Saturday, April 29, 2017

Posting from the new Chromebook

Its definitely a lot easier to post from a keyboard than from a small screen on your smartphone. Not as great as a laptop or a desktop, but it was never meant to compete with those devices. But in reality, this Chromebook is kind of like a big smartphone without the ability to make or receive calls.  I haven't tried any free internet calling apps, but as for regular calls via the local networks, etc., there is no hardware inside for cellular service.  

So what is this odd device good for?  Well, if you wanted a decent sized screen to surf the internet, make posts to your blog, see local videos, and do social media, this is a very cheap alternative to a full blown laptop.  Its limitations, such as not having a full OS like windows, is what makes it cheaper and more useful for many users.  If you need to do big Office documents, spreadsheets, day trading or use heavy computing, this is not your solution.  But if you do mostly surfing the net, simple documents, see a movie or two, or even play a non CPU/graphics intensive game, then a Chromebook might be an alternative to a new laptop.  Its great for the coffee houses, the airport, and even outside where there is WiFi.

Last night and early this morning (I'm on a really weird schedule), I loaded YouTube, LINE, Twitter, and most of the stuff I use on both my phone and desktop.  I added Open Office apps to read and edit Word and Excel documents online, and Open Office viewer to see all types of different documents that might come my way.  So far, I have yet to find something I needed that wasn't available from the webstore on online.

As for hardware limitations, I bought a scandisk 128G microSD when I was in the mango and that should be more storage than I will need for the immediate future.  Remember, this is NOT a laptop or desktop, but a sleek, stripped down to essentials, device that is like a tablet, but not a tablet, like a phone but not a phone, and like a laptop, but not a laptop, etc.  Its a bit of each with its shortcomings but it is the right traveling tool for me.  I think this device and a phone would handle 99% of what I have to do on a long vacation. 

Also spent part of the day downloading and reading up on Advance Directives.  ADs are instructions you give to the hospital regarding how you want to handle certain situations should you be unable to decide for yourself.  Basically, it tells them how you want to handle things if the outcome is not what you expect.  Long ago I decided that if the scenario ever came up for me, I would like to have the plug pulled rather than living the rest of the time like a vegetable. True, with advancement in medicine and in some miracle cases, things can happen, but my desire has always been to not inconvenience my loved ones and go when its time.  Sober thoughts, but one that has to be made by everyone at some point or other.  It was my time today.

Yep, she already knows how to use a smartphone!

On a more positive note, I am feeling a bit better.  My nose has cleared but I still have a bit of a cough.  I even went out for a short walk today.  Starting next week I should be back on my full workout schedule and hopefully be fit and strong before mid May. Word from home is that all is well.  I Talk to Marina, B, and Ella every day - sometimes a couple of times a day.  Miss them a lot, but video calls are a great therapy for being far away.

That's it for now.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Feeling better but still not all the way back

After a lot of sleep, I am feeling a much better.  I started to feel a bit sick before I left the mango, but thought it was just a cough that would go away in a day or so.  Unfortunately, it started getting worse on my flight back and by the time I got into the USA, I had a fever too.  Ran a fever all night on Tuesday and slept through most of Wednesday only getting up to pick up my mail and packages from downstairs.  Last night I couldn't get much sleep either as I still had a cough. Finally, it subsided by morning  and so I was able to go out and shop today for supplies and some cough medicine (musinex dm).

After a bit of food and some medication, I'm going to go through my boxes.  In the pile, I'm hoping to find my new Chromebook.  I wanted to get a cheap setup for use at places where its to hard to blog with a phone, but didn't want the weight, price, and performance of a laptop.  A small Chromebook from ASUS fit the bill perfectly.  It was on sale at Amazon  a couple of weeks ago for $179 USD - less than most of the fancy smartphones nowadays!   

Its not going to win any races, but it will do most everything I need for 11 hours between charges.  Its going to be perfect when I go to Cleveland Clinic for my operation and hopefully later this year when I will visit the Holy Land on my semi-annual pilgrimage tour. With most of my stuff in the cloud, its makes sense that this is the solution for someone who hasn't carried a laptop for over two years.  I wanted something extremely light and thin, that can be carried and taken around almost anywhere and take a beating. I'll try to get it set up today and give it a try to post a blog entry the next couple of days.


Lastly, I have to say the trip back from the mango was great in terms of the flight.  There is something special about flying business class on an Asian airline.  Everything from multi-course meals to the special attention provided by the Stewardesses makes the passenger feel special.  In stark contrast to the UA flight incident, they seemed to really care about their customers.

More this week as I hopefully recover and get my preparations done for my surgery.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Back in Kalifornia, but under the weathe

I'm back in Kalifornia, but a bit under the weather.  Stuffy head, runny nose, and coughing.  Last night I was running a mild fever.  It started before my flight over and made part of my trip miserable despite being in business class.  

However, it was not EVA's fault as the service, food, and accommodations were first class.  I will blog more about it when I feel better. I can't afford to get or stay sick before my surgery so its rest and rehab time.  For now, its back to bed for a few more hours of sleep

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Last morning in the mango

Well, today is the day.  This afternoon I will board my plane to Kalifornia for an extended trip with lots of unknowns and definitely some challenges.  The real good news is that I was able to get a business class upgrade with my miles from Taipei to SFO.  I was at the point where I could lose as much as 50,000 miles had it not come through.  Now if only I can get that upgrade on my return from SFO, I would be in fat city.

So what is planned for the last morning?  For one thing, Vanna needs a car wash and needs to be covered up. My motorbike, Velda,  was washed yesterday and needs to be covered as well.  I have to leave instructions for the staff downstairs to shut off my water, plus I have to make sure my bags are all packed with everything I need.

Spent the last two days getting stuff to bring back.  Lots of gifts and snacks to tie me over when I am there.  Also took B to the dentist to get her teeth checked out as she is going upcountry and I don't trust the clinics up there.  I also had to do a lot of cleaning and laundry as I no longer have a maid.  Pond, may you rest in peace as I come to appreciate how much you have done for us over the years.  You don't fully appreciate your losses until you have to do a lot of the stuff yourself again!

Already took my morning walk through Lumphini Park.  Going to miss the place and the warm weather (not!) but the shoreline in Kalifornia will have its charms as I plan on a lot of walking during my rehab.

That's it for now.  Time for some breakfast and will report more from the airport.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Two days to a scorcher in the mango

After a great weekend, its Monday and tomorrow I'm getting on that big silver bird to Kalifornia. The weekend was  pleasant and productive.  Spent time with the family and especially Marina.  She is at such an adorable age where everything is fun and new.  Taught her how to jump off the side of the pool, which was a big deal and milestone for her and loads of fun. She had to overcome her fears with dad's encouragement and my promise to help her if she got into trouble. Bonding and trust are some of my big goals for my kids if they are going to look up to me in the future. So it was a big leap of faith for my little one to take her first plunge. Despite my low opinion of the pizza here, to celebrate her achievement we went out to Pizza Company because she wanted 'cheese' pizza for dinner.

Yesterday, I visited the Chattuchak Weekend Market in the morning.  Wanted to pick up a rolling bag for some stuff I'm taking back and buy some inexpensive gifts for parties, etc.  Didn't find much of interest and the prices were noticeably higher than in the past.  Its sad to see how the vendors are getting so much more greedy, knowing that most of the visitors are tourists.  It used to be a mix of locals and tourists, but now I would say 80% plus of the visitors are tourists that pay too much and thus driving up the prices for the locals.  Late in the afternoon, I went over to MBK for a few items like a pair of cheap bluetooth headsets, a heavy duty usb charger, and other phone goodies.  Had dinner at Ramen 8 as Marina fell sound asleep in the car after shopping.

Finally, this morning is a scorcher in the big mango.  Went out for my walk at 6:30 AM and it felt like a sauna.  Its already at a heat index of 104F and its only 7:30 AM!.  The forecast for today is 100F and with a humidity of 77%, that would give a heat index off the chart (literally).  See below:

Hopefully, the humidity will go down, but whatever the case its going to be dangerous being outside without some kind of protection or relief.  Looks like its going to persist for a couple of days so it looks like I picked the right time to bail out and head off to cooler weather.  B is heading upcountry as soon as I leave and its a lot more pleasant up there.  

Will start packing an final prep today.  If I have time, maybe one last outing before I get on that plane tomorrow!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

'Tis the last weekend in the mango.....

Yep.  This is my last weekend in the mango for a bit.  Tuesday is departure day and who knows what fate lies ahead for me.  Hopefully, it will be a joyous return in July with my heart all patched up and ready for another few more years.  I can't describe all the feelings that are running through my head right now, but there is a sense of calm inside with an occasional flash of reality that I might be gone as long as three months from home.  Will be missing Marina's 4th birthday and more than a quarter of Ella's first year.  Then there is B and the family and all the friends and good times in the land of smiles that I will take back with me.

I can't deny that there is also an occasional thought that this surgery is not totally risk free. When they crack open your chest and stop and restart your heart, there is definitely more risk than going out for an ice cream sundae.  But I try to quickly suppress those thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and plans for the future.  Being prepared for any outcome has always been something I've worked hard to achieve for my entire adult life.  The motto "Prepare for the worse, hope for the best" is always the way that has worked best for me through many critical times.  

So this weekend, I am planning lots of family time and a bit of shopping.  Might also start packing tonight so that I won't be rushed on Monday.

The countdown continues

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Mission Accomplished

Got everything all done.  Was able through special permission, to get my retirement visa extended early so that it would not expire during my recovery from heart surgery.  It was touch and go, but Thai Immigration staff was very nice and compassionate about the situation and sent it all the way up to the commissioner for approval.  I think that it helped that I wrote a detailed letter explaining the situation and provided the details to support my request.  Thanks to everyone at the department for your understanding and support!

Now that is one less thing to worry about as I approach my surgery in a few weeks.  Big crowds today and lots of people getting there early.  But was able to get things done about 1:30pm after the office re-opened from lunch.

Time for a nap.

Line now completely wrapped

It's 7:40am and the line is already completely wrapped around the seating area.  My guesstimate on my position earlier was wrong as there were 36 people ahead of me at 6am.

Most of the people here are Asian.  Is that a trend now?

The bag is in line

It's 6:02am, two and a half hours before opening hours at Thai Immigration.  Already over 20 people ahead of me.

Long day for people if they are going to be late.  Hope they give me the early extension.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Back in the Mango

Left yesterday around 7AM and was back in the big mango around 11 AM, even after a couple of pit stops and time for breakfast.  The traffic was extremely good, doing the speed limit almost all the way in.  This was in stark contrast to the horrific traffic jams of Saturday and Sunday where people took eight or more hours for the same trip.  It was a great holiday upcountry, but this will be my last week on this end of the world until I go back to the USA and my heart operation, so I will spend it here in the mango.

After a couple of hours nap, I met up the Bangkok buddy and Johnnie Walker at Mega Bangna. Had the green light to hang out for the rest of the day as B and her mom met up with her aunt for dinner because she didn't come upcountry for the Songkran Holiday.  Ended up at the mall for over four hours before heading home to end a long day.

Activities today call for a visit to the American Embassy for a verification of income statement in preparation for my visit to Thai immigration on Thursday. 

There will be time later today for more hanging out.  I am hoping to visit the place in this video by Mark Weins.  I love good brisket of beef and going to a place that specializes in it -- awesome. Invited both JW and BB to join me, but we have yet to work out the schedule.  Time is short for everyone as JW is leaving Friday as well. 

I like to plug Mark's videos as they are really quite accurate as to great places to eat in the mango - he even did a review on one of my favorites - Fish Head Chongnosi.  More later as time as its running faster than a bullet train on a downhill dash.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Songkran Upcountry

The big raffle.  Won a nice silk shirt and some mats for only 120 baht

Marina got to pull out the lucky numbers for us
We had a relatively quiet Songkran holiday so far.  Visited the local WAT for a bit to see some neighbors, family and friends.  It was also a chance to participate in some activities like buying tickets to big raffle and munching on some free food.  We donated free ice cream for the kids for the noon hour as well as some money for the raffle gifts.  There was  dancing on the stage as loud, bone shaking live music was blasting from the speakers.  The music is so loud that we can hear it from a mile away at the resort.  But one can pay 20 baht for a dance with a pretty young girl or just dance with all the normal people for free...555

B's mother washing my feet with Marina watching

At home, we had our own water splashing and fun.  I was honored as an elder with the family washing my feet and hands and in turn getting a blessing from me for luck in the new year.  It was formal and all until B's mom sneaked up behind me with a big bucket cold of ice water and poured it down my back.  That was at the end of the ceremony and at that point a full fledged water fight broke out and everyone got soaked.

Dance to the music!
Mother nature also had her fun as around 6PM, we had a huge thunderstorm and downpour that drenched anything and everyone who was outside - putting an immediate end to water fighting for the rest of the day.  I saw it as a sign of good luck as even mother nature gave us a good cleaning with pure rainwater to start the new year.

Today, we plan on taking it easy and will likely go around to say hi to some relatives.  The plan is to head back to Bangkok very late on Sunday night after everyone has left and be back in the wee hours on Monday morning.  Until then, its more family time.

The sunglasses are part of the dress as its protection from being hit in the eye with a strong watergun...they were ready and I was the last to know.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Happy Songkran

So much more than just water fights, here is an old (2012) official TAT video on Songkran. Unfortunately, many of the activities are curtailed during this mourning period of HRM.

Get out of Bangkok.  Its a lot of fun out here!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Conflicting weather reports

Weather underground says it going to be clear and hot today, but the Thai meteorological department says that there is a 60% chance of thunderstorms.  All I know is that its hot outside and has been the last couple of days.  Last night, the heat index was over 100F (38C) until almost midnight.  Getting up and out the door this morning felt like I walked into a sauna.  B's father and nephew are in eternal debt to me as they no long have to manually water anything in either the plantation or the resort because of the storage tanks and the drip system we installed.

After my walk, B's father and I took a casual stroll through the fields to just check out the drip system heads to make sure they were working properly.  We both had big smiles on our faces as the work would be done in a less than an hour and we can relax for the rest of the day out of the heat. Technology is a wonderful thing to have, but it still takes money to have it installed and many poor farmers don't make enough to even get started.

The resort is full this week for the holidays.  'Foreigner visitors' or 'Farangs' have come from many places to celebrate Songkran in Thailand. There are lots of Asian foreigners that visit, but they are harder to distinguish than those from western countries. Many more Caucasian men than usual were spotted shopping at Big C which is a good thing because it means business for the area and family reunions for many of the women who may have married and left the area or the country.  B's family will have relatives visiting from Italy and Korea.   

Our electrician working on my ceiling fan
To my surprise, the electrician showed up today to install my ceiling fan.  I didn't think that he was available this week because of the holidays, but the nice guy he is, he is going to install it for me on his planned vacation day.  This guy is a great electrician and has done all the wiring for the entire place. Being a distant relative also has its advantages as he is related to B's father's family.  It will be great to have a ceiling fan on my porch, especially on those windless days and evenings when I like to sit outside.

Fan partially up

If you notice in the picture above, one of the moldings in the ceiling had come loose.  Turns out as we were fixing it, we discovered that the dangling molding had been the home to three toads.  It was a surprise to all of us how they got up to the ceiling.  After we knocked them out and redid the molding, we found out that these little critters are very good at climbing vertical walls and were back looking for their hiding spot.  

Finished fan, but notice Mr. Toad has already climbed back up the wall!
More later as B's sister and her family has arrived and kids are running around all over the place.  Its hectic and loud, but that is how I like it here during Songkran = adults and kids eating and playing together, enjoying what it means to be part of a big family.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Bamboo and Market Projects

Last August, after doing a bit of research and getting our ducks in order, we started our bamboo plantation.  The experience has been very interesting but we now know that it was the best decision we could make for the land that we had.  Considering the internal rate of return is over 30% (Source here), it was a far better choice than growing rice as was previously done by the former owner.

Things were not always smooth.  We had to find the right kind of bamboo, elevate the land, and even tolerated a six week flood.  We lost our Nana bamboos to the flood and our Aspers were stunted because they weren't established yet, but the bulk of the plantation survived.  Future flooding will have no effect on the remaining plants as they are now getting fully established and the remaining species can survive months of flooding.

August of 2016

April 2017 - 8 months later
Anyway, this morning I was out on the field and took some pictures of the plants.  In just eight months and despite the setbacks, the bamboo have started to send up huge shoots.  These shoots don't normally get this big until the second year, but I guess the plants love the soil and growing conditions we have.  I used a large 18 baht Pepsi bottle as a reference so that the size and girth of the bamboo can be estimated. Its hard to tell from the pictures above as it is shot from an elevated position.  The pictures below are more detailed.

Perspective at ground level - tallest bamboos are over 15 feet now

At the base its larger than a Pepsi bottle
This is still planned as a 5 year project as the bamboos in the back part of the field are 3 months newer and haven't had a chance to develop like the ones in the front half of the plantation.  Things look a bit rough now as we haven't 'cleaned' the bamboo culms yet of the side branches, etc.  We wanted to let them grow a bit to get their roots established as that is where the future growth is going to come from. Besides, the leaves will be absorbed back into the soil after serving as a ground cover.  

The pictures above show the Jungle Market project, which is next to the bamboo plantation.    As you can see, its already started to fill in and provide a physical and visual barrier between the projects. The plants need to be trimmed back, but as with the plantation, we want it to grow some more before we take the shears to the plants.

This country is blessed with lots of agricultural potential as there is so much that can be grown here. All it takes is intelligent and proper management of the natural resources by the government and allowing the ingenuity of the farmers to do the rest.   But politics always spoils everything.

Some of our white Plumeria trees in bloom

The plumeria flowers are in bloom!  Also growing like weeds are these two...  

Ella this morning
Marina 2 years ago

Ella and Marina (from 2  years ago).  No doubt looking at them that they are sisters and hopefully BFF.  Gosh they grow up fast around here!  Don't know how much I will post this week as its holiday week up here and the resort is full.  

Monday, April 10, 2017

The heat if finally on..

The heat if finally on.  For the next couple of days, its going to be over 100F or 38C plus.  This is more like the typical Songkran weather we are used to.  But the weather forecasts say this won't last as the weekend is supposed to be rainy again.  When your a/c can barely keep up with the daytime temperatures, its hot.  We didn't over engineer our a/c requirements to keep our operating costs down, but it does keep us very cool for 98.5% of the time.  The other 1.5% it gets warm, but not uncomfortable so it was a wise decision.  Besides, the kids were quite content spending most of the day in the kiddie pool that B bought the day before.

It was already 82F or 28C when I took my walk at 6am and I want to hide out in my aircon office for the rest of the day...555  That won't happen however as I plan on going into town today to visit Makro and Big C to stock up on supplies for the holidays.  Family and guests are going to start trickling in the next few days and we need to get ready to be good hosts.  

More tomorrow on the bamboo project as I visited the fields this morning and saw some surprising results, but didn't have my camera with me.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Life is hard...then you die

I'm safe upcountry, having left at 3AM and getting here around 7:30.  On the way up, I could tell that this day is going to be very bad for anyone leaving after 5AM as the usual spots like the Saraburi hill, the Pak Chong hill, and the new construction near the big reservoir were jammed, even in the middle of the night.  That's the good news.

The bad news is that during my drive up, I got word that Pond,  my maid of 17 years died yesterday.  She had been seeing the doctors for a heart problem, and was scheduled for an followup appointment tomorrow.  In fact, when she left Thursday after cleaning my condo, she seemed happy and in a good mood.  Yesterday, I sent her some bonus money to help her return home for the holidays.  To hear that she died in her sleep is a big shock as she was like part of the family.  She was only 48, way too young but she had a hard life.  She was looking forward to building a house in the country to retire and already bought some land with her savings and a loan from me.  Now it looks like that will never materialize.  Really sad.

Pond is typical of many in the land of smiles. She is from the poor Northeast, had no schooling or job skills, and wasn't blessed with great looks.  So her only job skills were cleaning and working as a maid. The work is hard, the salaries are low, and there is no safety net if things go badly.  The government hospitals and doctors are not the best and in this case, it wasn't enough to help her.  So the life of many on the lower economic and social rungs is simply as the title of today's blog says: Life is hard, and then you die.  There is no one to help you and unless you have some luck (i.e. you were born smart or beautiful, etc.), there is no upwards mobility.

She will be cremated tomorrow at noon and unfortunately we cannot attend.  We did send some money for her coffin and flowers as her family is also quite poor.  

Thanks Pond, for you many years of loyal service.  B and I will never forget you and may you have a joyous peace and rest.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Getting ready to go upcountry.....

Packing tonight for a very early morning start.  The roads have already been packed the last three days to the Northeast and I am hoping to beat the traffic by leaving at 3 or 4am in the morning.  Plan to spend the long Songkran holidays upcountry and then back for a few days before going to Kalifornia.

Spent today shopping for items to take back to the resort.  Around our parts, the lack of people in the streets was very apparent.  However, near the Chinatown area, it was its usual crowded self. Spent a few hours exploring the gun shops near the old Siam Center and picked up a few items for our home defense gun and accessories for my guns in Kalifornia.  Got a nice molded holster for only $10 USD that was made for my specific model of gun.  There are also lots of wooden grips, knives, etc. at the streetside stalls.  Also found my 'snap caps' at one of the stalls but they were really expensive relative to US prices.  The best deals for gun cleaning supplies seems to be from, which is a Chinese based website featuring lots of stuff made in China for the export market - which nowadays means almost everything.

B sent me this picture from the bus..bumper to bumper for miles
Had dinner with Bangkok Buddy last night at the free buffet and then we wandered over to the Ranch.  It was not as crowded as usual, confirming the theory that many have already left the big mango and are on the way home.  Only those with nowhere to go, or those that are local residents remain. Same is true for many stores in the mango as they are on skeleton crews.  B left yesterday and I had to stay one extra day due to my dental appointment this morning.  She said it took them over five hours to get home.

That's it for today.  More later as I need to get organized and get to bed early.  

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Back in the Mango

Beautiful Sand for miles and miles

We are back in the big mango.  Got back yesterday in the late afternoon after it started to rain mid morning.  But the day before was just beautiful and we had a great day at the beach just hanging out and eating.  It wasn't too hot as there was a breeze and cloud cover and we were under the umbrellas.

We definitely enjoyed our stay at Mae Phim Resort.  Its an older hotel but has a lot of charm and is beautifully landscaped.  It has many of the palms and trees we have at our resort, but much bigger in size.  The location is directly across the beach and within a stones throw of the big restaurants that are directly on the beach.  We had dinner at one of these restaurants and the food was great, although very expensive for the area.

Mae Phim one of the bigger beach communities and is on the eastern end of Rayong near Chantaburi province.  In normal traffic, its about a 3 hour drive from the mango.  When you are in a beach community and it rains, there aren't a lot of options.  It did give us a chance to drive back the long way from Mae Phim, passing a lot of beaches and small beach towns along the way.  

I liked the area around Ban Phe because its an older part of Rayong where in the past, fresh fish was sold from the stores near the piers.  Ban Phe is also where one catches the ferry to Koh Samet Island - mostly a place for day trips these days for tourists.  Before it got crazy with all these tourists from Pattaya, we used to be able to buy fresh shellfish and fish from these stores and bring them in plastic bags to restaurants in the area and they would cook it for you to your specs.  The local fishing community is all but gone now and only businesses servicing the tour buses remain.  There are still some stores selling fish, but most are selling dried shrimps, squid, and other preserved seafood items for tourist consumption.  B said that the seafood selection is now better in Khlong Toei than here, and its cheaper too!

But progress marches on in the land of smiles.  I could only chuckle as we were coming back as to how far this region has come.  It was like yesterday when the only way to come this area was the coastal route on Sukhumvit Road (Hwy 3).  When the motorway opened up, I was one of the first people on the motorway as I got diverted (lost) coming back from some golf in Rayong.  It was at night and only a handful of cars were on this motorway.  Since then, it has been expanded to twice its size and is a major route for those coming from Bangkok and Suvanabhumi Airport to Pattaya.

The Super Mega Pit stop...miles of stores and restaurants

At around the 50 KM route is what I call the super mega pit stop.  Whoever developed this had a lot of vision as this place is packed.  Its on both sides of the motorway and each contains hundreds of shops that cater to the motorists.  There are multiple gas stations, multiple 7Elevens, KFC, McDonalds, Starbucks, etc.  There is Thai food, shopping, and everything else to entice you to spend your money.  It was a great place for us to stop as we were getting hungry and I was getting a bit sleepy after a long drive.

We got back around 3PM and crashed for the rest of the day.  As they say, after vacation, its time for a rest.  

PS:  Turns out the picture from the previous post was not from Rayong, but from Hat Pra Nang beach

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