took about 45 minutes from start to finish.  My monthly cost will also go down to 295 baht a month for six months and then 590 baht from then on.  A twelve month commitment was required - not a big deal as I don't plan on going anywhere or being without internet service for a year.  Its cheaper than what I currently pay to TRUE for slower ADSL service.

Lastly, an interesting thing happened when I went to the TRUE office to turn in my modem and discontinue my present service.  To try to save my account, they offered me my existing service for only 99 baht a month if I didn't switch.  As tempting as it was, I declined.  But as an afterthought, I should have said yes, and kept both services.  That way, I could have two service providers and two connections in my condo for less than 400 baht a month!  Could be streaming on one connection, downloading on the other, and doing all kinds of stuff without any bandwidth restrictions...but its too late now...

Planning to meet up with Barnaby and BB tonight for the JUSMAGTHAI turkey dinner.  The facility is located within walking distance from the condo and that leaves time for another turkey tomorrow night at Majestic Grand.  First time in my lifetime for two turkey dinners for Thanksgiving.  Now, I just have to watch the quantity of food I eat because it could takes weeks of dieting to make up for all this holiday food.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Getting new tags for Vanna and a new Steak Place

Yesterday I went through the process of paying Vanna's taxes and getting her sticker for next year.  It was surprisingly easy as I thought I needed a vehicle inspection but as it turned out, I was one year too early.  Its next year where I will need to have some kind of emission and walk around inspection.

I found that out only after I rolled into one of the inspection stations.  They can be identified by their yellow gear symbol sign (see left picture below) outside their businesses and there are many along the road to the land and motored vehicle department.

Before you get your registration sticker, you will need to provide proof of insurance and pay your vehicle tax.  It used to be that one had to fill out a form and then wait in the department office along with all the other people applying for driver's licenses, motorcycle registrations, etc.  Now, there are drive through windows if you have all your paperwork in order and your money ready.  Using the drive through window, I only had to wait about 10 minutes in the comfort of my car.

For my vehicles in Kalifornia, registration and payment by mail is the most often used option.  If for any reason you have to go to the DMV (department of motored vehicles), you will need an appointment from an online website.  Usually takes around a week in advance to get the date you want so its rather inconvenient.  Even with an appointment, it will usually take at least 30 minutes of waiting before someone helps you.  Expect no less from overpaid, union, bureaucrats, who spend more time socializing than working - even with people in line observing what they are doing!

With the registration out of the way and some breakfast, I went to the Archery range and met up with Bangkok buddy.  Haven't had the chance to do any kind of archery practice the last few weeks and it was also a chance to adjust one of my bows that I had gotten back from warranty.  Overall, it was fun and a good workout despite the warm weather and humid conditions.  We shot for about two hours before calling it quits.

 Afterwards, we went to THE STREET and had a late lunch or early dinner.  Walking around, we found a new place called STEAK GARAGE.  This place was very quiet and in fact for the longest time, we were the only ones in the place.  The guy out front told us we could get a pork chop steak and he would give us a free soda.  Total Cost was 189 bath each.  

As you can tell from the photo, the meal was not bad at all.  The meat was tender and moist and the mushroom gravy very tasty.  The bit of berry glaze was the perfect tart accent to the meat.  Vegetables were steamed carrots and potatoes.  Not a bulky or huge meal, but an excellent Paleo dieter's delight.

Total cost after tip was 220 baht each.  

Steak Garage is located on the fifth floor of The Street Mall (the old Robinsons) on Ratchada.  They have real Australian beef for around 380 baht and a variety of other grilled meats. My overall rating for the price and food quality is 4+ out of 5.  BB would rate it lower as he wanted a larger quantity of everything, but it was enough for me.  Would recommend and would go back again in the future.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Week Already?

Can't believe that its Thanksgiving week already.  Where does time go?

I once described time living here in the Land of Smiles as being as smooth and fast as stream water flowing quickly over polished rocks.  Before you know it, time is gone and events come up one after another with only brief lapses and images of what happened in-between.  That is why I am glad to have this blog.  Its a snapshot of my life during any given period and provides something for me to look back upon at a later date.  I don't know how many times I have gone back to see exactly what I did on a specific day or when I did something because so much seems to be happening and/or my mental capacity to remember details is rapidly declining - or both!

This week's plans are to take care of Vanna's tax and registration, meet with AIS to install my new fiber internet service to the condo, have Thanksgiving dinner with BB and Barnaby on Wednesday.  I have a bit of shopping to do and even a trip to the archery range and golf driving range planned.  If everything goes off well, I will be heading back upcountry on Friday.

Being so far away won't stop me from some of the Black Friday sales from the online retailers. Being in a different time zone does have its advantages and midnight is mid-morning for me here.  A deal is a deal, no matter where you are located.  Since I will be back before Christmas, I can bring back what I ordered or have the gifts ready before all the parties.

Monday, Monday.....still another great day in the land of smiles.  A classic from the Mama and Papas.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Switching ISPs next week

Competition is good for the consumer.  I've been  using True Online internet for the last 10 years and no one has really contacted me about any free upgrades or service improvements.  The only time someone comes by is when I call to complain about not having any service.

As I was walking pass the receptionist's desk in the lobby the other day, I saw a flyer from AIS fibre offering a special package with faster speed AND a lower price. I am paying 599 baht now for 12 MB download/1.5 upload speed with True Internet.  On the other hand, AIS is offering a 20/7 service for only 590 baht reduced to 531 baht per month if I am a AIS mobile customer (which I am).  There is no service contract in play so its a no brain-er.  I am going to switch.

I haven't used AIS internet services before, only True and TOT,  but I am sure that AIS is buying bandwidth from one of these vendors or CAT. Details of all the packages from AIS are here:

The interesting thing about these offers is that you can also order video streaming and different TV packages as well.  This might be worth considering once my True Visions yearly package expires. 

They asked what day I wanted to have this installed and I said Tuesday - and guess what?  Its all set up for next week with no hassle at all.  That folks, is how to do business!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Went into the "Office" today

I use to call this place my office a while back because I spent so much time here.  Since my hernia operation and my new interest in Archery, I haven't spent as much time as I wanted to on my other hobby - golf.  During my early years in the mango and even up to a couple of years ago, I came here on almost a daily basis.  It was a great form of exercise and was an inexpensive way to get better at the sport.

I would spend a couple of hours in the morning hitting balls and working on the swing, then go over to the Tesco Food Court next door and have lunch. was golfing heaven.

Anyway, I have a golf date in a couple of weeks with my Thai friends.  We haven't gotten together for over a year because of various health, business, and personal issues.  But this time, it seems like things are going to start up again for our monthly outings and I thought it would be fun to go out and hit some balls this morning.  The last time, I went out cold without any range time and shot a pretty decent score to my surprise.

Today's session was very productive and after the first 15 minutes or so, I was hitting the ball halfway decent again.  Even got my driver to hit the ball straight!  Obviously, I didn't have the sharpness in my wedges and the putter (where games are lost or won) didn't even come out of the bag.  

But it was definitely good exercise.  Think I will start coming out a couple of times a week in addition to archery and working out at the gym.  That should keep me in really good shape for the time being.  I have to go back to Kalifornia in late December because it looks like January will be the likely target date for my heart valve repair surgery and I want to be in the best shape possible before I go into the operating room.  It will hopefully shorten the recovery period so that I can get back to the land of smiles as quickly as possible.

Anyway, its time for the free buffet. First one in a couple of months as the last was before my trip to Kalifornia in September.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Back in the mango...

Very smooth drive back and made good time too.  The old road from the main highway to the resort which was only one lane each way is nearing completion and most of it is now two lanes each way.  That significantly cuts the drive time because we no longer have to slow for trucks and pass them against oncoming traffic.  It was a slow and scary road, especially when the weather is bad or at night.  Very easy to get into a head on collision.

The road is almost 70 kms long and it took them about two years to complete the widening.  It was complicated because they had to rebuild bridges and overpasses that crossed streams and rivers.  With its completion, we will save almost 30 minutes each way and have a significantly safer road as there is a landscaped island separating the traffic as well.

Time for a little nap and then some shopping for some food.

Back to the Mango Today

Just had breakfast and after a bit of packing, will head back to the mango for a few days.  I want to pick up a few things and meet up with some people coming into town.  Going back and forth is time consuming, but it gives us a change of pace and keeps everything exciting.

More later from the mango...

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Moving and restoring an old Thai wood house

A few months ago, we purchased a piece of property from some people that had loaned money to one of B's aunts.  The notorious aunt, a chronic gambler on her sixth foreigner husband, had seriously defaulted on the loans from this company which then foreclosed on the property and had it all locked and chained up, and then put on sale.

There were several wooden structures, furniture, and other furnishing on the property in addition to the land.  We had attended a few parties at the property and knew it well so we put in a bid and got it for a bargain price.  I was not interested in the land as there is nothing remarkable about its characteristics or location.  But the wooden teak structures, a total of six in all, were worth many times more than the land itself.  All we had to do was to move them.  

This modest nah baan, cost us 300K baht (relocation included)

I am familiar with teak wooden structures because I once thought we would buy one for our main residence in the country.  Found out that they were more expensive (some in the millions of baht) than modern spec houses because of the scarcity and price of wood.  We did buy a small structure as our first building on the resort many years ago.  It was our home for about six months as we were getting ready to build the actual resort buildings.  We still have it right at the entrance to the resort as we have many memories in that little building.

Here is the same building as above, but with a bit more landscaping 

About a month ago, we started to move some of the structures to our resort.  The first was a modest 2 room house with a large balcony.  It was the largest building on the lot.  I was drawn to it because it was pretty detailed in terms of woodwork for this type of housing, with a great big balcony.

Its been reassembled, but now in need of some restoration

Notice the ceilings and woodwork in the balcony

The building was in need of restoration as it had been neglected plus we wanted to add a bathroom on the side, but not destroy the house structure in doing so.

Bathroom off to the side almost finished.
Looks a bit modern now, but some wood panels on the outside will take care of that.

There is still a bit of restoring needed inside, but nothing that is major in cost.  Each of the two rooms is equipped with aircon and we also got some of the old wood furniture (like this bed) with the sale.

One of the bedrooms
There is a very large porch area and this is where most of the Thai families spend the majority of the time anyway.  They sit, eat, and talk outside because its usually too hot to be inside and/or they don't want the aircon to be running day and night.

Still some work remaining for the porch area but it will be real nice when its finished.

Bench seats built in all around the porch

Can walk from the porch to the bathroom without going inside the house
This was an expensive house and it cost us over 60,000 baht to have it dissembled, moved, and reassembled plus to have a bathroom added.  In the overall scheme of things, its still a bargain and will add a lot of charm and character to our resort.

More pictures when its totally finished.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Loy Krathong 2016

It was very obvious yesterday that the celebrations were very low key.  Most of the larger events that are held up here were either cancelled or toned down a lot due to the death of HRM.  In the tourist areas like BKK, Chiang Mai, etc., I believe that most of those events were allowed to proceed as normal

Our evening was very pleasant.  We celebrated at the resort with family and even invited our guests staying at the resort to join us.  We launched out Krathongs in the lake across from the resort instead of our usual spot in Ban Khwao pond where the festival is held.

Adults and kids alike love these lanterns

Our resort guests were having a lot of fun too!
Fortunately, we are not in a restricted area where sky lanterns are banned.   There is no airport for two to three hours in any direction and our resort is surrounded by water and or rice land so there is no danger of setting anything on fire from stray lanterns.

All staged and ready to go....
We were able to get about 20 lanterns from a reluctant seller in Chaiyaphum.  The launching of sky lanterns are prohibited in the city and we had to convince them we were outside the city limits where its not banned.  Unlike last year, they were rather plain, but all of them launched without a hitch.

Sevenwinds does his part, with Supermoon in the background!
Spent some time looking at the super duper Moon last night and it was spectacular.  So many stars out as the sky was clear.  Hopefully, we will be back in Bangkok on Wednesday.  Have to go to the Isuzu dealership today to get Vanna her regular service.  

Monday, November 14, 2016

Happy Loy Krathong and the Super Full Moon

Happy Loy Krathong from the land of smiles.

For a first time in my lifetime, there is going to be a super full moon tonight.  The moon will be at its closest distance from the earth since January of 1948.  I am going out tonight in the back of the resort where its dark and enjoy with the family.  Hopefully, we can get some lanterns up and our Krathongs launched early and take out our chairs and watch the evening sky.

Definitely some pictures in tomorrow's post.

Now as regard to the is a different but interesting perspective.  Coincidentally, Sevenwinds pulled a 777 recently at the Thai post office - one week (November 2nd) before Trump was elected. This video post was made on November 5th before election day also.  Obviously it has a Jewish slant and interpretation, but never the less, still interesting.  Any truth to all of this stuff??  You be the judge. 

In the meantime, may all your wishes come true and that you and yours have a fantastic year ahead.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Why this may be the last election where Polls are king

I wanted to do this one last posting regarding the election, but specifically about polls.  It was proven in this election cycle that nearly every poll was wrong in predicting the outcome of the election.  But a close examination of why the polls failed is not any more fundamental than looking at what polls are.

Polls are based on the principle of quality control sampling in factories.  In a large production factory where many units are being produced, checking each unit for quality is time consuming and costly. So the QA engineers thought of the concept of sampling.  Randomly choose a certain number of units and examine them carefully and that should give you an idea of the quality of the entire batch.  The larger the sample size, the more likely you will find any quality problems until you reach a theoretical max at 100% sample size, which is what we wanted to avoid in the first place.  

QA sampling in factories depend on the uniformity of the products being produced.  Its also assumed that the products are identical in physical characteristics ( i.e. weight, size, shape, etc) and that the measuring criteria of the 'perfect' item has been validated and calibrated.  Get all those right and you will get a very accurate and predictable model for predicting the production output quality of your factory's run.  Essentially you are predicting the future outcome of any production run based on previous data (the measuring criteria) and the sample data.  The combination yields the 'model' for that specific product line run.  

When pollsters applied the same principle to elections, all seemed well for a while.  Polls were pretty accurate and they were easy to do.  Select the sample based on what ever criteria you want or think is important and make up some lists.  Get a bunch of people on the phone and start calling. Yeah..instant poll.  It was such a simple process that hundreds and hundreds of companies used this model to set up their businesses.  Many were "pay to play" and they saw big dollar signs where any result you wanted could be produced by selective sampling.  When the data is collected and computed, the math is correct and all seems scientifically sound.

What the pollsters didn't recognize was that people are not like bottles of lotion coming off the assembly line.  They are ever changing and morphing into different entities.  Imagine an assembly line where the products can change shape, size, and other physical characteristics on their own.  Additionally, new products are also rolling off the assembly line that were never there before.  Sampling these people with a flawed set of measurement criteria and measurement tools only added to the error.  Lastly, what if the people didn't tell you the truth about their vote ?  Why ?  because they wanted to screw up the polls that have been calling them day and night for 18 months.  The bottom line is that they were using the wrong tool to predict future outcome of the voters.  It was as if they were using a ruler to measure the volume of a blob of Jello.

The end result was that 95+ percent of the 'professional' polls were wrong - devastatingly so for the Clinton campaign and the media.  Millions of dollars poured into useless polls that did not properly forecast the winner.  So now the pollsters and media are finding rocks to crawl under until the next election.  Good luck - polls are likely doomed.

The real winners were those that had insight into the voters based on criteria other than poll sampling. For example, an AI program (MogIA) has maintained its unbroken record of predicting every winner for the last three elections.  Then there is the college professor, Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted the elections for the last 30 years.  They all used different tools and analytical methods for their predictions.  And finally, you can't forget the Chinese monkey king who correctly selected Trump a few weeks ago - I think Hillary's face was just way too scary to kiss...555

This guy better get a business agent quick.  I think he is going to be busy.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Posting from Upcountry

Tale of the data.

Wonderful, Islands (Hawaii) like weather for a while.  The weather has not been too hot in the mango the last few days, but the weather here at the resort is awesome tonight.  It looks like clear, perfect weather all through Loy Krathong, which is November 14th this year.  The lows will be around 71F (21C) to highs at 88F (31C).  A breeze of 8-10 KM/hr will be blowing and there is no rain in sight.  Its a lot more pleasant than the mango and Pattaya by the water as they are expecting rain further south.

The resort is 1/2 full tonight, but the week forward (starting from tomorrow night) is booked solid. Some kind of big celebration at one of the Wats in the area, and besides its the weekend before Loy Krathong.  Always something happening here so we are seldom bored except during the hottest times of the year...555

Everyone getting their lanterns ready for launch last year
Speaking of Loy Krathong, its going to be allowed this year but people have been asked to tone it down due to the death of HRM.  Its always been pretty tame here anyway with only food concessions and a beauty contest or two.  We are still going to launch our Krathongs and lanterns because its a beautiful tradition and its still allowed in our area of the country.   

We made them out of balloons last year.
Looks like protests are popping up around certain USA schools regarding the election.  Likely Soros funded, indoctrinated zombies we call students nowadays.  100 million people voted and the results were legit.  That's how its done here in the USA.  YOU LOST, get over it snowflakes.  Go home and study so you can attend class tomorrow and be real students and not useful idiots.  

Time to put an end to politics for another four years.  There is too much else to do in this beautiful world.

Bought some sea salt today

Interesting day today as I spent the morning watching TV like many others waiting for the Presidential returns to come in.  Although we are 15 hours ahead of Kalifornia,  we still have to wait for the results like everyone else....  I don't know how many times people on the phone from the States have asked jokingly, "how is tomorrow going  - anything interesting going to happen?".

Kidding aside, I am looking forward to our new President taking office and will be holding him to task about his promises he made during his campaign.  His history has shown he means what he says and if he can successfully navigate and drain the swamp in Washington, he will have a decent chance. He needs to avoid being swallowed up in the muck and slime that has been the demise of so many noble and good intentioned predecessors.  Good vs Evil  - I think we survived a close call.

Anyway, after the TV session, I took a quick trip to buy some sea salt for B's mother.  She has been making and selling salted and cured fish from our ponds using some salt I bought for her on the last trip down to Hua Hin.  Its been so popular that she wants to scale it up because it offers a better profit margin and longer shelf life for our fish.  In addition to selling our live fish, we are going to keep a portion to cure and sell all year round.  Smart lady, as I never thought about that angle at all.  We are going up to the resort tomorrow and staying through Loy Krathong before returning to the mango so it was today or waiting another few weeks more.  I know I will get a small earful if I didn't go today, but it was not too painful a trip and I rewarded myself with a junk food meal at Burger King.

The best place to get fresh sea salt near Bangkok are the salt flats about 50kms south on Hwy 35 towards Hua Hin.   The vendors set up their business on the side of the road next to their farms. Bought 200 kilos of salt (4 sacks of 50 kg at only 150 baht each).  That should last for a few months and each time we go down to Hua Hin, I can buy more and stock up so we have it on hand during the fish harvest season.

Here is a short video of the actual process and location:

More tomorrow after I get up to the resort.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016



Donald J Trump
President Elect
United States of America

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good VS Evil

As we approach election day, never before in our lifetime will the results be more important. Never before have the lines been so clearly drawn and the issues so clear.  Never before has there been so much at stake.

On one hand is a complete control of all elements of life.  From the governance, justice and intelligence systems radiating outwards to every other aspect of our lives, we will have the government controlling our education (indoctrination), our environment, our health, and our financial systems.   With decision over the composition of the Supreme Court for decades to come, even the definition of life itself will be under governmental control.  For those that love government controls, that's great news.  But the government has shown its corrupt to the core and has no intent nor desire for the welfare of its citizens.  It wants only to enslave them through deception, debt, taxes, and laws for the benefit of a few.  It has so corrupted its founding principles that a peaceful transition of power will likely no longer be possible despite its claim of high morality and being a model of an ideal democracy which it tries to promote around the planet.

On the other hand, the people that have been subjugated under this current government are angry and disillusioned.  They have felt taken advantage of, and robed of their self determination and opportunity. They want a government that works for the people and not a government where the people work for the government.  So they feel a need to change all of it and to 'drain the swamp' of corruption and special interest money that has put these government officials in power. These people want a radical change and a 'do-over' but the evil forces that have taken control of the government see it as a threat to their existence.  The powers that be must stop this movement once and for all at any cost.

Thus the battle is set for the future of the world this week.  This may sound a bit dramatic or extreme, but as the most powerful military and economic country on the planet today, its leadership determines the fate, finances and future existence of billions on this planet directly or indirectly.  So you see, its really that important.

America, vote like OUR LIVES depend on it - please
This time critical slot in history leaves us no room for mistakes.  This is the final battle and there is no rematch, no recourse, and no other option unless a bloody armed rebellion takes place (which may still happen).  There is a fork in the road and the signs point the way to the future in a cryptic and unfamiliar language.  Read the signs clearly as one of the forks leads to our ultimate destruction. The other fork hopefully will lead us to another chapter of a brighter future.  Its going to be the choice of a lifetime and that is why I have devoted so much time on this blog to this election.  

Tuesday, is the final battle between good and evil on this planet.  Choose 'good' over 'evil'..for the sake of our future and future generations to come.  

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Rocky is going to win this one for America...

Its the side of him that people don't see that speaks so loudly.

Remember my post after the 2nd debate about taking a hard hit but still kept moving forward? Now they've made a great commercial showing exactly why he is the best candidate in this election.

Other candidates would have folded like a cheap paper cutout, but he took one heck of a hit and kept moving.  Now he is on the verge of taking it all because he is real instead of staged hype.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Is this the false flag event?

Desperate times call for desperate measures....US threatens Cyber War against Russia.

With Trump getting closer to the magic 270 number in the rapidly changing polls, the people of power in the swamp are getting very scared.  As I inferred in a previous post, look for a false flag as a precursor to war or a means to halt the election.  "False flag" is a term derived from warfare when enemy ships flew 'friendly' or 'neutral' country flags to get close to their opponents before opening fire on them.  In modern times, its creating an event and then making it look like someone was responsible.  Its a method of diversion and deception - and that is what is happening here.

The FBI has already cleared Trump of any association with the Russians and he looks like he has a decent chance of winning it all by himself now, so why the need for the government to take any addition action at this point?  Doesn't make any sense.  The only reason is to stop more damaging leaks from coming out on the CGI cartel that might bring countless individuals at the highest levels to task for their involvement.  Insiders say there is a war underway within the US government agencies over the emails and information contained in Weiner's laptops and desktops.  Some agencies have been corrupted and there is a group of those trying a 'counter coup' to out the bad guys controlled by the NWO from taking over the government via this election. 

Shutting down the internet is a priority to the NWO right now as the MSM has been discredited and people are finding information directly from alternative internet websites.  Wiki leaks is internet based as are many of the websites that challenge the integrity and objectivity of the MSM.  Knock out the internet in the last few days of the election and you effectively muzzle any damaging information yet to be released.  Set up the Russians as a scapegoat first so that they can be blamed for the whole thing.

Notice that the MSM is reporting this first - NBC even - the most liberal of the MSM alphabet networks.  Another indication that this is a setup.

Be prepared for a widespread outage on the internet as we get closer to election day. The last one we had was as many people suspected, a trial run for the upcoming false flag event.  This outage will not be the fault of the Russians, but the people that have the most to lose - those that are living in the swamps of Washington.

There doesn't seem to be a limit to the evil we are facing in this upcoming election cycle.  

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